Can You Use A Fish Finder Without A Boat?

Can You Use A Fish Finder Without A Boat?

Usually, a fish finder has to set up on any surface in the boat, kayak or vessel. But can you use a fish finder without a boat?  You can use a Fishfinder without a boat, but the Fishfinder should be portable and compacted. A … Read more

What Should I Keep in My Fishing Backpack?

What should I keep in my fishing backpack

The beginner angler often asks what should I keep in my fishing backpack? A well-equipped fishing backpack with essential gear can make a fishing trip more successful and enjoyable. Fishing tackle box, Extra rod, reel, essential clothing, eyewear, footwear, first aid kit box are … Read more

How Much of a Difference Do Polarized Lenses Make for Fishing?

How Much of a Difference Do Polarized Lenses Make for Fishing?

Sunglasses are a great gadget to facilitate fishing. But not all sunglass lenses are suitable for fishing. Polarized lenses are efficient in improving the fishing experience from dawn to dusk. So, experts anglers always suggest using polarized fishing sunglasses for a better experience. But … Read more

What Is The Function of Baitcaster Rods?

What is the function of baitcaster rods?

Fishing rod functions refers consisting of some mandatory parts of a rod that are required to catch fish. These parts are directly related to catch fish. Having depth ideation about baitcasting fishing rod function can make fishing more convenient. So, what is the function … Read more

What Is The Best Way To Transport Fishing Poles?

What is the best way to transport fishing poles?

Fishing poles are much prone to breakage if not transported carefully. And ensuring the safety of fishing rods is a hard nut to crack.  The best way to transport fishing poles is to use professional or DIY rod cases by maintaining the packing methods. … Read more

What is special about fishing sunglasses?

What is special about fishing sunglasses

Are you tired to see around when fishing? Maybe you are seeing with open eyes or observing with a regular sunglass. It is important to have a special fishing sunglass that is designed to think about fishing convenience. But what is special about fishing … Read more

Lake Pontchartrain Fishing | Detailed Guidelines


Lake Pontchartrain is superb for the angler who is seeking an exciting angling destination full of fun. This lake has an enviable reputation for being suitable for all types of anglers due to its many species, massive spots, and easier hooking opportunities. Lake Pontchartrain … Read more

Bass Fishing in North Carolina

Bass fishing in North Carolina

North Carolina is full of large and smallmouth bass lakes and reservoirs and thousands of miles of channels with stunning rainbows. So, whether you are freshwater fishing enthusiasts or seasonal anglers, bass fishing in North Carolina will offer both an exciting fishing experience and … Read more