Best Baitcasting Rod Under 100 I Affordable Price in 2024

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Our Top Picks

Budget Friendly

  • Available in 8 sizes
  • Sturdy & durable
  • lightweight & easily moving

Our Best Pick

  • Extremely Responsive
  • Best gear action
  • Best durability and flexibility


  • Powerful pull capacity
  • Natural cork handle
  • 100% carbon fiber

If you are you an angler or fishing lover, you have to know that a successful fishing trip does not only depend on angler skill. Most importantly, it depends on the proper fishing equipment. Because an appropriate tool can make your fishing journey easier. The fishing rod is the most crucial for a fishing enthusiast. The fishing rod is using with the cheap fishing reel. Actually, a perfect combination of baitcasting rod and reel can make your fishing journey easier. Maybe, you are searching for the best baitcasting rod under 100. Luckily you are the right place now.

A fishing rod may be your best friend who stays huge time with you and supports a lot. Baitcasting rod is more popular because it helps to catch more and big fish. This rod is also helping cast controlling and reduce several risks. Besides, Baitcasting rod and reels combination work excellent together.  They can take more pressure and good for bump casting.

From my personal experience and research, I will suggest you seven best baitcasting rod under 100. These will manage within your budget. To find your favorite rods for baitcasters, you may read this list at a glance.

Firstly, I have introduced you with a short list of my top picks. Let’s see

Top 10 Best Baitcasting Rod Under $100

UglyStik GX2 is the most popular and best rod for a baitcaster with an excellent quality which quilt than many other rods. Its construction material is mainly graphite and fiberglass. This rod you can use several fishing reels but best to use with a baitcasting reel. Kastking assassin carbon will be more suitable pair for it.

Firstly, it has super durable and robust power that can hold up to 50pound weight. Mainly, it can manage 55lb bluefin tuna, 40 lbs: numerous yellow Diego and 30 pounds. Pacific yellowtail. There is 5’-6” to 7’-6” size with medium, heavy and light for 25 lbs. Are available in this item. You may choose one piece or two-piece configuration. But two part is best for shipping, storage, and access. Two-piece rod’s length is about 40 inch.

Moreover, UglyStik is up to 3.5 pounds and more comfortable to handle and cast. Fishes of 20 to 30 pound you can catch without any stress. In this rod, five to 80 oz lure is using correctly. This item is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing and best for catching catfish.

Overall, it is becoming more popular rods for baitcaster for its impressive features an updated model.


  • Best quality for durability and flexibility
  • Extremely responsive
  • Soft gripping and best gear action
  • Far casting and smooth condition
  • Best for hard mouthed fish and hard sets.


  • It is not suitable for fly fishing
  • It can’t be a drag too tightly

Falcon is another name of best rod for baitcaster. Falcon Rods HD Casting Rod comes with high quality features and minimum price range. This product is firmly stand out in the market and also in the mind of anglers over the years. Firstly, it has a stable and durable quality, which is suitable for using saltwater and freshwater. The primary material is graphite blank with medium to the large item which has excellent backbone and action. Lures weight ¼ to a ½ ounce is properly go with it. The core part of this product is made in the USA in Broken arrow, Oklahoma, but some other components may come from several countries.
There is different cork handle size according to the model. Its line rating is 8 to 17 lb.
Secondly, it is comfortable for both beginners and expert anglers because of its lightweight and sensitivity power.
Falcon is excellent hard sets and hard mouthed fish. Moreover, you can use it for catching several species fish without any tension of breaking this rod. But this rod is particularly useful for coastal fishing. Besides, this has a 5-year warranty. After all, this rod can be your best buddy.


  • Well hook setting power
  • Powerful pull capacity for catching large fish
  • It has a natural cork handle
  • Lightweight and 100% carbon fiber


  • The handle is a little bit short
  • This item has the only one-piece configuration

Shimano FX casting rod comes as a suitable rod for all ages of anglers with versatile performance. Beginners or expert both can use it easily. This product is excellent for catching fish from saltwater inshore. Moreover, it is using with the popularity for stream, river and lake fishing. It can long and smoothly cast with a great feeling. Line rating is 6-a5 lb. It has medium power and fast action. This Shimano item can take 3-4 Oz weights, and it has a great line guide. You may use this innovative rod for catching especially catfish and smallmouth fish. Maximum length is 7’.  The primary material is fiberglass blank. Reinforced aluminum oxide guide is with it. Most importantly, this fantastic item you are getting within a meager price.


