Best Paddle Board for Fishing & Water Sports 2022

Are you looking for the best paddleboard for fishing? I believe from my real experience; a Yolo board reviews will help you to get a paddleboard which will provide the maximum advantages to enjoy the fishing and water sports.

A paddleboard is a crucial device for enjoying a fishing trip in the ocean. Similarly, you can paddle boarding water sports into the open ocean. It is a floating board that allows a person respectively for lying, kneeling and standing to swim and go forward. Here, yolo paddle board is designed for stand-up fishing. A user can use arms or a paddle to operate this board.

In this article, I am covering the unique features, benefits and yolo sup reviews. So, let's read next.

Fishing to ride on a Paddleboard can seem quite daunting to beginners. It requires enough practice, but a complete and worthy paddleboard is essential as well. You can be unsteady to find the right brand and product in the crowd of the large paddleboard. Luckily, you have already known about yolo stand up the board which has a lot of benefits and fun for the beginners and expert. Now I am sharing my experience with this paddleboard. Hopefully, it will be helpful for your fishing with a paddleboard. 

YOLO Stand Up Paddle Board

The Yolo 12' Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes from one of the very famous paddle board companies yolo board brand. It is started in the year 2007 and has maintained its reputation for a while now. First of all, I found it fastest and effective paddleboard ever. I firmly believe that it is excellent than another model. Why I am saying like that? And what is the special features are providing this yolo inflatable paddle board review, let's know the details.

Most highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight, stable, sturdy and fastest paddle board
  • Comfortable, high-quality gripping cover on the maximum deck
  • Integrated an effective bungee system to help you automatic riding
  • Benefits of attaching multiple D-rings to store necessary small gear
  • two small side fin and one central removable fin
  • Comfortable and robust carrying handle
  • Adjustable three-piece backpack
  • High-pressure and hand-pump
  • Aesthetic design with elegant color

YOLO Board 

High quality construction using marine grade rubber provides extra durability.


Material: High-quality marine-grade rubber construction materials

Overall Dimension: 144 x 32 x 6 inches (respectively for length, width and thickness)

Weight: Board weight is 22 pounds, and the weight-bearing capacity is up to 230lbs

D-rings: Total 11 D-rings

6 D-rings using for attaching the nose and bungee cord

4 D-rings using for connecting the tail and bungee cord

Additional one D-ring on the rear to attach a safety leash

Recommended inflation: Up to 15 PSI

Fins: Total 3 small fins, one on the center and another two are side fins.

Volume and carry handle: amount 255 L, and it has two convenient carry handles.


  • The 6" deck thickness 12' length is effortless to handle heavier loads
  • Small fins are useful to increase the board speed
  • Bungee system with a strong bungee cord will allow you to go automatically
  • Secure navigation system to go straightforward
  • Additional D-rings attaching benefits
  • Comfortable gripping pad increase the stability
  • 1-year warranty from the company


  • It has no specific downside

Why will yolo paddle board be the best worthy choice?

Yolo 12' paddle board comes with such excellent features and benefits that you will realize it as the best paddle board for fishing. Here I mentioned all about it.



Good to know first, in the case of SUP (stand up paddle) length is a big deal. Because, the right length can help a rider respectively to stand up properly, bodyweight balance maintaining, and operate the board in the right way.  At the same time, it will ensure long-lasting riding and reduce the fall down possibilities. This yolo board comes with up to 12' length, which is so good for best performance in stand-up paddle boarding. The 12'length is entirely adjustable for young and adult's person. But if you are a smaller child, then you have to choose a board under the 10' length.


Now Let's know about the width of this board. It is offering you a 32 inches width which is quite significant to ride into it. Besides, this width is rarely found in the other stand up paddleboard in the market. Likewise, it is substantial to retain and increase the balance and allows you to move on the deck in the running position.


Another critical part of measurement is the thickness of this paddleboard. It is offering up to 6 inches thickness which increases its Endurance. Even though many thinks that 6-inch diameter is a little bit less, but I can ensure you will notice the difference between a standard hardboard and yolo board.



The quality of this board I can't go without saying. First of all, remember that it comes with high effectiveness and sturdiness. Because the YOLO 12' inflatable board made out of marine grade rubber materials. Hence, the seal construction material is with drop stitch construction. For me, it is a war machine in water sports. I am telling you the easiest that it will stay active till you adequately take care of it. That means it can handle any extreme situation.


This board is highly convenient in terms of importance. Although its influence is only 22 pounds which is very lightweight but robust to bear extreme weight. Fortunately, the sinking possibilities are very less in this paddleboard. 


You are getting two elegant and eye-catching colors in this model. In which one is available Blue pad with a red nose & Blue pad with the lime nose. As the colors are not so much bright or light so it will best compatible for you.


Although some of the significant features may never fully express the significance of this board. Nevertheless, I am mentioning some unique features so that you can realize the importance of investing in this model.

Gripping Pad:

The production company covers most of the decks of this board with premium quality gripping pads to ensure the highest efficiency. The larger grip is comfortable and very firm to stand up. Besides, it will help a rider to keep control of their body. Also, a premium grip can respectively reduce the possibilities to fall into the water, allows you to adjust on the deck and help to come back to the board from the water quickly.

