Boston Harbor Fishing Guides: Species, Places and Season

Boston Harbor Island is an adventurous and exciting fishing spot for catching stripers and massive tunes. Boston harbor fishing is open for anybody over 16 years and needs a Massachusetts state saltwater fishing license. However, it doesn’t require any special permission from the National Park Service. From thrilling to calming, there are lots of exciting places on Boston Harbor Island. 

So, researching on this island can boost success and ensure the most memorable fishing and camping. Reading the guide, you will learn some basic yet helpful information on Boston harbor fishing.

Boston Harbor Islands Overview

The Boston Harbor Islands became a part of the National Park System in November 1996. With 34 islands and a large C shape, this fishing lake is closely connected to Massachusetts Bay for thousands of years. The total landmass of this island is about 3,100 acres at low tide and 1,600 acres at high tide. It made a transition between the settled coast and the open ocean. The most popular species found here are summer flounder, striped bass, and bluefish. Having success while fishing in Boston Harbor Island is depends on choosing the right spot and following the correct method.

Species you can catch in Boston harbor

Boston harbor is a natural estuary of Massachusetts Bay which is a great hiding spot for the striper. There is a considerable number of porgies available here that use as bail to catch the striped bass. Especially Boston, MA, is the best spot to fish striped bass, tuna, blues, and winter flounder. These species are primarily found in the harbor area. Despite porgies, live baits, and the best budget rod and fish finder are helpful in this lake, especially for trolling. 

The water of Boston harbor is clear. It has many small spots like Deer Island to target bass, where soft and large plastic lures work great. However, fishing in Boston harbor is a bit challenging since most of the boat traffic here. In some lucky cases, you can catch 42 inches long and 30-35 pounds species. The most effective tip of Boston harbor fishing is to reel slowly, allow the striped bass to wear themselves, and wait for the right time. 

Fishing season in Boston harbor

The fishing season starts in Mid-April when the bass starts to fill the harbor throughout mid-May. The fishing time here in Boston harbor lasts through the whole summer and fall. Specifically, Boston Striped Bass Fishing Charter is available from May to late October. Winter Flounder Fishing Charter starts the season in late April to early July, and Bluefish Fishing Charter is available from June to October. Apart from these, Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charter starts the fishing season from June to early November. 

Top places for camping and fishing in Boston harbor

Top places for camping and fishing in Boston harbor
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Bumpkin is located close to the mainland at Sunset Point that is ideal for seasonal kayak campers and fishing with friends and kids. This fishing spot is close to the mainland, and it allows one to head back quickly if the weather turns harsh. With calm water, waves swell, and safe from wind, the Bumpkin is attractive for light tackle enthusiasts and fly fishers for targeting bluefish and striped bass. 

The water of this fishing spot isn’t much depth, with most of the area has only less than 10 feet depth. The angler can get success fishing in Bumpkin. Using light spinning tackle, jigs, and tosses plugs; plus, using a fishing backpack with rod holders will lower the difficulty of reaching there.

Grape Island

This Boston harbor fishing spot is only a mile southwest of Bumpkin. You can easily reach the grape island via Weymouth Fore River Channel. Also, it offers a similar kind of fishing experience to a bumpkin. This fishing spot features double-drumlin topography and two steep hills. Grape covers 50 acres and offers an incredible top view from its 70-foot drumlin. Camping is also more accessible here in the grape; just choosing a base to explore.


This island is not only superb for fishing and camping but also explore for the whole day. It is scattered by a bit of summer lodge and crossed by uneven asphalt roads. Starting from Windmill Point in Hull and paddling an eighth of a mile, the kayak fisherman will easily reach this spot. Once reached, you will have many things to explore, including a spooky atmosphere, dark interior, and dense groves of trees. 

Wearing cheap fishing sunglasses will enhance the enjoyment. Fishing is also excellent here; just pay attention to either side of the emit shore that joins the two mountainous ends. You will have an excellent experience of plugging and fly-fishing in these paddocks.

Great Brewster

Fishing and camping in Great Brewster will offer a wild experience. In this Great Brewster, fishing isn’t the primary purpose while the island has big swell, waves, and high winds. You won’t find any reassuring mainland close to it, and there is no hum of trucks and a bright cluster of shoreline lights. However, fishing is also promising as fly fishing is popular here, which you can catch using a budget spinning reel.

Sea kayaking the outer islands

Boston Harbor’s outer islands will bring the experience of the most acceptable sort since it will need extended padding and a quicker sea boat to reach the camp fishing spot. Unless you reached by powerboat, this island isn’t suitable for a 10- to 13-foot boat. You will need to paddle large distances across many shipping lanes and large stretches of open water. However, it will be a worthwhile journey as the seasonal angler will have a true adventure of being fully exposed to wind and weather.

Final words

The classic areas in Boston harbors have lost, like Castle Island, Deer Island, and quantum point. These are easily accessible, and you can easily reach them by kayak and car. So, if you are in search of an adventured lake both for fishing and camping, you can include this Boston harbor in your checklist. Boston harbor fishing is adventurous, whether you are a professional or seasonal angler. Just get the correct tackle and equipment and go out with your friends and kids to enjoy an exceptional fishing experience.

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