Top 5 Best Ultralight Spinning Reel Under $50

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Ultralight spinning reel works great to catch small fish species like trout, crappie, perch, Sunfish, and bluegill without effort. This reel is tested for 99% success to catch fish in shallow water. Besides, the ultralight reel is notably lightweight that give convenience to carry a lighter line and lure.

Each angler has a specific budget to purchase fishing gear. Maybe you are one of those and looking for the best spinning reel with high-end quality. I have made a list of the top five best ultralight spinning reels under50, which will give you maximum benefits.

So, let's find out why my reviewed reels are the best and what benefits you get from them.

What is an ultralight reel?

"The lighter and smaller model of a spinning reel is known as an ultralight reel. This reel usually comes with less than eight ounces of weight. And the sizes are respectively 1000, 1500, 2000 & 2500. This reel is efficient to catch small species from shallow water."

Reel Name


Gear ratio

Ball bearing

Item weight

KastKing Summer Spinning Reels

Aluminum, Graphite


9 +1

0.62 Pounds

KastKing Valiant Eagle

Graphite with steel handle



8.6 OZ

linewinder Fishing Reel

Aluminum-alloy, magnesium alloy



0.75 Pounds

Piscifun Viper X Spinning Reel

Graphite and stainless steel

6.2:1 and 5.2:1


5.4 ounces

Soulgayilang fishing reel

Aluminum and stainless steel



9.77 Ounces

Ultralight spinning reel under $50 reviews

Maybe you will be confused to figure out the best model from several ultralight spinning reels of different brands. Besides, you need to pick up a product within your budget. So, I recommend researching a lot about it. And if you want to skip research, then you can follow the below list. Because I have analysis the user reviews and already pick up two models for myself. Here, I enlisted a top 3 ultralight spinning reel which is affordable too. Good to know that these models were best spinning reel 2018.

I have put this best ultralight spinning reel in the top of my favorites list because of its excellent features, elegant look, catchy color and affordable price. It is most cheap within my top three reels. But it doesn't compromise with the quality. One of the individual features of this reel that you can also attract the larger fish with this less weight reel.

However, let's know what special features are offering this ultralight model?

The glossy look and unique design

It comes with a glossy finish and aesthetic design. At the same time, its spool has extremely powerful two-color anodized aluminum spool. Moreover, a launch lip has with it for further casting.


You will wonder to see its remarkably lightweight. Due to the high-tensile and narrow graphite frame, it will be much longer-lasting. At the same time, this material is corrosion-resistant too. Besides, the computer balancing system of this compacted design makes it more impressive to most of the fishing lover.

Aluminum spool with more robust CNC machine

Luckily, you are getting a lightweight but sturdy aluminum spool with CNC machine which provide additional line lay and internal grooves. Likewise, it will improve the fishing line capacity.


High power dragging system is notable quality features of this model. It will allow you the excellent stopping power up to 17.5LBs. Apart from this, this ultralight spinning reel has a potent metal main shaft, perfect mesh and pinion gear with a powerful machine. The pinion gear will help you to fight with fish.

Smooth performance with quality ball bearings

KastKing Summer is providing a stable performance with 9+1 quality ball bearings, instant stopping power and one-way anti-reverse system.

Top Features:

  • Anodized aluminum spool with two elegant color combination
  • Gorgeous look with a smoother glossy finish
  • Very lightweight helpful for a painless casting
  • High-powered and strength graphite frame are very corrosion resistant.
  • A powerful drag system ensures an acute dragging
  • Appropriate pinion gear and interchangeable handle

What I like most

  • I especially love its Superior lightweight, powerful dragging system and interchangeable handle features
  • Lightweight and sturdy 10+1 ball bearings

What I didn't like

  • It is best suitable for small species of fishes but not best all the time for larger fishes.


I sincerely believe that KastKing Summer Spinning reel is undoubtedly an excellent addition in your fishing gear arsenal. Its quality features will significantly enhance your experience on each fishing trip.

