Best surf fishing rod I amazing collection in 2021

Fishing is one of the most popular leisure activities around the world. And surf fishing from a sandy shore is undoubtedly one most exciting form of fishing.  To enjoy your surf fishing to the fullest, you need fishing poles that were specially made to meet the demands of surf fishing.

There are many fishing rods available in the market, but choosing the best fishing rod might be a difficult job for you if you don’t have enough knowledge. To make your buying process easier and more convenient, we have prepared top ten best surf fishing rod reviews that will definitely help you to choose one excellent fishing pole according to your preference and budget range.

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Looking for an incredible quality fishing rod that can be easily carried around without having to face any hurdles? Then the Longitude Surf Graphite Rod from Okuma might be the   for you. Constructed from the sensitive graphite composite core and stainless steel guides, this fishing rod is super lightweight, and well balanced. Additionally, this long distance surf casting rod can be effortlessly broken down into pieces for easy portability and storage convenience.

Moreover, this surfing rod is available in different sizes so that you can cast it even from the shore and can catch those big fishes that live deep into the water. Additionally, the super strong backbone of this surf fishing rod enables the user to play with those big fishes for a decent amount of time with having to face many difficulties.

Additionally, to ensure the safety and comfort of its users, Okuma cork wrapped the grip and added Eva foam cushion to this Longitude Surf fishing rod so that your hand faces less slip and remains at ease.


  • Strong and durable graphite construction
  • Damage and corrosion resistant; ensures longevity
  • Cork-wrapped grip to reduce slip
  • Pieces can be detached for easy portability and storage


  • Comes with missing protective rings
  • Snaps off easily and quickly

The Surf Spinning Fishing Rod from the well-known brand Penn Prevail is one popular fishing rod among its users. It is considered as one of the best surf fishing rods and comes at a very competitive price range. This rod has been severely tuned to provide both power and handling flexibility to its users for a more effective fishing experience. Note that, this fishing rod is constructed with graphite composite blank and Stainless steel guides that assure that the rod has premium sensitivity and incredible strength. Moreover, the steel guides combined with the aluminum-oxide inserts are suitable for a vast range of monofilament and braided lines.

Moreover, this super durable fishing rod features a unique, versatile spinning design that provides a variety of fishing techniques and tactics for a better, successful fishing result.


  • Graphite construction ensures strength and sensitivity
  • Versatile, eye-catching outlook
  • Offers a wide range of fishing techniques
  • Ideal for a various range of lines and reels


  • The inserts often fall out of the road
  • Many customers received broken rods

The Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rod from Okuma is one exceptionally amazing fishing pole that is favored by many fishing enthusiasts. That’s because this casting pole is not only well constructed but at the same time labeled as one of the most flexible and reliable surf fishing rods you will come across. Well-known as the best surf casting rod for distance, this fiberglass rod comes in 7 feet and longer sizes so that you can cast the rod at longer distance and very deep into the water even from the beach without facing any hurdles.

Additionally, this surf fishing rod was designed for larger fish, and the fiberglass material provides enormous strength to the rod so that you can put plenty of pressure on the rod and can play with the fish for a longer time period before finally pulling them out of the water.


  • Constructed from high-quality materials for strength
  • Eva foam rubber butted handle provides excellent grip
  • Can be broken down into pieces for easy portability and storage
  • Corrosions resistant; ensures longevity


  • The plastic eye hoop often falls out
  • The guides fail out quickly and easily
  • No so durable

The 3-Piece Surf Spinning Fishing Rod from Fiblink is not only a sleek, smart looking fishing line but at the same time, it delivers phenomenal performances. Made from solid carbon fiber, this surf fishing rod is extremely lightweight yet super strong that ensures easy portability and long-lasting fishing service.

Additionally, this carbon fiber construction also increases the sensitivity of the pole by effectively transferring vibrations from the line through the guide to the rod and to the user’s hand. These guides are true to size and are perfectly aligned so that you can enjoy a perfectly balanced long cast, even from the shore.

Moreover, Fiblink added a rubber shrink tube handle to this Surf Spinning Fishing Rod to ensure a non-slip, strong grip for more convenience of the user.


