Lake Pontchartrain Fishing | Detailed Guidelines

Lake Pontchartrain is superb for the angler who is seeking an exciting angling destination full of fun. This lake has an enviable reputation for being suitable for all types of anglers due to its many species, massive spots, and easier hooking opportunities. Lake Pontchartrain fishing will ensure the thrilling and successful journey of fishing.

However, before preparing the fishing backpack with rod holders, the angler should research this lake regardless of success. Luckily, this guide offers you complete essential information on lake Pontchartrain fishing from types of species, where and how to catch them, despite learning the regulation of fishing in this lake.

Top Fish Species in Lake Pontchartrain

Lake Pontchartrain is a playground of lots of species, fauna, and colorful flora. Though this fishing spot is open throughout the year, targeting some specific spot at a certain time can only offer you the best fishing experience. So, what kind of fish can be found in Lake Pontchartrain? Considering the time, the fisherman can catch plenty of type species, including Redfish, catfish, and bull sharks. Let’s have a basic knowledge of some of the top species in Lake Pontchartrain.


Lake Pontchartrain is a favorite name among anglers, especially for the resource of the monster Speckled Trout. Once, it was too easy to get the chasing fun of these beauties, but changing water conditions currently make it challenging. Due to the surge of freshwater during summer, trout chase away, picking up again in the fall and winter seasons.

So, fishing in that month, you can catch Speckled Trout from 5–12 pounds. Besides, around the bridge, pilings and shorelines are the ideal spots to search for Specks. When there’s no wind and follow the birds, you will get success during the winter. Even you can try fishing after a storm to catch these species. The guidance and instruction of local anglers can help you chase the trout and get some big size.


If you are a seasoned angler and don’t want to wait for a certain time, Redfish can be your right option. You can catch the trophy-sized Bull in Lake P any time of wear, even effortlessly. However, casting the line in the fall season is more advisable.

Biloxi Marsh and the Rigolets are the two popular spots for catching Redfish. During the fall and winter season, big Redfish move from the Gulf of Mexico through the Rigolets, making the best chance of catching more of them. During this season, you can easily catch some from the surface as well. Despite you can catch Redfish in both shallow and deep water since they follow the bait. Even your budget spinning reel will help you catch them. Casting upstream will also guarantee you are catching some of the Redfish.


Especially Lake Pontchartrain has offered the biggest Sheepshead ever, which was 21.25 lb. and caught near New Orleans. Finding the size can be tough, but Lake Pontchartrain is an incredible spot for fishing Sheepshead. You will find these species using the crustaceans and barnacles and cheap fishing sunglasses. Moreover, using a shovel to scrape barnacles will boost the chance of getting Sheepshead’s attention.

Winter is the standard time to look for Sheepshead since they prepare for spawn during this time. These species gather and feast near the docks and bridge pilings which are your target zone to catch them using live bait. But recognizing the Sheepshead bite can be tough since they don’t chew down on anything in front of them. So. the angler has to be careful even if there is little movement of the line.

Bass Fishing:

One of the impressive things about fishing in brackish waters is fishing on both saltwater and freshwater. So apart from Redfish and Speckled Trout, you can fish Largemouth Bass in Lake P. finding shrimp and shad in the lake means you aren’t far behind from Bass. Largemouth Bass generally gather in shallow waters, and targeting marsh near the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway will be the right decision.

Moreover, Bass enjoys feeding in bayous, and looking in Bayou Lacombe or Bayou Liberty will be the safest choice. Lake Pontchartrain is so famous for bashing that the authority arranges Northshore Bass Series Championship Tournament every year. The event starts in October.

Where to Fish on Lake Pontchartrain

Lake Pontchartrain is spread over 600 square miles, which bring massive water to explore. But if you don’t know how to begin joining with the local show will assure you a satisfying experience. Let’s learn some ways and spots to enjoy fishing on Lake Pontchartrain:

Fishing with a Charter:

Lake P has a massive storage of charters with a local guide to offer the most memorable fishing experience.  You will find Slidell fishing charters on the northeast side of the lake and New Orleans on the south. Fishing on a charter won’t require any gear, and you will have a captain who will lead you through success.

It will save time researching and reach you to the fishing hotspot for catching popular Trout and Redfish. Even you can join the charter based on your target species, and you will find the heaven of the species quickly. Lastly, the journey will end up with a satisfying experience.

Fishing alone:

If you are an experienced angler and have enough confidence for fishing alone, then the lake will offer you hundreds of miles of shoreline to experience. Besides, it is recommended to starting the journey from Slidell since this spot will let you navigate the vehicle to the Trestles, which is the playground of most species.

If you are especially interested in Largemouth Bass, then try tri fishing in Bayou Lacombe. Plus, Lakeshore Drive is the perfect spot for Redfish.

Lake Pontchartrain’s Rules and Regulations

You must follow the Louisiana state fishing regulations for fishing in Lake Pontchartrain. The important rule is to follow is if you are 16 years old or older must need a valid Louisiana fishing license. Whether you are r planning to book a charter or interest in solo fishing, you have to get the license. 

The charter won’t offer you any incense as well. Since the lake is usually known as a saltwater fishery, you will need a saltwater license. Despite you can fish a limited species however the limitation varies from species to species. The captain will inform you how much you can keep. But if you are fishing alone, you have to be aware of the limitation before go out.


  • Are there any sharks in Lake Pontchartrain?

Some local charter angler caught a shark in the past on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain. Besides, bull sharks are also common species in this Lake Pontchartrain. If you fish in mild winter in this lake, you can find one of these species.

  • How deep is Pontchartrain Lake?

Lake Pontchartrain is situated in southeastern Louisiana in the United States, which covers 630 square miles. Besides, this lake is 12 to 14 feet deep on average. But the maximum depth of this river is 20m.

  • Which species lives in Lake Pontchartrain?

Lake Pontchartrain is an important part of the food chain, which deliver plenty of size and type species. From tarpon, Redfish, otters to manatees, Lake Pontchartrain is a great source of fish. Moreover, there is a healthy population of pelicans, eagles, and ospreys in this lake P.

Final words

Once, it was known as Okwata (wide water), which explains what the angler will find in Lake Pontchartrain. With a combination of song-worthy fishing spots and lots of bridges, Lake Pontchartrain fishing will bring an incredible experience for anglers. Not only that, the angler will discover wide fishing horizons, amazing scenery, and memorable experience on fishing in Lake Pontchartrain.

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