For me, kastking Valiant eagle is best for high speed and powerful performance at freshwater and saltwater fishing. It is a new progressive ultralight spinning reel with the green color Emerald stone reflector addition. The glossy look of the emerald stone and the nature of saltwater seas will make you feel like at home. However, let's know the other splendid features of this valiant eagle spinning reel.

luxurious look:

At the very first I have impressed to see its attractive bright look. The spool design is unique than another casual spinning reel. Notably, the green and black color combination make this very reel eye-catchy. Most importantly, its dazzling green emerald stone reflection over the spool and drag knob.

Weight, speed and strength:

Kastking Valiant Eagle Spinning Reel is also notable for its superior lightweight. Similarly, it will provide you with a higher rate and great power to fight against maximum pressure or corrosion. The 6.2:1 gear ratio ensure a wondering speed which honored by American symbol. Hence, the extend graphite frame and rotor is quite suitable for fishing. Also, Eagle spinning reel has an exceptional multi-disc carbon fiber drag with 22 LB.

Excellent performance:

One of the lightweight reels, this one seems to be the best performer for me due to its 22 LB powerful carbon dragging system which keeps dry the drag washer. As a result, you may avoid the unexpected or wrong dragging.

Moreover, this supermodel comes with maximum 10+1 MaxiDur shielded stainless steel ball bearings which can be continuous a consistent and high performance. At the same time, smooth retrieves and right casting is favorable.

Effective and perfect technology:

Luckily, you are introducing this best technological ultralight spinning reel. The kastking engineering team are promising for you to ensure a higher technical product. Its pinion gear system and Sliding Stabilizer Rod are remarkably capable and make your fishing easier. Because it will increase strength.

Top Features:

  • It has Patent Pending spool design which works for increasing the casting distance and able you to control the line.
  • The braided line ready spool reduces the needs of using monofilament line backing to avoid the slippage.
  • EVA knob integrated lightweight handle will provide additional leverage.

What I like most

  • The precious and dazzling green emerald stone reflection
  • Lightweight and sturdy 10+1 ball bearings

What I didn't like

  • Nothing unusual in this model that I didn't like


My heartiest believe this Valiant Eagle Spinning Reel is the symbol of quality and affordability as like the eagle is the symbol of American's independent. So, I recommend thinking about his fantastic ultralight reel.

Line winder is the best reliable gift for all of the fishing lover. It comes with a beautiful design, color combination as well as the innovative features. I can't leave this excellent spinning reel as it's coming from the fastest growing and most reputed brand line winder. So, I love to share with you its excellency. Hopefully, this will increase your fishing experiences.

Unique design:

Line winder comes with a personalized plan with black body and bright yellow color spool. Besides, the simple compacted structure makes it easier to use to the beginners and intermediate too. Its attractive look provides you with a comfortable feeling while fishing.


It is so light that you would not have face any trouble while casting the fishing line. Furthermore, this reel is offering magnesium alloy supporter, extended carbon fiber rotor and aluminum spool. Besides, the EVA knob is very comfortable. Overall, it ensures long-lasting durability.

Great performer for all species fish:

The unique benefits of this reel that it is famous for allrounder in the fishing reel world. Due to its premium materials and availability in different size make it more demanding. However, you can use it for several fishing trips. Although, it is best for game fishing in freshwater, inshore fishing as well as the walleye, trout and bass fishing.

Wide Range:

It arrives with specific 9 + 1BB and smoother anti-reverse dragging system. You can easily handle the larger fish as well the trout and pike species.

Top Features:

  • It comes with a robust ball bearing of 9+1 ensure a smoother feeling.
  • It has the Most accurate Precision Gearing System to ensure accuracy, longer line-life and reduce the line twisting.
  • One-way anti-reverse system increase the strength to catch the larger fish
  • Interchangeable handle benefits allow you to change it right or left

What I like most

  • Versatile using benefits for catching all species fish
  • Ultra-light and sturdy, long-lasting materials

What I didn't like

  • I didn't like the gradience from a few customers about its cheaper handle.