  • This item has 2-piece excellent configuration
  • Very easy to do separate from reel
  • Fascinating design
  • Sturdy and durable and flexible


  • Not good for bass fishing

Berkley cherrywood HD is one of the popular collection for both professional anglers and fishing lover. You may add one of this item without any confusion. Firstly, it’s material is cherrywood handle and fiverglass body. Besides it has qualities of lightweight, durable and strong. The overall length of this rod is 7 feet. But it is available several length and weight. Most importantly, it is lighter than other usual guides like 55% lighter than aluminum oxide guides. Medium action and affordable price is increasing its demand to all. This is able to use with braided line baitcasting reel. Berkley is perfec t for bass and other fishing.


  • This item design is hybrid.
  • Very sensitive for jigs and worms.
  • Cork handle grip.


  • Handle is a little bit short than other rods

Penn rampage Jigging comes with an amazing strength power that it is able to easily catch five to 6 feet shark. This item is one piece having three several lengths. Its material is high quality and synthetic component. Penn rampage is heavy duty but soft with durable rubber gimbal. Firstly, it has heavy bottom fishing jig. Secondly, EVA fore grips is using with this item for more comfortable. Aluminum oxide inserts in this rod.

This baitcasting rod is capable to hold 2.5 OZ lure weight and effective to catching fluke, sea, bass fishing. Line power is 30lb to 80 lb.

Besides, it is consistently versatile quality able. This cheap baitcasting rod is stand out for versatile quality. 


  • Tested quality and durability
  • Bottom fishing jig is heavy
  • Versatile and great backbone
  • Heavy bottom fishing jig


  • Handle is a little bit short.

The another name of quality and attractive popular name is Berkley E-Motion which can give you a great advantage. The black color with a small white color logo increase looks much. Not only external beauty but also it has several unique qualities to win your mind. You are getting almost eight sizes which start from 6’-4” to 7 ‘-9”. There are medium, heavy, medium heavy and extra heavy are available. 7’-3” is extra heavy. You have not think about length at all. Besides, there are 8 style rods have in this item. As a result, you can buy it for several particular uses. Sometimes you may need specific style, then you may choose particular style for top water, frog, lipless crank and many more. It will make your specific task easier. Its material is combination of two types of 30 T and 20T graphite. Moreover, it is lightweight and easily moving quality able.


  • Available almost 8 sizes and style
  • Sturdy and durable


  • This rod is not appropriate for moderate action.

Abu Garcia comes with an extra ordinary quality of lightweight baitcaster fishing rod. If you want to buy this rod You are going to get a lots of quality in features and performance. This can moderate fast tip action. You will able to catch small and large fish of several places specially it is perfect for bass fishing. The color of this item mixed of black and silver and it has a great grip at the bottom. I believe if you use it then you don’t feel to buy other expensive rod. Because you will get awesome quality within a limited price. Moreover, it has 3 years of warranty from (U.S and Canada).


  • Great crankbait quality
  • Split grip EVA handle
  • Stainless steel lines guides with lightweight and durable.


  • Tip seems quite heavy
  • A little bit difficult to long cast

The design came from the on the years of experience and inputs from elite anglers. This is another high quality the state of the earth technology used for making this product which includes Elite Carbon Blanks & Nano Resin Technology. The new product comes with less weight and more breaking and lifting strength. The stability of the reel was a primary goal in the design of this product. The design of the product was focused on the sped and maneuverability.


  • New improved design, the product can take the bend and flexible enough to deliver power.
  • The product is super light weight, balanced, plenty of backbone.
  • High performance rod for durability and support.


  • Some of the models might have accuracy issues.

These are the quality fishing rod that money could buy. This model comes with 24-ton carbon matrix KastFlex technology blanks and offers sensitivity and power. The product has undergone laser focused manufacturing techniques; providing the quality and consistency of the highest level. This product comes with the KastKing (PTS) Power Transition System so 2 pieces rods transition the power is ensured. This model of fishing rod comes with the limited lifetime warranty.  