  • Solid carbon fiber construction for longevity
  • Stiff yet super sensitive body
  • Accurately aligned; perfectly straight and true
  • Nonslip rubber tube handle for better grip


  • Sections break off easily and quickly
  • Not satisfactory after sales service
  • Eyelet sleeve falls out fast

Hurricane is best known for manufacturing top quality sports goods and the Bluefin Spinning Surf Rod is no different. Hurricane used all top quality materials while constructing this fishing rod so that it delivers effective and reliable fishing experiences to its users. It is considered as one of the most popular and finest fishing rod available at a very affordable price range that will provide you a long-lasting durability.

Constructed with double-dipped E-glass rod blank and aluminum oxide guides, this Bluefin surf rod is incredible for onshore fishing, even amongst strong waves and adverse weather conditions; its construction is not only strong and durable but at the same time this fishing line provides enough strength to withstand crashing sea waves for a more successful fishing.


  • Fiberglass constructed blank provides strength
  • Graphite reel and stainless steel hoods prevent decay and distress
  • Strong and hence extremely durable
  • Exceptional casting capability


  • The eyes come with missing protectors
  • Available only in blue color
  • Not suitable for catching very large fish

If you are searching for the best quality fishing rod that can be used in both seawater and fresh water, then the Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod from Sougayilang might be an excellent choice for you. Keeping in mind about the importance of surf fishing rod length, this fishing line can be extended up to 9.3 feet and is able to tackle most small and medium saltwater and freshwater fish.

For top-notch performance, Sougayilang used high density 24 Ton carbon fiber and E-Glass composite materials in its construction process to install great sensitivity and immense power to this fishing rod. Moreover, this construction process made this line so strong and well balanced that it became tough enough to endure immense pressure and any fishing conditions.

Furthermore, this corrosion-resistant fishing line can be broken down into smaller pieces to make it more portable and storage-friendly.


  • Carbon fiber construction ensures sensitivity and power
  • Lightweight and balanced for better efficiency
  • Suitable to use in both freshwater and seawater
  • Available in different size and color options to choose from


  • Flimsy reel; might break off easily
  • The guides need to be tuned multiple times
  • Cannot be extended successfully

Keeping in mind about the convenience of the fishing enthusiasts, the D-Wave Saltwater Spinning fishing rod from Daiwa comes in a super combo of 2 pieces that can be joined together for an extended length. The advantage of such long length is that you can cast your fishing line from the shore and it still can reach deep in the water to ensure more fishing success. Moreover, this effective combo line is perfect for several heavy freshwater applications to hook your favorite small to medium sized fish.

This D-Wave Saltwater Spinning rod is constructed using a combination of graphite and top quality fiberglass to make sure that it is super strong yet extremely sensitive. Its strength and its corrosion resistant aluminum oxide guides ensure the longevity and durability of this excellent fishing rod so that you can use it for years before it finally breaks down.


  • Full graphite made blank provides strength and sensitivity
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum guides ensure longevity
  • Comes in 2 pieces to provide an extended length
  • Eva foam handles ensure a strong and comfortable grip


  • The reel is flimsy and doesn’t feel very smooth
  • Doesn’t look appealing enough
  • Not suitable for fishing from the boat

The upgraded version of Shakespeare’s original Ugly Stik, the Ugly Stik GX2 is full of amazing features and innovative technologies that would surely make any fishing enthusiast very excited about buying this fishing rod.

Shakespeare used a contemporary Tech construction process for this incredible surf fishing rod that used both fiberglass and composite graphite to make a super sensitive yet very strong and durable fishing rod that can be used even in the most adverse weather and water conditions. Moreover, this innovative construction process also ensured that the line is extremely lightweight and balanced and can be easily used.

Furthermore, this Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 comes in several different sizes and configuration options for more convenience and to offer a fishing rod according to everyone’s personal preference.


  • Sleek, modern outlook; pleasing to the eye
  • Extremely lightweight and hence easy to handle
  • Includes comfortable, non-slip handle grips
  • Constructed with fiberglass and graphite for durability and stability


  • Actual rod is different from the advertised picture
  • Customers face trouble returning the rod
  • The 2 pieces can come apart easily

One of the most preferred and popular product from Tica is its UGSA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod, which is also one of the best surf fishing rods available in the market. This fishing line is immensely popular because of its dependable performance and reliability as well as its incredible strength.

Tica also ensured power, durability, and sensibility of this fishing rod by constructing it with high modulus TC3 graphite material which is very strong yet supremely flexible. Moreover, the FUJI alconite tip top guide and FUJI hardloy ring guides provide better heat dissipation and powerful casting at even long distances.