It is a heart-winning and best budget fishing reel you can store in your fishing tackle box to increase your fishing experience with new features and benefits.

Come out from these specific reels you will also get best spinning reel under $75 with the similar lightweight and great advantages. Moreover, there have some best spinning combo under $50. At the same time my another choose is okuma ceymar lightweight spinning reel.

Piscifun Viper is a high strength ultralight spinning reel that can handle larger fish and smaller fish. It is specially made with a graphite body, side cover and rotor that is reliable for best fishing performance. Most importantly, this ultralight spinning reel is suitable for freshwater and saltwater.


This reel design is very stylish to make your experience better, and there has no abundance or inferiority in its appearance. When you look at the black design with green touch, it will make you happy.


This reel has come with an incredibly lightweight of only 5.4 Ounces, and it is effortless to lift and cast when fishing. You can use this reel with any lightweight fishing accessories.


Piscifun is superior in performance because of the construction quality, and the lighter and stronger material is tested for good performance. Moreover, it has 10+1 stainless steel ball bearings that provide smoothness in fishing.


 The gear ratio of this model is a 6.2:1 gear ratio, but you will also get a 5.2:1 gear ratio in this model. Do note the ball bearing is 10+1, which is best for smoothness. The color is a black and green combination.

Top Features:

  • High-quality graphite material with stainless steel handle makes this Viper X reel lighter and stronger
  • Multiple Retrieves with 6.2:1 and 5.2:1 gear ratio best combination for high speed.
  • It provides incredible smoothness because of the 10+1 ball bearings.
  • Innovative waterproof technology prevents water and dirt.

What I like most

  • Best smoother performance with 10+ ball bearing
  • The ultralightweight feature is easier to carry and accessMultiple gear ratio combination

What I didn't like

  • This reel is not compatible with larger fishing gear.


Piscifun Viper X reel is a most popular item for anglers who love to fish from shallow water. This reel is amazing for overall performance. But it is often unavailable because of the customer's high demand.

The most luxurious and top-rated ultralight spinning reel name is Soulgayilang fishing reel. It has won the hearts of customers from the aspects of performance, features and outlook. Do note that it is great for saltwater and freshwater bass fishing.


The first uniqueness of Soulgayilang is its gorgeous design. It comes in silver color with a golden combination. It is small in size but strong and glossy to look at. If you want to add something elegant fishing gear to your fishing tackle box, you can pick up this reel.


It is an ultralight reel that performs best for catching smaller species. The weight is only 9.77 Ounces, and you can easily lift it for fishing. Also, the casting with this reel is easier. Not only that, it is portable because of the convenient weight.


This reel is great for performance with a high-speed retrieval system, instant stopping power and 12+1 ball bearings. Besides, it has an EVA knob that provides more leverage and control.


The dimension is 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches, and the weight is 9.77 Ounces. It is available in multiple sizes, and the ball bearing is 12+1. This reel color is a silver and gold combination.

Top Features:

  • It comes with a nice drag system with instant 17.5LBs. stopping power
  • The 12+1 ball bearing provide smoothness and fighting against fish
  • The lightweight handle and EVA knob provide enough control and leverage

What I like most

  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater
  • Maximum smoothness with 12+1 ball bearing

What I didn't like

  • It is not good for heavier fish


Soulgayilang is a unique ultralight fishing reel. You will get uniqueness in every aspect of this reel. Especially, the design and performance are superior.

Our Top Picks

Budget Friendly

  • Extremely Powerful
  • Aluminum Spool
  • CNC Machine

Our Best Pick

  • luxurious look
  • 6.2:1 gear ratio
  • Powerful Carbon Dragging


  • Long-lasting Materials
  • EVA Knob
  • Smoother Anti-reverse Dragging

The Buying Guide

As an ultralight spinning reel is not the same as like a casual spinning reel. So, you need to priorities a few factors before buying a best ultralight spinning reel under $50. Here I have noted out the most critical factors. Hopefully, it will help you to select the perfect and best cheap spinning reel.


