The Secret of Rocket Fishing Rod Reviews

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Rocket fishing rod has come with the happiest news for kids who love to catch fish. It is specially designed for kids like toy guns, which can shoot automatically up to 30 feet. So, it doesn't need to cast as the traditional fishing rods.

It is an incredibly delightful device for kids of age from eight to up. Good to know that, rocket fishing rod is for kids who love to go fishing trips with their fishing lover parents.

It is the latest guide on ever best rocket fishing rod reviews. So, go forward to know next.

Goliath New and Improved Rocket Fishing Rod Review

Rocket fishing rod is the only, and first innovation for kids comes from the well-known brand Goliath. This approach of Goliath for the kids is undoubtedly praiseworthy. Good to know that goliath rocket fishing rod has already gained popularity among the numerous fishing rods. Additionally, rocket fishing rod price is very less.

One of the good things of this rod that it is suitable for all ages kids because it has a replacement option for several kids fishing poles. A kid has to pump it and shoot as like a hand-held gun to get a real fish.

Key Features:

  • An efficient fishing bobber can help to reach the lure according to the preferred water depth.
  • It is the unique fishing rod that cat automatically cast up to 30 feet.
  • Included a safety bobber which works to hide the hook as far as it hit on the water.
  • The hi-tech precision ABS construction material made this rod long-lasting.
  • It offers the easiest user experience within only three steps.

Included components come with this rocket fishing rod

Luckily, rocket fishing rod buyers are getting a complete package within their budget. For example, it has come with a complete package. So, you don't need to buy all things individually.

  • 1-safety bobber
  • 2-hooks
  • 150 feet 8 pounds fishing line
  • 2-line stops
  • 1-weight
  • Complete instruction guide

What customers are saying:

Customers appreciate this excellent fishing rod. Especially, they are highly impressed with the automatic casting method and easy using features. Besides, a numerous customer is satisfied to get the rugged construction, user manual and awesome performance.

Some customer has complained about a jammed issue inside the rod. It might happen if you did not use this rod for a long time since it has made from ABS construction to get rust without proper maintenance.


  • Dimension: 5.88 x 4 x 29 inches
  • Weight: 15.8 ounces
  • Recommended age: 8 - 15 years
  • Casting distance: up to 30 feet
  • Line Length: 150 ft. max
  • Line Weight: 6-8 lbs
  • Hook Size: 4, 6, or 8
  • Line Stop: .024 in – .06 in

Using the Rocket Fishing Rod

Rocket fishing rod looks slightly like a nerf gun and slightly like a fishing rod. It has a barrel and a trigger, and you have to use it as a toy gun. There have no difficult functions, so it is very accessible.


This fishing rod has a unique benefit that it has a safety button near to the reel. That is why your kid won't pull the trigger directly. A kid must have to hold the safety button when pulling the trigger. The safety button is essential because it prevents unexpected trigging and saves the nearest people from getting hurt.

The Bobber:

The bobber is also essential parts of this rod. It looks like one open mouth cylinder. Your kid can pull the line from the end to add the fishing hook, fishing bait or weight. After then, they closed the open mouth. Good to know that the enclosed mouth will be open when the bobber hits upon the water. As a result, the hook with bait will fall into the targeted spot.

Ready to Fish

Your cast is successful now you have wait and control the line as per your need. That's it.

The benefits of rocket fishing rod

Recreation for kids:

This fishing rods can be a great way to make joyful your kids with the new recreational game. Since it is very easy to use, most kids can use it by themselves, so they have no hassle for you. You kids can enjoy their time to catch some fish as their way.

A quality time with parents:

If you love fishing and can't get out of the house for your little kids, then this rod can solve your problem. If your baby is of more than five years, you can bring them with you and let them use a rocket fishing rod. Besides, it is a nice rod with proper safety features. Simultaneously, good bonding will be created when you spend quality time with your kid on a fishing trip.

The new experience of outdoor trip:

If you wish, you can leave your child at home and give the chances for indoor games. But any outdoor trip will give your kid an idea about the outside world and develop their mental health. So, it is quite a good option to give them a rocket fishing rod.

Increases the confidence level:

It will undoubtedly boost any kids' confidence because they will operate a new device by oneself. Not only that, they will be happier when they can catch a fish.

The alternative of rocket fishing rod

Although the rocket fishing rod is best performing for kids, you can see some more options if you want because all product may not be suitable for all kids' preference. For example, the no-tangle youth fishing rod would be another great choice for your kids. So, you can try this fishing rod too.


  • How far does the rocket fishing rod shoot?

Rocket fishing rod can shoot up to the 25 feet distance. This rod is compatible for all ages of kids because it can be considered a standard fishing pole.

  • What is the best fishing rod for freshwater?

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rods and Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod are two best fishing rod for freshwater.

  • How do you use a rocket fishing rod?

For using the rocket fishing rod, you need to push the safety bobber button and pull the trigger simultaneously. Then turn the crank counterclockwise and reel the bobber into the barrel. In the next, slide the front handle in all possible way. When you will hear a click sounds then leave the trigger from your hand.

  • What is a rocket fishing rod?

It is a unique fishing rod for kids fishing. It is, respectively, easily accessible and fun to use.

  • What's the most expensive fishing rod?

TACO Marine OT-3160CF Carbon Fiber Tele is the most expensive fishing rod ever.

Final Word

I have made this rocket fishing rod reviews for those parents who love to make their kids happy when fishing. A rocket fishing rod is not only easier to use but also it is pretty much fun and enjoyable. Most importantly, it has a safety bobber which always maintains the kid's safety.

The ultimate benefits of this product for kids are incredibly good. If you benefit from this guide, then share it with your relatives to make their kid's day enjoyable.

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