Best Telescopic Fishing Rod Find Out Now in 2024

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If you are a fishing enthusiast and love fishing then you know how important it is to have a good telescoping fishing rod in your fishing gadget kit. With so many brands, lengths, colors of casting poles available in the market, it is quite a job to zero in the Best Telescopic Fishing rod that meets all your demands and requirements and also fits inside your budget.

Each of the telescopic fishing rods reviewed below comes with a huge number of different features and benefits and it’s only natural that you might get confused about what you were looking in the first place. Don’t get confused. Keep on reading and we are sure that you will find your best match from these exceptionally good fishing rods.

Price Comparison Chart

Make your fishing trip a memorable one with the new PK555SPPack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod from Eagle Claw. This heavy-duty telescopic fishing rod doesn’t not only provide top class fishing experience but at the same time retains from cutting deep into your pocket. Its price tag is very much affordable and budget-friendly.

Eagle Claw used innovative glass construction for this telescopic rod to ensure superb strength and durability. Moreover, this glass construction made the rod ultra-lightweight to make sure that it is extremely portable and incredibly comfortable to hold for a longer time period. The comfort factor is also enhanced by the EVA foam handle that also offers a strong grip for better safety.

Even though this spinning fishing rod is 5 feet 6 inches long, it can be collapsed into sections so that it is small enough to carry in trunk or turbo-prop and is perfect for the trail.


  • Glass construction ensures durability
  • Super portable; perfect for trail, trunk or turbo-prop
  • Super lightweight yet strong and heavy duty
  • The ceramic inserts assure safety from corrosions


  • Collapsing the rod is often difficult
  • Top inserts fall off easily and quickly

The Royale Legend Casting & Spinning Fishing Rod from KastKing is the perfect combination of top quality performance and reasonable price range. This casting rod is immensely popular among its users because of its heavy-duty construction and its ability to perform well even in the most extreme fishing condition.

KastKing used Toray 24-ton carbon matric graphite with the innovative KastFlex technology in the construction process of this fishing rod to make sure that it is incredibly strong as well as has an impressive out look. The strength of this pole guarantees that it has greater power and can effectively pull out large fishes out of the water without much difficulty.

Furthermore, this KastFlex technology also provides great sensitivity, straightness and excellent balance to this fishing pole so that you can enjoy a fruitful fishing expedition.


  • Carbon metric graphite construction speaks strength and durability
  • Comfortable and less tiring for a long fishing spree
  • Provides impressive performance even under extreme fishing conditions
  • Corrosion and scratch resistant; long-lasting service


  • Sometimes the rod arrives in a totally destroyed package
  • Requires regular maintenance to ensure longevity
  • Rarely customers receive broken rods

The Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod from Sougayilang is one excellent fishing pole that can be used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. This casting pole is considered as one of the best telescopic fishing rods available in the market and that’s because of its some distinctive features and components.

Constructed using high-density carbon fiber and E-Glass Composite material, this pole speaks strength and sensitivity. In fact, this Sougayilang is labeled as one of the strongest telescopic fishing rods by many of its users for its incredible strength and competence. Moreover, this heavy-duty construction also made the rod well-balanced and ensured great power so that it can withstand immense pressure and varieties of fishing conditions.

Furthermore, for more convenience, this telescopic fishing rod can be extended up to 9.3 feet long and can tackle most small and medium saltwater and freshwater fish.


  • Exquisitely crafted pole impresses all
  • Ultra-lightweight and hence easy to control
  • Carbon fiber construction ensures durability and strength
  • Perfectly balanced for a more successful fishing spree


  • Flimsy rail seat; gets damaged quickly and easily
  • Horrible quality eyelets; needs immediate replacement

Fishing rods are often difficult to take on trips because of their long length which makes them quite impossible to fit inside your car. But that’s not the case with the Fishing Rod Pole from Sougayilang. This casting rod is extremely lightweight and collapses completely into a very compact size so that it fits in your pocket, car trunk or Boat hatch backpack.

Sougayilang used carbon fiber material with three-point welded stainless steel guides in the construction process of this telescopic baitcasting fishing rod that not only made it ultra-lightweight and well-balanced bit at the same time ensured super powerful control over the rod for a more effective fishing experience. This rod is so strong and sturdy that it can deadlift up to 6pounds without any hurdles.


  • Completely collapses for easy portability; super lightweight
  • Carbon fiber and fiberglass construction ensures durability and reliability
  • Able to dead lift up to 6 pound
  • Stainless steel guides ensure corrosion resistance against saltwater


  • The rod tip is not super durable
  • Too many sections in a very compact rod
  • The rod is quite stiff and fragile

A sleek, compact fishing rod is a dream to every fishing enthusiast who likes to go on frequent fishing trips. And the Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combos from FISHINGSIR serve this purpose perfectly; with its super compact size and incredible light weight this casting rod is effortless to carry around anywhere and everywhere.

This telescopic rod is so lightweight because of its constructions process. FISHINGSIR used a combination of high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass material as its core material that not only made this pole ultra-lightweight but also ensured supreme strength and elasticity for an un-interrupted fishing experience.

