How To Improve Your Night Fishing Skills

Night fishing is a unique and challenging kind that can be very rewarding for dedicated anglers who put in the time and effort. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or just getting your feet wet, you’ll benefit from these suggestions for enhancing your night fishing abilities and catching more fish. Let’s get started!

Invest in Proper Equipment

You’ll need a few specialized pieces of equipment to make the most of your time spent fishing at night. Get yourself a high-quality rod and reel designed for the fish you want to catch. You should also have a variety of bait and lures, as well as a flashlight or some other light source, to assist you in seeing what you’re doing.

Recruit a Companion

Fun as it may be to go fishing at night, anglers should always prioritize safety. Having a companion with you increases the fun factor and your safety in an emergency.

Wait Your Turn

Night fishing requires an extra measure of patience than daytime expeditions. Nighttime is often when fish are most active, but this time of day also sees them as their most careful and picky. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t catch anything immediately; you must be patient and perseverant.

Utilize Illuminated Fishing Lures

Attracting fish at night is much easier when using lures with lights. These lures have an internal light source to attract aggressive fish that may replicate the prey’s motions. To further imitate the action of fishing bait, some illuminated lures flash or change color.

Effects of Light on Fish

As many fish species are drawn to light, fishing in areas with plenty of artificial lighting, such as an Arkfeld ultraviolet flashlight, may be fruitful. Larger predatory fish may be drawn to the lights for an easy meal of smaller baitfish.

Keep an Eye on the Moon

Fish tend to respond differently depending on the moon’s phase. At the full moon, specific fish species are more active than usual, whereas, during the new moon, certain fish are more energetic. Plan your fishing trips around the moon’s phases.

Keep Calm

Silence and invisibility are essential for night fishing. Fish are susceptible to sound and motion and are readily startled. Do not make sudden movements, and do your business methodically and quietly.

Get Dressed Appropriately

Layer yourself for warmth if you plan on going night fishing. Wear shoes with a high grip to prevent sliding on wet terrain, and bring a raincoat in case it rains or dews. While out on the lake for extended periods, a cap and gloves may be invaluable for maintaining comfort.

If you want to improve at night fishing and boost your chances of success, follow these guidelines. Be patient, ready, and, above all, enjoy yourself! Let’s choose the best flashlight for you below.

Review of Arkfeld UV Dual Light Source EDC

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Photo Credit: @OlightStore

The Arkfeld UV Dual Light Source EDC is a tiny, adaptable, and robust daily carry (EDC) device that may be used in various settings. In this analysis, we’ll look at what this product offers, how it performs, and where you may use it.


The Arkfeld UV Dual Light Source EDC is a convenient gadget that can be kept on hand at all times thanks to its small size (4.33 inches in length and 0.98 inches in diameter). It has a 365nm UV light and a white light of 6500K that may be turned on independently or together by simply twisting the tail cap.

White light is excellent for lighting dark locations, reading tiny prints, or signaling for aid, while ultraviolet light may reveal hidden stains, leaks, and counterfeit currency.

Arkfeld UV Flashlight Features
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Arkfeld’s Dual-UV-LED EDC Flashlight’s Benefits

  • Its portability and small weight make it convenient.
  • Having access to two distinct kinds of illumination is helpful in a wide variety of settings.
  • UV radiation with a wavelength of 365 nm uv flashlight can reveal even the most invisible stains, leaks, and forgeries.
  • A simple twist of the wrist activates many lighting options.
  • Both the pocket clip and the keyhole making it convenient to carry.

Drawbacks of Arkfeld’s Dual-UV-LED EDC Flashlight

  • A AAA battery is not supplied, which might be an added expense and hassle.
  • The tail-cap switch might be activated or unscrewed inadvertently.
  • The device’s low lumen output may prevent it from serving as a significant light source in certain situations.
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