An ultralight spinning reel material must be appropriate as per the water condition where you will go fishing. For example, rust and corrosion-resistant material are best for saltwater because salty compounds make a reel rusty soon. Do note that graphite material is best for saltwater.

However, graphite reel comes without accurate casts, and flex-free action generally comes with an aluminum ultralight reel. On the contrary, you can choose a regular material for freshwater fishing.

Apart from the water condition, a good material ensures the reel durability. So, make sure about the reel material before choosing your ultralight spinning reel.


Spinning reels are available in varieties of size from 1000 to 105000. But the reel size is related to fish size, rod length and line weight. For instance, a 6-7 feet rod is compatible with a 1000-3500 sized reel. Also, note that 1000-to-3500-reel size is perfect for catching small fish. Most importantly, you will buy an ultralight reel that always comes with 1000, 1500, 2000 & 2500. So, it is enough to consider one of these mentioned sizes.


As you are looking for an ultralight reel, so no chance to sacrifice the weight factors in this case. Generally, 7-8 ounces weight is standard for an ultralight reel. All of the three spinning reels I discuss above are weight between 7-8 ounces. So, you can pick one from them.

Ball bearings:

Proper ball bearing can ensure a comfortable, labor less and smoother fishing. Keep in mind to select a reel with minimum 9+1 robust ball bearings. But you will find some model with up to 10+1 ball bearing. You can pick 9 or 10 range of ball bearings. Both are quite good.

Gear ratio:

The 5.0:1 gear ratio is ideal for smaller to medium size spinning reels. But the ultralight reel comes with 5.0:1, 5.2:1 and 6.2:1. You can take any of these for small species of fishing.

Anti-reverse system:

Remember to choose an ultralight reel with the one-way anti-reverse system. Because the anti-reverse system increases maximum strength and keeps the coil for long-lasting. Besides, the angler can easily fight with larger fish with a one- way anti-reverse system.

Dragging System:

The dragging system has a significant impact on fishing. I recommend selecting a carbon fiber drag system. As well as the EVA drag knob system is unique and enjoyable.


It is essential to choose a spool style before choosing the gear ratio to adjust with your casting distance. You can choose Skirted spools because it allows for longer distances without hassle.

Line capacity:

Line capacity is an important factor to consider for an ultralight spinning reel. Keep in mind that heavier line capacity is good for longer-lasting.


Before buying a product, you need to check out the technological performance first. Because ultralight spinning reel should be simple and more comfortable construction. And good practice is to select such a coil which can catch several types of fish.

Benefits of an Ultralight Spinning Reel

An ultralight spinning reel is a blessing for the anglers who love to work with smaller, lighter fishing gear. This reel can adjust with smaller hooks, baits and lures. As well as, it is compatible with lighter fishing lines. Overall, the versatile benefits of an ultralight reel make it popular with anglers.

  • It is very efficient to target small fish species like bluegill, trout, crappie, perch and Sunfish.
  • Helpful to use smaller bait to catch fish from the transparent water.
  • It keeps the fishing bait and hooks invisible as much as possible
  • The lightweight feature is supportive of reducing wrist stiffness and allowing to fish all day long
  • An ultralight spinning reel is easy to carry and handle for the kids
  • They are smaller in size and easy to carry and maintain


Que: What is ultralight fishing?

Ans: Ultralight fishing uses smaller, lightweight but efficient gear to target small fish like sunfish, trout, crappie, bluegill and perch in shallow water. Ultralight tackle makes catching small fish easy.

Que: What are ultralight rods good for which?

Ans: An ultralight rod is good for using an ultralight reel, lightweight lure and line because it can load the lure quickly. Usually, an ultralight rod comes with 5 to 6 ft. length. Do note that it is suitable to catch smaller fish.

Final Words

The ultralight spinning reel has become famous for several years for catching a range of small species fish. Keep in mind that it also ensures a fun fishing trip. Hopefully, you will able to pick up the best ultralight spinning reel under $50 for the next fishing trip. Mostly I believe that the above top three best ultralight spinning reel will be best for you. If you have any question, then let me know so that I can update this article.

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