The D-rings + bungee cord placement:

The most useful function is to place a D-rings on the board nose and replace the bungee cord. I think this feature is praiseworthy. You will impress while got the benefits to keep the fishing gear and other small equipment into the cargo net. It is also helpful for hands-free fishing. If you want to attach a safety leash, then it is required to add a few more D-rings.

Navigation system:

Yolo SUP has a powerful navigation system called tri fins. It can significantly reduce the side currents and improve the straight tracking system.


Due to its lightweight feature, it is extreme level portable. You can carry it from the car to the water without any hassle. Besides, the hand pump, collapsible and inflatable SUP and other small accessories are store able into the travel bag. That's why it is suitable for travelling, camping as well as boating.


Definitely, the packaging is considering a thing before making a buying decision. The fun during paddle boarding or back pain is depending on the packaging system.  Luckily, you are getting a complete package in this model. So, you need to know what are includes in packaging.


Yolo SUP paddle board comes with its bag from the manufacturing company. The several parts of this paddle board stay as a package. Most importantly, all of these are easier to transport and store. At the same time, remember to deflate the board and rolled up so that it can go anywhere.

High-Pressure Hand Pump:

The board has a high-pressure hand pump for your convenience. It works as essential equipment of paddler's inventory. 

Pressure Gauge:

Hence, this pump arrives with a pressure gauge which can inflate the board up to the right measurement of 15 PSI.

Central Removable Fin:

A central removable fin is another part of this board package. It will allow you to remove the broad ridge in the water. At the same time help you to preserve the board from shallow water.

3-Piece Adjustable Fiber Paddle:

 Also, this stand-up board has a 3-piece adaptable fiber paddle which is very sturdy rather lightweight.


For me, it is the best performer recreational can which is quite suitable for beginners. Although it can fight with the running board, I think yolo 12 inflatable board is best for newbie and intermediate level paddlers. Besides, a fishing paddle board with motor can increase the speed.

SUP Fishing Essentials

Stand up; a paddleboard is quite different from the regular kayak or small boat fishing. But here, you have to keep up with some of the unique elements along with the traditional fishing materials. I am saying something similar here.

A Fishing SUP Board:

As you are interested in sup fishing, so a perfect stand up paddleboard is the first one thing. I suggest the yolo board, which is the best suitable. But keep in mind that the fish species and fishing location before choosing your paddleboard. At the same time, you have to notice on the hull type. Generally, suitable SUP has a displacement hull and planning hull. Good to know that the displacement hull integrated SUP is longer. So, you will get a better speed. On the other hand, the planning hull is more helpful, full and flat.  I think planning hull is best for SUP fishing. Remember that paddle board fishing setup is necessary to know.

An Appropriate Paddle:

For operating your paddleboard correctly, a right paddle is a crucial element. Stand up paddle is similar as like a canoe paddle. But the difference that stand-up paddle has a bent near to the blade. Must select a paddle as per your height. And it should be 2 to 4 inches longer than your height. Remember more than the paddles are materials of plastic, carbon and aluminum materials. A lighter paddle will work best for you. But you might expense more for a lighter paddle.

Personal Flotation Device or PFD:

A life jacket or own flotation device (PFD) is required for any kinds of fishing water sports or water activities whether it will work on the river canal or ocean. And SUP is must necessary this device to ensure your maximum safety. Because you might fall in massive wave and the hurt of a tree stump in a sudden. That's why a PFD is essential. Luckily, you are getting

Rod, Reel, Net, Tackle box and Bucket:

These five things are mandatory for your standard SUP fishing. The best fishing rod and a perfect spinning reel are the main elements to catch fish anywhere. At the same time, you need a tackle box to store small fishing gears. I would say to keep a net in the paddle board. Because the fishing net is most helpful for paddle board fishing trip. And the bucket is quite essential to keep the fishes. So, keep these things before sup fishing setup.

A Polarized Sun glass:

Polarized fishing sun glass is good for stand-up paddle board fishing. Because this type of glass can create a filter which makes the water more transparent to you. As a result, it will make the fish visible to you even in the standing position.

SPF, Hat, Buff and Cooler:

You may be staying for a long-time under the intense sunshine. Here, a well-branded sunscreen can save your skin from the UV-rays. Similarly, a comfortable hat can protect the head from high heat. Besides, the buff works for keeping the face and check from the sun and severe cold. More refreshing is an optional thing but very beneficial in the hot summer season. You may be thirsty during fishing. If you can carry a small cooler to keep some drinks bottle, I am sure it will make you feel the best comfort.


1) Can you fish on a paddle board?

ANS: Yes! You can fish on a paddle board. Instead, it is so much popular over the years. Interestingly, colossal fishing lover feels more comfortable on a paddle board than a casual fishing kayak.

Final Words

Where there is no lack of paddle board brand in the market, but I am recommending the yolo paddle as the best paddle board for a fishing trip. Hopefully, you can understand the logic behind this inflatable fishing paddle board. I am sure you will try your next fishing trip to ride on a yolo paddle board.

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