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Are you looking for a fishing rod holder for bike to make your journey safe and comfortable? Then you come to the right place. Today we come out with the review of three best fishing rod holders for the bike. The rode holder will take your fishing trip to another level. It will make your journey secure and smooth. It will allow you to go to a remote fishing spot by bike without a struggle. So let's check it out!

The team products are one of the most popular fishing rod holders in the last few years. The bike fishing rod holders come to finish your struggle. It will allow you to go to your local fishing spot without pain. The rod holder is very convenient; you will find it in the market. You can easily mount on and off the bike in less than a second. If you are a beginner in this profession, this ateamproduct hod holder will be perfect for you. You can easily use the bike with and without the rod rack. You can keep your Surf fishing rod on it while others don't allow.

The rod holder will serve you a multi functional way. First of all, the surf rod holders will make your journey fresh and will ensure both of your hands on the handlebars. So you can drive safely. Then, the rod holder is very easy to install. It has four bolts to tie the rod holder securely. It also provides you the option to Clip-on and off the bike rod holder instantly. The rod is made with high-quality material so you can use it for all years long.

The rod holder comes at an affordable price. So you make your choice within your price. The fishing rod holder is only 1.4 pounds in weight. It will not make your bike heavy while you drive it. Its beautiful design will make you fashionable than others. Because the fisherman designs the rod holder for the fisherman. Overall it is the perfect gift for a fisherman to make their ride enjoyable.

Are you looking for a rod holder that makes your ride smooth within your budget? To make your wish real, we put all rite spinning rod holders into our list. It is an excellent combination of price and security. The unique feature of the rod holder is its spinning ability. So you can easily spin it in your desire angle, whether you need it. You can also use it as a pier rod holder. The holder will allow you to make your journey safe while carrying your rod behind.

You don't need to worry about falling. You will also be able to put your rod in the right place. Because the motorcycle fishing rod holder comes with a catch and realse the system. However, the holder will protect your rod with another way too. So you can easily transport The bicycle fishing rod holder is very easy to install. All you have to do just add the mounting block with two u bolts. Then attach the rod holder. Finally, you are ready to go.

Besides, the fishing pole holder for bike allows you to attach you in multiple are. You can easily attach it to a seat stay, bike's chainstays, or even directly to the back axle. Especially the rod holder is designed for the person who loves fish and hunt. The rod holder comes with just the right size for the bike. Additionally, it fits with rod handles up to 1 ¼" in diameter and 6" long. Therefore it works great on it. Even it works on ATV as well.

The all right double spinning rod holder is the best fishing rod holder for bike in the market. The rod holder comes with lots of features that make it better than its competitor. Especially the rod holder can hold two rods at a time. It will give you more advantage if you are a serious angler. Also, it will boost your fishing opportunity. Another essential feature of this rod holder for the bike is its safety system.

The holder holds the rod most safely. It has a slip channel in the tube that allows the reel to slides down and locks it into the right you can go to your fishing spot without feeling any disturbance. This is not the end. The holder secures the rod from two ways and patented micro-grooves on the foot of the mounting block. It prevents the rod from twisting and slipping. So your rod keeps safe while you drive. Therefore, it is the best fishing rod holder for mountain bike.

You can attach the holder to the rear axle too. The all right double spinning rod holder is also easy to install like other rod holders. The procedure is the same. The product is one of the cheapest ones that able to fulfill your needs. Its weight and size are perfect for carrying. The only downside of this holder is it is not fit for baitcaster or surf rods. But overall is the best rod holder to get to go out for a long-distance fishing spot. But if your fishing spot is walkway distance, you can use a fishing backpack with rod holder to reach there.

How to Make a Fishing Pole Holder for a Bike Easily?

Making a fishing pole holder for bicycle is easy. You only need some material to make it.

Follow these instructions and make your fishing holder for a bike.


  • 2' x 1 1/2" PVC
  • #4 Conduit Hangers
  • Rubber End Caps to fit 1 1/2" PVC
  • Screw on Expanding Quick Caps(for 1 1/2" PVC)
  • Schwinn Seat-Post Mount Rack
  • 1/4 "-20 x 1/2" Machine screws and nuts
  • 10" inches or so of Flat Plate

Cut the PVC

First of all, cut the PVC into 8" pieces. You can 12" miter saw.

Prep the End-Caps

Then Take the two rubber end caps and cut a gap out on each one. You may use a sharp pocket knife. Keep these pieces of rubber in a safe place.

Mount Conduit Hangers to Rack

You have to check the fit of the conduit hanger with the PVC. It will allow you to mark the hanger clamp on the PVC. You have to be sure to leave enough space for the End Plugs that will turn into the bottom of the PVC.

Then Mark the PVC and put it apart. Cut a piece of the level plate, so it gets five holes.

Remember the two holes on each side will match up with the license mark holder on the Schwinn rack

Put a machine screw into the conduit hanger, the outside vent, and the license plate holder's hole. After that, screw on the nut. Make the same thing on the other side.

Set the first PVC with the end-cap on top in the conduit hanger and tie it. Ensure you reference the mark you made before while checking the tire clearance.

Attach End-Plugs and Bracket

Crank down the wing nut, and it enlarges the rubber grommet inside the PVC. Then lock it into the right place.

Cut a piece of level plate with four holes in it. Set a bend in the middle that allows full insertion into the PVC. Take off the End-Plug wing nut and attach the piece of a flat plate. Make the same thing for the other side.

Attach the plugs into the PVC through the bottom. Then tie the wing nuts until SNUG.

Now drop those scrap rubber piece into the holder as it will protect the end of your rod.

Notice That Your License Plate Holder Slides Out

After tightening everything, you will discover it. The license plate holder is like a decorative plug that you would set in your hitch climb on your truck. The plug is made from plastic. So this threatens the inflexibility of your entire design. But if you reduce movement and the vibration of the rod holder tubes, it will go a long way.

So you can use some of the scrap materials. But it will not beat the efficiency of a bungee band.

Mount Up and Ride Out!

Finally, get your rods in and go fishing.


How do you carry a fishing pole on a bike?

You have to get some cable tries to run them through a couple of holes in the fishing pole. Then tie the wire to the body of the bike. Cut the extended part of the cable. Now you can put the rod on to the pole.

How do you transport a long fishing rod?

Get a trailer hitch fishing rod holder. Mounts it in the truck and then transport them vertically. You can put some rods in it, and you don't need to worry about the tackle.

Final Word

The best fishing rod holder for bike is becoming popular day by day. It makes your journey safe and releases the pain. I hope your next fishing trip will be very comfortable than before. Because we firmly believe that you choose from our list above.

We made a list considering product quality, longevity, design, and price. So every rod holder is great gear for a serious angler or even for a beginner. These will make your fishing journey safe and relaxed. You can also buy a Fishing cooler with rod holders to keep your fish fresh.

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