Want to Step Up Your Best Line for Ice Fishing? Read This

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Top 7 Best Line for Ice Fishing

Fishing line is the primary connection between an angler and fish. Are you looking for the best line for ice fishing? There are dozens of brands and styles in the market.  Line choosing is a critical task. You are getting the list of flexible, durable and robust ice fishing line. Ice fishing is challenging and quite tricky than other fishing. The frizzing temperature, hard water, abrasive condition deep jigging is a unique challenge in ice fishing.

Sometimes an angler might feel some particular problems in casting. So you have to find a smooth and fast cast line. Otherwise, you may have disappointed to see the missed strike and broken line. I am sharing this free guideline within a minimum budget for enjoying ice fishing trip. Line selection is depending on target species water clarity and ice fishing tactics. All of your question and information related to ice fishing is already covering in this article. Moreover, the best ice fishing line comparison is discussing here. Let’s start with me.

Kastking braid ice fishing line is extreme popularity for versatile quality. It is consistently affordable, reliable and able for catching monster size fish.

Moreover, this comes with various colour like green, grass, grey and yellow. You might choose according to your needs. It becomes more popular because it has a high resistance power of friction. Superpower kastking is strong enough to work against sharp ice edges. High strength fibre bulletproof vests are using for making it. It consists of a combination of 4 or 8 strands. That’s why it is high tensile, secure and viable.

Moreover, it is susceptible and has effective lure using power with no stretch. Hook can’t set up early. The small diameter helps to catch fish from a dark place or ice hole. 6 to 150 lb and 327 to 1097 size are available. This line surface is rounder and smoother, which helps to increase the casting distance and reduce backlash in the time of fishing. Besides, it is enabled to work better on plunged rocks, wood and hardcovers. It does not absorb the water. Above all, this line will help you to reach your goal.


  • It is easy to handling and casting
  • Abrasion and UV resistance
  • High tensile power and strength is 10 lbs to 150 lbs.
  • Available various colour
  • Deficient spool memory and smoother surface
  • Zero stretches and super sensitive


  • Little bit thick than another line
  • Might be challenging to change lures

Sufix 832 Ice Braid Line is the smallest diameter and low visibility ice fishing line. Sufix is especially for ice fishing anglers. Many unique Features are having of it as like ultra-sensitive, incredibly soft, minimum stretch and ideal for jigging. Besides, 832 is a combination of 8 strands where 7 is ultra-strong Dyneema fibre by Gore. Sometimes this line will have hampered for maintaining consistency and roundness along the line length. The ultra-thin diameter will help you to sink in the water quickly. The hydrophobic nature helps to reduce issues with lines freezing out of water. Strength is available from four-pound to fifty pounds.

 Moreover, it consists of working correctly against the frigid and abrasive condition. Though it is thin, yet strong much, other powerful features are 4,6,8,10, and 20-pound test available and invisible to fish.


  • Smallest diameter braided line and highly sensitive
  • Abrasive resistant, low stretch and strong
  • Work well even though sub-zero temperatures
  • Less visible to fish


  • More visible in heavier weights
  • Length only 50 yards

Piscifun ONYX is another best-braided fishing line with superior abrasion-resistant. It is also durable and has coatings technology. Knot strength is so much strong. This line is making with four strands. Easier to tie the solid knot. Besides, it’s resistance helps to avoid fishing coming off. Faster casting power and unparalleled smoothness and roundness. This backlash-free braided line helps to reach the specific water. Shallow memory, small diameter, strong and highly abrasion-resistant are also important features of this item. Moreover, it comes with various non-fading colour.


  • Color lock coating technology
  • Sensitivity increasing power
  • Extra-long casting ability
  • A minimum stretch


  • Sometimes it may feel the problem of losing lures

P-Line floroice is strongly stand out with reputation in the list of best ice fishing line for its unique structure and features. There is a copolymer with silicon fluorocarbon coating in its materials. Silicon fluorocarbon gives notable amount of energy to the line and helps to reduce freeing. Besides the combination provide flexibility and better works for ice fishing. The line has low memory, which helps to reduce line coiling and best work performance for your bait. Low memory also helps to remain straight even in sub-zero temperatures. There has a wonderful abrasion resistance in this line. Diameter is thin to make an easier handle and able to ties difficult knots. It is available 2,3,4,5,6 and 8 pounds’ test weights.