  • The reel seat on this comfortable and easy to operate.
  • The rod is lightweight
  • The rod stays stable during the actions


  • It takes time to get use to it.

The product has a durable carbon frame that gives the stability and does not come sacrifice maneuverability. Best elements of design and production were used in the making of this rod. The new design made sure the mobility, used graphite high-strength reel seats and also got best quality Saf-T-Keeper hook holder, some of the variant of this rod also got Twin-Tip rods transition the power smoothly throughout the fishing rod blank.


  • The rod has a very smooth Power Transition System.
  • A smooth power transaction system that helps handling.
  • Build with high quality materials.


  • Some of the models might have durability issues.

Baitcasting Rod and Reels

This k.w is existing two times. But I have to write at least 400 words on it. Casting is loveable to a large number of expert and beginner’s anglers over the years. Somebody may like to angling by spinning combos. But from my personal experience I can assure, you will miss a great challenge if you won’t try baitcasting rod and reel combo. I am giving you a proper ideation of baitcasting combo. Moreover, I am covering a list of best baitcasting rod and reel combo from my top picks.

I am using Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite baitcasting rod and reel combo since 2 years. If you have any experience of angling, probably you may know the name of ugly stik brand. They stay market place from 1897 and retail their position over the century. There is several fishing equipment are in this brand. Shakespeare ugly stik is popular one of them. 

Ugly stike making material is graphite and fiberglass. This rod is actually the update version of previous rod/reel line. But now it comes with 35 percent more graphite. It provides the stainless steel guides technology for getting more durability and cork handle when you will go to catch small fish. The connected reel has 2+1 ball bearing system. This combo is providing an anti-reverse wind and 12-pound power.  This item is best for freshwater using.

Finally, I can assure you that it is a unique combination of strength, gear ratio and sensitivity. 


  • Flexible and perfect balance.
  • Sensitive and durable enough.


  • casting may need a little bit extra time.

  Features of Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo

Baitcasting rod and reel combo will give you versatile advantages and it is also strength enough for catching bass fishing, pen and catfishing. Most importantly, you have to choose the gear ratio first which will perfect for you.

Highly gear ratio is preferable in the case of using a spinnerbait or buzz bait. It helps to cast quickly and also recover the cast line rapidly. On the other hand, low gear ratio is perfect for crankbait or something like that types of lures. Then you have to notice the braking system and set it up perfectly. Centrifugal brakes make slow the rotation of spool by the help of friction. Magnetic brakes make slow the revolution rate of the spool by the help of electromagnet force.

Finding The Ideal Baitcasting Rod On A Budget

Getting excellent performance without breaking the bank is possible when selecting a baitcasting rod under $100. Savvy anglers look for lightweight yet strong materials like quality graphite blanks or composite fibers. Subtle details like stainless steel guides and durable reel seats also boost value. While cheaper rods lack refined actions, they offer versatile strength for the money. Focusing on reputable brands helps ensure reliable construction paired with sensitive responsiveness. With the right budget-friendly rod, fishing novices gain crucial experience while veterans handle brute forces battles. A thoughtful selection brings confidence that the rod won’t fail when a trophy fish strikes.

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The Buying Guide

Different features and quality rods are available in the market. Large best bait casting rods worked well with small line guides. It can fight with large fish and lift heavyweight lures. We highlight five significant characteristics of the best baitcasting rod. These considerations will help you to purchase the perfect product.

Line Power:

Line power means the ability of the rod weight which it lifts or take the pressure of curving. The line power rating has ultralight to heavy. Actually, the power is depending on your fishing type. As like heavyweight is need for heavy line and specially area of grass and brushwood. But the ultralight power is need for lightweight line and action.


Action refers the turning and speed ability of the rod. That means, the power or limit of the rod curve in the casting time. For example, slower action rods curve into butt segment and need long time to set in the hook. Medium action curve close to the middle-segment and the faster action curve near to the tip and set fast with the hook. After all you have to keep it mind about your fishing and lures type. Because your rod action will change depending on these things.