Furthermore, this Spinning Fishing Rod comes with a stainless steel reel seat that provides anti-saltwater corrosion and features a Double Insurance Locking design. This locking design ensures that your reel doesn’t suffer loose and stabilizes the reel effectively during any struggling with big fishes.


  • Sleek, unique design attracts attention
  • Strong, hard and hence offers extended durability
  • Stainless steel reel seat provides saltwater corrosion resistance
  • Available in both single and combo package; multiple buying options


  • Doesn’t come with an instruction manual
  • Often they forget to add the line as per order
  • The combo price is quite expensive

Make your next fishing trip a trip to remember with the new PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod which is the perfect choice for saltwater fishing. This rod is considered as one of the best telescopic Fishing rods by many of its users and they are quite right about their consideration.

This super lightweight fishing pole is made from high elasticity and high-density carbon fiber material to ensure extreme strength as well as immense power. Its retractable design combined with the light weight makes this casting rod incredibly compact in size that doesn’t take much space inside your car trunk or travel bag. Furthermore, this telescopic rod comes in a storage pouch that makes it extremely convenient to carry around.

Additionally, the perfect configuration of the line guides makes sure that this telescopic fly fishing rod is perfectly balanced for a smoother and more precise fishing spree.


  • Made from high-density carbon fiber for durability and sensitivity
  • Very much strong and can withstand a large pulling force
  • Anti-slid handle provides sweat absorption for greater convenience
  • Well-balanced and supremely comfortable


  • Cheap quality poles; breaks off super quickly
  • Not suitable for catching large fishes
  • Rarely arrives with faulty parts

The latest and upgraded version of KastKing’s original BlackHawk the BlackHawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod is labeled as the best telescopic fishing rod by many of its users because of its amazing performance as well its impressive outlooks. This multipurpose fishing rod is constructed using Toray 24-Ton Carbon material and features a six-piece telescopic rod design that performs as good as a one-piece casting rod. The power and sensitivity that this rod delivers is unmatchable and ensures smooth yet super powerful casting performance. 

Moreover, the six pieces enable this fishing pole to extend its length effortlessly and more conveniently. You just have to put each section at a time with one another until you find your desired length for a long distance casting.  


  • Sleek, expensive outlook impresses all
  • Carbon Matrix constructed blank assures sensitivity and performance
  • Comes in 6 pieces for more length and greater casting distance
  • Serves mulita-purpose for extra convenience


  • Very expensive price tag
  • Rarely customers receive a defective product
  • Quite a fussy assembly process; not easy

Available in a variety of sizes, types, and color ranges, this Goture 1 Piece Carp Fishing Pole is everything you need in your next fishing trip. You can choose the perfect rod size ranging from 10feet to 24feet according to your preference and fishing style, and on top of that, you can even select your favorite color from the various color options offered by Goture. Moreover, this telescopic fishing rod features a closed length design that makes it super easy and effortless to carry around during fishing sprees.
To add to its portability, Goture used high-quality carbon fiber with special internal reinforcing that didn’t only make this fishing rod strong and rigid, but also ensured that it has an ultra-lightweight body for smooth, effortless portability.


  • Carbon fiber constructed blank offers durability and stability
  • The joint thickness of all sections eliminates potential stress points
  • Special closed length design for easy storage and portability
  • Available in 4 different color set


  • The tail breaks of super easily
  • Many customers received defective rods
  • The top cap is plastic and not metal

This German-made Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod will definitely make your next fishing trip more exciting and fruitful as this rod features every component that ensures successful hooking up of most small-to-medium sized fishes. This casting pole is the perfect mix of functionality and portability at a very reasonable price tag.
Goture adopted a mix of carbon fiber and fiberglass material along with the international leading X 45 degrees of cross carbon fiber technology in the construction process of this pole to make sure that it is 10 times stronger than any steel rods yet incredibly lightweight and portable.
Moreover, the lower friction coefficient of this telescopic fishing rod makes it quite hard to break down, even in adverse fishing conditions; this ensures super extended durability of the rod.


  • Carbon fiber and fiberglass construction ensures reliable fishing
  • Super strong and is able to avoid fractures
  • Flexible adjustment position ensures effective rearrangements
  • Comfortable handles provide better grip


  • Doesn’t come with a fishing reel
  • Tips can come to loose at any time
  • The line tangles more often than not

Hurricane never fails to impress its customers, and the latest Mako Telescopic Rod is the proof. The Hurricane Mako Telescopic Fishing Rod is the perfect choice for you if you want to go on a fishing trip and looking for one extremely lightweight and portable casting rod to carry with amazing performance. Even though this fishing rod is super light and moderately long, it still manages to hook and pull large, heavy fishes out of the water with ease and contentment.

This heavy-duty, six-section Hurricane Mako fishing rod was made with fiberglass blank and ceramic guides that ensures supreme strength and power as well as provides extended durability in any fishing conditions.