  • Extremely invisible to the fish
  • Able to ties strong knots
  • Freeing resistant
  • Not break easily


  • Frequently might feel freeing problem
  • Not available in heavier weights

Power pro-Ice-Tec is braided type fishing line with 5 to 15 lbs. weights. The principle of this line is a combination of super line and poly tetra fluoro ethylene. It is a little bit able to water absorption. Loads available is 5,8,10 and 15 pound. This line thickness is small of 1 mm in diameter. Work performance is very well for long and medium sizes fishes. One of another feature of this line, it can discard water instead of absorption. Overall, power pro is consistently attractive, absorption resistance. Invisibility is a popular feature of it. Sometimes it might feel the problem for using a knot. That’s why lubricant knot should use before tightening.


  • Water discard power
  • Low stretch and high sensitive
  • Very thin and strong


  • Only One colour marine blue

Celsius tip-up ice fishing line materials are black braided nylon fibres. Though it is looking like as a regular braided line but yet it is different from another braid. Its smoothness is much better than another twist. It is the best line for tip-ups. The possibility of kink and coil is very low. It is smooth freezing and transiency resistant. As a result, the casting will be more comfortable. Tip-ups have 15 lb test, and length is 50 yards and also able to work in massive cold weather and also help to resist the quick fish moving. Typically, it works best for small species fish.


  • Kinks, freezing and transiency resistance
  • Smooth, durable but inexpensive
  • Great flexibility without stretch
  • Great casting power


  • Low invisibility
  • Snapping problem may occur for over-tightening

Another excellent choice for ice fishing is the suffix ice fishing line. It is a versatile line and useable for all temperature. It has some beautiful features of water-repelling as like, low memory power, visibility, prevention of water absorption and stand out in icy water without any kinking. Suffix ice magic line work better even in sub-zero temperature. This monofilament fishing line is getting more popularity for its overall performance. Available strength is 2-8 lb and 100 yards long.


  • Wonderful manageability on the ice
  • Useable in all temperature
  • Low memory, durable and strong


  • It might have a little bit stretch

Comparison of Three Types of Fishing Line 

Most of the anglers are generally eagerly interested to know about the kinds of fishing line. Different types of fishing line are available in the market. But, there have three principle and popular fishing line types. You might select what kind of fishing line to use correctly. They are a monofilament, braid and fluorocarbon. Here, I am covering comparison within them according to their features, purposes and qualities. You may look at a glance before buying your next fishing line.

Fishing line monofilament vs braid


This word is common in fishing. But monofilament is especially useful for ice fishing. The main reason of its popularity that it has low memory quality in freezing water.

For this reason, it can straight quick after the casting — the low stretch power and sensitivity help to control the bait. The tie and manageability are more comfortable. Monofilament can be best for beginners or expert anglers.

  • Medium visibility to the fishes
  • High stretch
  • Low memory
  • Cost is a little bit high

Braided types line is accessible to all anglers because of its super strength and no stretch power in the coldest water. Braid is more sensitive and low memory, which helps to reduce unnecessary curl in the deployed time. This line is maximum using for deeper water fishing. It can perform best in deeper water. Moreover, braided is perfect for bigger fish.

  • Low stretch
  • Low memory helps to reduce kink
  • Small diameter
  • High visibility

With features and qualities, fluorocarbon is not less important than another line. Fluorocarbon is another best type of fishing line. The most crucial goal of using this line is invisibility to fish. Fluorocarbon line has some bugs in the starting time, but now it has no problem. It is enough flexible and supplies good strength. Another notable feature is high sensitivity. It works excellent in clear water. For this high memory feature, it may change often.

  • Low visibility and stretch
  • It has high memory can create twist or coils

Copolymer fishing line and a tip-up line is also loveable to many anglers.

