How Do You Make A Beach Fishing Rod Holder?

A specialized rod holder is required for beach fishing. Beaches are generally covered with sand, seashell fragments, pebbles and rocks. Putting rod holder on the sand and pebbles are difficult. DIY beach fishing rod holders can help to solve this issue. But how do you make a beach fishing rod holder?

The most common steps for making a beach fishing rod holder are arranging essential tools, cutting the PVC pipe, and using a jigsaw angle. This guide will cover the process of making a DIY shore fishing rod holder and how to put the rod holder in the sand. If you want to learn, then keep reading.

What types of rod holders are good for beach fishing?

Two-rod great rod holder options are helpful for beach fishing. One is a PVC tube, and another is the spiking holder. The PVC holder has a bottom angle that sits on the sand tightly with a normal twist. Some basic materials and tools can help to make a beach fishing rod holder.

Let’s know the step-by-step procedures and required tools for this DIY. Let’s know Making fishing rod holders with PVC pipes.

Step 1:

Similarly, some tools are needed to make this DIY rod holder. So, arrange a PVC pipe cutter, a measuring tape, a marker, a drill with a 3/4-inch   drill bit and a hammer or mallet. You must arrange 1-1.5 inches in diameter PVC pipe, PVC pipe caps and cement, Sandpaper and Paint.

Step 2:

Measure the diameter of your fishing rod. Then take a PVC pipe a few inches larger than the rod diameter. Then cut the PVC pipe as per your required length with the PVC pipe cutter.

Step 3:

Sand the sharp edges of the PVC pipe to make it smooth. Then use a marker and mark the rod holder placement area at the beach. A drill can help you make a hole in the marked area. Remember to make a moderate hole to install the rod holder correctly.

Step 4:

Use specially made PVC pipe cement at the lower edge of the pipe. Hold the PVC pipe for several minutes to let the cement dry during this time. Then insert the rod holder into the sand.

Step 5:

Make sure the PVC pipe cement is properly dried. Then use a PVC pipe cap at the open edge of the PVC rod holder. You can paint through the PVC pipe if you want a bit luxurious rod holder. A colorful and painted rod holder is visible at the beach.

Step 6:

You have completed all the processes of making a DIY PVC fishing rod holder for beach fishing. Follow the same instruction to make multiple surf fishing rod holder

DIY Aluminum Sand Spike Rod Holder

Let’s know about the homemade fishing rod racks for the beach. An Aluminum Sand spike is another good beach fishing rod holder option. It is durable and long-lasting.

Step 1:

Manage all required materials. You will need 1 1/4-inch aluminum pipe and end cap, T-joint and L-joint. The pipe length would be 4 feet. Besides, you will need aluminum welding rods, an angle grinder, a drill, a metal file, and sandpaper.

Step 2:

Cut an aluminum pipe 4 feet in length. Cut the bottom edge of the aluminum pipe with an angle grinder. A 45-degree angle can make an awesome spike that can penetrate the sand easily.

Step 3:

Use sandpaper or a metal file to make the aluminum pipe’s sharp edges smoother. Make some small holes around the cut end of the pipe. These holes increase the stability of the rod holder on the sand.

Step 4:

Attach the aluminum T-joint at the top end of the pipe with welding rods. It is used to hold the fishing rod in the rod holder. In the meantime, use the aluminum L-joint to the bottom end with the welding rod. The L-joint increases the stability of the rod holder on the sand.


  1. What size is PVC for surf rod holders?

A 1-1/2-inch width (40PVC) pipe is recommended for making a surf fishing rod holder. Do note that 1-1/2-inch is considered a standard size. So, you can fit almost all fishing rods into this type of wider PVC rod holder.

  • Is PVC suitable for seawater?

PVC is a very powerful and strong material. It is suitable for seawater. It can withstand adverse weather conditions like high pressure, saltwater, rust and mud. Even if it has great resistance to saltwater, the problem is PVC material will never damage under seawater.

  • How long should a surf rod holder be?

It depends on the user’s personal preference. Remember that the surf fishing rod holder should be medium length and stronger than the traditional one. But the average length ranges are 3 to 6 feet. Because there can be strong winds on the beach, sand can have less stability, so the surf fishing rod holder needs to be sturdy.

Final Words:

We hope you understand how you make a beach fishing rod holder. We have mentioned two DIY rod-making processes for beach fishing rod holders. In between, one is PVC sand spike holder making, and another is an Aluminum spike rod holder.

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