  • Fiberglass blank and ceramic guides assure long-lasting service
  • Extremely lightweight and hence super easy to carry around
  • EVA handle ensures strong, comfortable grip
  • Collapses into a small size of just 20 inches; extremely easy to carry around


  • Available only in 2 size options
  • The sections don’t collapse efficiently
  • Not satisfactory after sales service

Buyers Guide

Choosing Tips of a perfect Telescopic Fishing Rod

There are several different brands and qualities of telescopic fishing rods available in the market and note that each and every one of them wouldn’t provide top-notch fishing services to you.

The following steps might help you to choose the best fishing rod for amazing performance and incredible durability:

Before buying a telescopic rod do extensive researches, read different Telescopic fishing rod reviews, ask friends and family which fishing pole they use and how are they performing. All these questions and research would help you to zero down the one fishing rod that is perfect for you.

Also look for a rood that is from a reputable manufacturer and comes in more pieces. Several pieces ensure easy portability as well as durability.

Things to consider before buying a telescopic fishing rod

There are several aspects that you need to keep in mind before buying your ultimate telescopic fishing rod. Let’s see the core things that you should consider before making your purchasing decision


A strong rod ensures maximum durability and has the ability to play with a big fish for a longer time period. Try to look for a pole made from carbon fiber composite or fiberglass as they provide immense strength to the fishing rod.


Try to buy a compact length fishing rod. That’s because with a closed length rod you can extend the length and also can easily carry around for your fishing trips because of its compact size.


The construction material of a casting rod determines its durability and flexibility. Usually, rods are made from fiberglass, carbon fiber or a mixture of carbon glass and carbon fiber. Always try to avoid poles that are made using only graphite because graphite makes it flimsy and prone to breakage without any prior alerts.


Telescopic fishing rods are generally pretty lightweight to ensure maximum comfort and holding ability of the fishing enthusiast. Moreover, lightweight rods are easy and effortless to carry around with you to your several fishing trips.


The rings on the fishing rod are called guides or eyelets that guide the pole into the water. These also endure an immense amount of pressure and weight whenever you hook up a relatively large fish in your pole. Zero in a fishing rod that has more guides because the more the number of guides, the better distributed the weight is.


Price is one vital aspect to consider as you cannot buy a casting rod that is not in your budget. Find the best fishing rod that matches your budget and also meets your requirements.

Picking the Perfect Reel for Telescopic Fishing Rods

Picking the Perfect Reel for Telescopic Fishing Rods
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A telescopic rod needs a properly matched reel to balance and perform at its best. When collapsed down, telescopic rods have a short handle so you'll want a more compact reel that doesn't feel cumbersome. Slimmer profile reels in the 2500-3000 size range pair nicely without weighing down the rod. Look for lightweight reels intended for telescoping rods that securely mount to the reel seat without sloppiness or misalignment. Gear ratios around 5.2:1 give you a good blend of cranking power to turn fish combined with decent line pickup for resetting after each cast. Since telescopic rods pitch and flip frequently when collapsed and extended, durable gears and reliable drag systems are a must to withstand years of constant breakdowns. Waterproofing is clutch when fishing in the salt - preventing sand and salt from fouling the reel. Take the time to find a telescopic-specific reel rather than slapping on any old random reel. The right size and balance makes a massive difference in how the rod casts, fights and handles when chasing fish on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How to unstick a telescopic fishing rod?

If you are suffering from a bad case of rod jam then there are few methods that you could use to unstick your favorite fishing pole that would 100% work.

  • Pour hot water on the joint. This rapidly expands the joint and helps to unstick the rod quickly.
  • Use a penetrating lubricant to soak the joint for few hours for speedy unsticking.
  • Use a rubbery grip to twist the rod effectively. This method would help in abrupt pole  release.
  • QuestionHow to repair a telescopic fishing rod?

    You can repair your telescopic rod by following few very simple methods. Gather a toolset and the required repair items before you totally open the rod to fix its broken part. Be careful when you do so because while fixing one part you might end up damaging other if you are not fully cautious.

    QuestionWhy is telescopic fishing rod best?

    Telescopic fishing rods are best because of their ability to collapse into a very compact size. People prefer telescopic fishing rods over other types of casting rods because they are designed to be compact and lightweight to ensure easy portability and storage whereas other types of casting rods might not be as compact and collapsible as a telescopic fishing rod.

    QuestionHow to use a telescopic fishing rod?

    Using a telescopic fishing rod is just like you use any other fishing rods but you need to expand (un-collapse) it at first so that the rod can ensure you distance as well as a better fishing experience. Moreover, there is always an instruction manual to help you with your fishing rod.

    Final Words

    We have covered all most every type of telescopic fishing rod out there from high priced to low priced and carbon material to fiberglass to make it easier for you to find the best match according to your preferences.

    As we said earlier that this list contains some of the best telescopic fishing rods currently available in the market so that you don’t have waste your time to search the whole web to search the bests of the market.

    Then again, at the end of the day, the ultimate choice is yours. So keep calm and do not haste when choosing your telescopic fishing rod.

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