How To Put a Fishing Line On a Reel

The perfect line setting on spinning, baitcasting or spincasting reel can save you from much unnecessary trouble. I am discussing here in details about how to put a fishing line on a reel.

A wrong spooling can the cause of kink or twist. Specify monofilament and nylon line has a memory which develops a condition and line can stay for a long time. Moreover, a line can be a little bit coiled, which is part of the manufactures spooling process. Large supply spool is always preferable than a small spooling where the manufacturer does not bear any significant value. The fishing line putting on a baitcasting reel is remaining straight on a revolving arbour. That’s why the possibility of twisting is very low.

On the other hand, putting a line on spinning or spincasting is a little bit difficult because of the fixed spool. An arm is always revolving around the spindle. So it is naturally creating a twist in it.

 Watching how the line comes off two sides is an important fact. The process of the line comes from two sides.

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to take the line from the apparent coiling side. Then create a medium pressure on the line. This pressure should apply before the line reaches to the reel.

Step 2:

To start spooling, set up the reel on your rod and run the line from the surface of the rod through the rod guides.

Step 3:

In the case of a affordable spinning reel, you have to open the bail first and tie the line tightly with spool arbour. You might use a strong clinch or knot. The excess tag should be off and then closed the bail — the first task to remove the hood for spincasting reel. Then start to run the line through the hole of the hat. Then tie the line with an arbour as like before.

At last, you have to snip off excess part and again connect the hood. This process is a little bit different on a baitcasting reel. The line has to run through the line winding guide. Then tie the rope around the arbour and snip off excess part.

Step 4:

Set up the supply spool on a flat place or surface. The line should spiral off at the time of the spindle pulled up with a threaded line through rod guides attached to the reel. You have to put the rod tip above 3 to 4 feet from the supply spool. Create about fifteen to twenty twist on the reel handle. Then close it. Then reduce line tension and check the line twist. Inferior the rod top point one foot from the supply spool and check condition of twist or coils of the slackline. If you follow that it coils or twist, then turn down the supply spool from upside. If you run the other part of the line on the reel, it will expel most of the twist. At the same time, you have to notice the other side. If the other hand has coiled, you should go to the first side. While the line is face-up, you should take it off. Keep in mind that line should take from the least amount of coiling side. This method might affect counter spool and cancels the coiling possibility. Someone may recommend you to use a pencil or other object inside the spool for running freely on the time of putting a line on the reel. It may give some advantages for a baitcasting reel. But yet it is overall not good. It can occur twist problem of spinning or spincasting reel.

Balance Tension

In this process, the most crucial things are to balance tension while any reel as like spinning baitcasting or spincasting, you have to hold the line between thumbs and forefinger with a free hand. If you are not able to balance this tension, you might feel overwrapped loops of line. At the time of spooled on the whole range, it needs more pressure. Braided or microfilament lines need more tension.  Nylon monofilament line needs less stress. So that it can fight properly with large fish. One unique trick for you, you may use glove which helps your finger from cutting when you will apply tension.

Ideal Criteria Before Buying Ice Fishing Line

Ice fishing line choosing is different from traditional fishing line. Ice fishing has some specific characteristics. Here are described some qualities of the best ice fishing line. A good fishing line selection helps you to fight to withstand any harsh or cold condition.


In the winter season, fishes need to conserve energy. For that reason, fish reduce their movements and try to still in one place. When they remain still, they can understand the bait presence and will not bite. Moreover, they can leave the area instantly.

Line invisibility is the best way to catch these types of intelligent fish. Fluorocarbon line has the best example of higher latency power under the water. Typically, low visibility and small-diameter range are best for catching smaller and observant fish.


There often needs to face sharp ice edge in ice fishing. The line has to bear tensile resistance. Ice fishing is vertical fishing. Fluorocarbon and the braided line has unsurpassed durability and strength for perfect and more natural ice fishing.

High sensitivity:

Sensitivity is another crucial factor. If you are going to catch tiny fish with light lures, then you must need a top sensitive line. High sensitivity help to reduce line diameter and stretch of line. The most favoured line is braid and fluorocarbon for high sensitivity and low time.