Materials and Line Guides:

Material is the another crucial thing to consider before buying a rod. The most common material of rod is graphite and fiberglass. Both of them have autocracy characteristics. Graphite rod is lightweight rather than fiberglass rod. But it is enough durable and flexible. There are particular line guides line for each rods. There material is nickel titanium and ceramic.

Grip Design and material:

Now a days, grip design is getting popularity. Grip or handle is important part of a fishing rod. Its material is generally foam or cork.  it has two section one is in the front and another is in the end with a gap. This grip is helps for dividing the weight equally. Grip is help to hold the rod in the time of fighting and casting a rod. Moreover, it helps to protect your hand and also the fishing rod from the water.

Differences Between Spinning Rod vs. Casting Rod

Frequently, Anglers are feeling frustrated before buying fishing rod. They didn’t decide which rod will perfect for them? Spinning or casting? There is some significant difference between the spinning rod and baitcasting rod. Both types of rod worked according to particular process. You have to choose which will be best for your specific fishing trip.

Before going to a fishing trip an angler has to set up fishing rod and reel properly. If you have gone in the deep sea or canal without proper setting of fishing reel and rod., You can’t work with it properly and also can’t set it up again. For this reason, you must have to set up proper reel and rod. Firstly, you have to know about the difference baitcasting vs. spinning rod.

A spinning rod has several sizes and measurement as like light action, medium action and heavy action spinning rod. In the fishing time, a spinning rod will curve from the nipping bite of the line. The line feeds out and pulls down.

The most crucial things of a spinning rod, it is easier for beginner because an amateur angler can avoid line tangles. The working process of this rod smoother than baitcasting rod. 

For knowing about casting rod you have to know spinning rod firstly. While a fish pulls the line of a casting rod bent over and eyelets is upwards. New anglers may feel some confusion but it is really that, best bait casting rod using eyelets effectively than best spinning rods. Generally, this rod is for significant fishing.

It is a little bit harder to learn and understand. On the other hand, spinning is easier.

In the time of first using you may feel a little bit difficult but you will get the pleasure whenever you will learn to run it and use it. The possibility of breaking very less than casting rod. An angler must check the differences between spinning rod vs. casting rod.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question : What are the best baitcasting rods?

Question : What is the best baitcasting reel for baitcasting rod?

Answer: Perfect uses of a baitcasting rod and reels can give excellent feedback on your fishing trip. Otherwise, it will be boring. Some of the most applications and popular reel is provided below for helping you.

Lews fishing tournament reel

KastKing Assassin Carbon

KastKing Royale Legend

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur

These are the best baitcasting reel for using perfectly with several types of baitcasting reel.

Question : What is the best fishing rod brand?

Answer: The top 5 fishing rod brand name is noted below. These are wins the anglers heart over the years.

Question : What length fishing rod should I get?

Answer: You will get almost several length of rod starting from four feet to 14 feet. But you just have to choose your appropriate one. The most important truth for selecting a fishing rod is, short length for short space and long length for long space.

Question : Are longer fishing rods better?

Answer: It depends on your needs. Sometimes a short rod can be your best friend. On the other hand, you may not go forward at all without a long best bait casting rod. The situation creates importance. But the everyday things are a long rod is suitable for long casting and the short rod is good for short distance casting.

Question : What does line weight mean on a fishing rod?

Answer: The line weight of a fishing rod does not mean only the power of convey. It means an overall power of dragging system, breaking strain and lift ability.

Question : How do I choose a bass rod?

Answer: Bass fishing is different from open water or other fishing. Because this place is full of grass and a little bit brushwood. For that reason, it needs always a strong and heavy combination of baitcasting rods and reels.

Question : Which one is the best from these top 7 baitcasting rod?

Answer: Actually I list this top seven from my own experience. It is really hard to prefer only one. Because I with my family members always using these seven item. But yet you may choose the UglyStik GX2 Casting Rod. The SHIMANO FXC and abu Garcia Vengeance baicaster fishing pole can be your next choice.

Final Words

If you want to get a short list of best baitcasting rod under one within a very affordable price, you may check out this short list reviews. This will help you to choose the perfect one without risk. This free guideline helps you to find out best and cheap baitcasting rod.

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