What Fishing Bait Is Illegal?

What fishing bait is illegal?

Before using fishing bait, a question comes to mind: What fishing bait is illegal? Live fishing bait is illegal in several states. It depends on the regulations of certain states. Although there are some general rules of thumb for fishing bait, it is important … Read more

How Much Weight Can Fishing Line Hold?

How Much Weight Can Fishing Line Hold? It is a common query for the newbie fishing enthusiast. There are different brands of fishing lines available in the market which are manufactured with unique weight capacity. So, how much a fishing line can hold depends … Read more

Do You Need Fishing License in Florida?

fishing license in Florida

Do you need fishing license in Florida? As a permanent resident or visitor, you may ask this question. Yes, you need a fishing license in Florida. Florida is an amazing place where you will get multiple fishing lodges, private ponds and charters to enjoy … Read more

Do Fish Contain Protein: Health Facts in Fish

Protein is highly important for body function, structure and regulation. As a fish lover, you may ask if fish contain Protein since you are also nutrient-conscious. Yes, fish contain decent Protein. Even sometimes, sea fish can contain more Protein than chicken and beef. Fish … Read more

What Do I Need to Go Fishing for the First Time

What Do I Need to Go Fishing for the First Time

The ever-first fishing trip is quite exciting and full of curiosity. But you may be concerned about what I need to go fishing for the first time. I love sharing my first fishing essentials list because that was a blessing. Fishing rods, reels, lures, … Read more

Which States Do Not Require a Fishing License

Which States Do Not Require a Fishing License

Maybe you haven’t a fishing license but you got crazy to go fishing. So, it would be better to know which states do not require a fishing license. There are a few states in the US that do not require a fishing license. These … Read more

How Much Does a Lifetime Fishing License Cost

Lifetime Fishing License Cost

Having a lifetime license means you are allowed for fishing, hunt and boat safely for free of cost. But you it is required to make a lifetime license for specific states. So, do you know how much does a lifetime fishing license cost? A … Read more

Saltwater Fishing Reel Types: A Beginner’s Guide.

Saltwater Fishing Reel Types

Saltwater fishing reels come in three types: spincast, spinning, and baitcasting. These types differ in the way they cast and retrieve the fishing line. Saltwater fishing is an exciting way to enjoy the outdoors, but it can also be challenging. Whether you are a … Read more