Additionally, for safety reasons, the handle of this fishing rod is wrapped with cork tape to ensure that your hand has better grip and doesn’t slip off easily.


  • TC3 graphite material construction for extended durability and strength
  • Extremely lightweight yet sturdy and reliable
  • Suitable for both saltwater fishing and surf fishing
  • Simple and easy operation; perfect for beginners


  • A bit expensive; might not be affordable for all
  • Not suitable for the heaviest of fish
  • Bad packaging; chances of breaking the fishing rod

St. Croix is well known for manufacturing incredible quality surf fishing rods and the Mojo Surf Spinning Rod is no different. They used their amazing rod building technology and top quality, cost-effective materials in the construction process of the Mojo pole so that it can ensure great performance and strength in any fishing conditions. Moreover, this amazing fishing line is well balanced, extremely sensitive, and super strong that can withstand any abuses to ensure a long lasting fishing service.

Furthermore, this Mojo Surf rod features weight-saving surf guides with zirconium ring that ensures greater and further casting distance with supreme accuracy and incredible tension.

Additionally, for added comfort and safety measures, St. Croix incorporated custom made X-Wrap handle in this fishing rod so that you can enjoy a strong, non-slip grip, and avoid any misfortunate events.


  • Sloped frame design for reducing tangling
  • Extremely durable and well-balanced fishing line
  • Can be cast at long distance with great accuracy


  • Often customers receive broken rods
  • The parts don’t fit one another correctly

Different Types of Surf Fishing Rods

There are quite a few different types of surf fishing rods available in the market to suit your particular fishing method and style.

  • Spinning Rods

Spinning rods are the most common types of fishing poles available in the market that are suitable for all skill levels and can be used from both shore and boat. This versatile fishing rod is perfect for both lure casting and baits fishing.

  • Surf Rods

As the name suggests, surf fishing rods were designed especially for surf fishing. These rods tend to be longer than other fishing lines available and can be cast at a longer distance where the fish tend to feed, without many hurdles.

  • Baitcasting rods

The baitcasting fishing rods are meant for experts because without proper handling, these rods might tangle. But with proper handling, they tend to provide greater accuracy and amazing balance.

Factors to consider before buying a surf fishing rod

There are more than few factors that you must consider before buying your ultimate surf fishing rod. The longevity, your success might depend on how successfully you have examined these aspects before buying the line.

  • Durable Construction

Construction and materials are crucial as they determine the durability, strength, and weight of a fishing rod. Try to buy a rod made from graphite and carbon fiber as they tend to be supremely strong yet extremely sensitive.

  • Ease of Use

Be very sure that the surf fishing rod is easy to use before you spend your money on buying one. Often some high-end rods consist of gears that are not so user-friendly and can cause your dissatisfaction.

  • Casting Distance

Usually, surf fishing rods are long and have better cast distance. But again, check the casting distance carefully and make sure that your lure or bait can break past the crashing waves and reach deep into the water.

  • Rod Size

The size is also one important aspect to consider while buying a fishing rod. Because you need to carry a pole to different spots, it’s better to select a pole that is long yet can be broken down to pieces for easy portability and storage.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind while using Surf Fishing Rods

Now that we have reviewed some of the best surf fishing rods available in the market at a great price range, it’s time that we let you know about some essential safety tips and measures you should follow while using a surf fishing rod

Know your rod properly

It’s essential that you must read all the instructions and guidelines in the user guide properly before you take out your rod for a fishing trip. Otherwise, there is a possibility that you might face difficulties on the fishing field and your day might get ruined for not being able to use the rod properly.

Know and respect the laws of your fishing area

If you are going fishing in some other state, don’t forget to carefully understand the law and fishing regulations of that particular state for your own safety. Failing to do so might land you in trouble instead of a successful fishing spree.

Monitor weather conditions constantly

Before going to a fishing trip, constantly monitor the weather condition of that place. Because a very windy condition, a nasty storm or other bad weather situation can jeopardize your fun trip and put you in great danger.

Final Words

If you are a fishing enthusiast and is determined to buy one new fishing rod for yourself, then this surf fishing rod reviews will definitely help you to find your ultimate fishing pole. All the rods that are discussed above are selected based on their construction material, design, length, weight, portability and obviously their price range. Besides, comfort level and safety measures were also taken into account while selecting the best fishing rods.

Any of these surf fishing rod combos or individual rods reviewed above will help you to catch more fish at each of your fishing trips and will definitely make such leisurely activity more enjoyable.

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