Freezing resistant:

It is a standard issue that ice fishing must face you an over cold condition. Moreover, anglers feel the problem with the wet line or freezing line. Some line can be freeze with ice or brittle break. So you have to select the freezing resistant line. Monofilament has the ultra-super quality of water-repelling naturally. Resist brittleness and breakings other types of line can also repel water with the help of hydrophobic compounds.

Reduce line memory:

Line memory means the intention to want a return to a coil after closing the reel. It will help to detect strikes and reduce sensitivity in the time of fishing with ultra-lures and jigs. Monofilament is best for low memory.


Fishing line is attributed to weight rating in pounds or KGS according to the loads they can handle. You have to sure about choosing the accurate weights which work correctly with a fishing rod. You are land vertically against gravity. If your line is 6lb and get a chance to catch a 12lb fish hooked, then they can be a break and also lose the fish.

Line colour:

Colour is not so much big issue, but it still works. Anglers are like to use light colour lines over the years. A bright colour line such as neon, green, orange and red, will give you an edge. The bait might be very light that you cannot feel it quickly. In this case, you can detect the line bait to see the movements of colourful lines. The bright colour line always visible to anglers above the water. Attach an invisible fluorocarbon line with a swivel. So that the fish don’t feel afraid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the fluorocarbon line suitable for ice fishing?

A: Fluorocarbon is one of the best lines for ice fishing. It is loveable to million anglers for its excellent qualities. It consistently abrasion-resistant, lightweight, stronger than monofilament, and it has faster sink quality.

Q: What colour fishing line should I use?

A: According to millions of anglers choose you may use the light colour, especially green, yellow and orange colour line for ice fishing. You might easily detect the fish bites to see the bright colour line activity.

Q: What types of fishing line should I use?

A: You should use an appropriate fishing line which covers all of the qualities of an ideal line for ice fishing.  As reliable, durable, low memory, highly sensitive and abrasion-resistant and water-repelling power.

Q: Can fish see the hi-vis yellow line?

A: Yes, fish can see the highly visible yellow line. But it has significant advantages for an angler. They can easily detect the slight fish bites to see the light colour line activity from above.

Q: What colours do fish see best?

A: Fish can see best the colour of the highest light wavelength. The red and orange are longer wavelength. Blue, green and violet are less light wavelength than red and orange. It often happens, some fish can see such colour which we never included in ultraviolet intensity.

Q: Does the colour of the braided line matter?

A: Nothing is inevitable, but colours bear some value for each line as like braided line. In the case of a braided line is so much active durable but visible above the water. Braided colour is work as like highly visible red and yellow colour.

Q: How often should you change your fishing line?

A: Your fishing line will be fade and weak for regular using. Typically, you can change it within two seasons. But if you feel to use it harder than regular anglers, then you should change once a time in a year.

Q: Who makes the best fishing line?

A: There are over hundreds of brands are making fishing line, but few are good and fewer line is best for ice fishing. Here are some best fishing line brands from my own experience.

  • KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line
  • Sufix 832 Ice Braid Fishing Lure
  • PowerPro Ice-Tec
  • P-Line Floroice Clear Fishing Line
  • Celsius Tip-Up Line

Q: What is the most robust fishing line?

A: Monofilament is the most durable fishing line with low visibility, sensitivity and thin diameter. The downside is a little bit slower than fluorocarbon line.

Q: What is the best ice fishing location in the USA?

A: The best ice fishing location in the USA

  • Lake Michigan
  • Colorado
  • Lake of woods, Minnesota
  • Devils Lake, North Dakota

Final Verdict

You may not get all of the advantages in your ice fishing line. But you have to choose such one which gives you higher benefits. Think first, what is your biggest problem? Are you tensed about line freezing or icing or strikes problems? Besides these, do you feel abrasion problem?

Just find out all of your problems and requirements. I have described above all of the fishing lines after my experiments. Each of the lines will fill up most of your needs and solve all the fundamental problems. You select such one which is more suitable for your ice fishing. My high recommendation is to choose KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line and Piscifun Braided Fishing Line.

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