What Do I Need to Go Fishing for the First Time

The ever-first fishing trip is quite exciting and full of curiosity. But you may be concerned about what I need to go fishing for the first time. I love sharing my first fishing essentials list because that was a blessing.

Fishing rods, reels, lures, clothing, fishing gear box, first aid box, life jacket and licenses are essential for fishing. It would be better to keep these things on the first fishing trip.

In this guide, I will share which essentials helped me in which way to make fishing enjoyable and easy. You will also learn about proper packing techniques for fishing essentials and precautions for a first-time fishing trip.

Top Ten Important Things You Need to Go for Fishing

Here are the top ten of my first fishing experiences. Besides, I have followed Fishing for Beginner’s pdf. You can follow this too.

Purchase a fishing license:

What do I need for a fishing license? you must purchase a license for certain states before going on a fishing trip. You can get your license online or from a vendor who provides a state-based fishing license. A short-term or one-day license cost is less than $20. But the guys under 16 can fish in any state without a license. Also, license costs may vary depending on the state’s regulation. An annual license is the most effective option for beginners. If you plan to fish often, I would suggest purchasing an annual license. Remember to carry your fishing license when you are going for fishing. You can check out this website for online purchasing.

Fishing rod and reel combo:

As a beginner, it would be better to use a rod and reel combo. There have three core reasons for using a rod and reel combo:

  • You won’t set up individual rods and reels together, reducing the hassle.
  • A combo gear is easy to operate and time-saving.
  • You can purchase a rod reel combo that is comparatively budget-friendly.

I have used below mentioned combo for the first-time fishing and got the best result. You can also try these.

Fishing Lure:

The fishing lure is another important addition to your fishing backpack. Considering lure is related to the types of fish. However, a hard plastic-made baitfish-like plug lure is the best for beginners. The plug lure is moveable and makes a noise that attracts the topwater fish. Similarly, the colorful outlook and vibrating Spinnerbait lures are best for targeting gamefish. On the other hand, a soft plastic jig lure is ideal for baitfish. Luckily, I got the best lure package on my first trip, which worked excellently.

Compatible fishing line:

Keep the ideal fishing line in your fishing bag before starting the trip. Remember, your performance on the water also depends on the right fishing line. Ensure your chosen line is perfect for the targeted fish and the fishing techniques.

I love to offer you to use of a monofilament or fluorocarbon fishing line. These are best for trout. Try to use green or light-colored lines because these are invisible to fish. Good to know that a 6 to 8 pounds line is best for trout fishing. On the other hand, an 8 to 12 pounds line is best for walleye fish.

You can buy the Berkley monofilament line within a little budget. If your budget is a bit higher, try Berkley Trilene Big Game fishing line because it worked excellently.

Practical Tools:

An angler should have a practical toolbox with versatile, handy tools. So, you can arrange a box with a good knife, a pair of pliers, fishing hooks, a landing net, a towel, a cooler, dropped overboard and sunglasses. I have an article on the best-polarized sunglasses I have seen that you can check before choosing sunglasses.

Fishing rod holder:

It is a convenient gear that helps to protect your fishing rod and reel combo. If you feel the hassle of carrying an additional fishing rod holder, then try for a fishing rod holder with your backpack. You will be hassle-free after using that.

A boat seat:

It is not a mandatory tool. But it can ensure your comfort in the break of your fishing. You can especially bring a boat seat when you have back pain.


Well-equipped clothing can make your fishing secure and enjoyable. Choose an ideal cloth that can protect you from the sun, heat, rain and wind. At the same time, remember to carry a fishing life jacket to secure your life.

Fishing cooler:

The fishing cooler is the most convenient gear that helps to protect your catches fish and also your food items. Good to know that there has an amazing fishing cooler with a rod holder. You can try those for a two-in-one advantage.

First aid box:

Getting hurt in the water from hook set-up, sharp fish fins, and fishing-related wounds is very natural. A first aid box can help your relief from these types of issues. You can get immediate medical treatment when you have a treatment box. You can keep antibiotic ointment, adhesive bandages, gauze, aspirin, antiseptic towelettes, hand sanitizer, tweezers, razor blades and scissors in the treatment box.

Tips for doing before going on your first fishing trip

  • Find out an appropriate fishing location or use Fishbrain apps to find the location
  • Choose small ponds and lake fishing for beginners because these places are easy to catch fish
  • As a beginner, target to catch largemouth bass, bluegill or perch-like fish
  • Learn the accurate methods of catching and releasing techniques for fish you don’t want to keep
  • Know the regulations where you want to go for fishing, like bag limits and size limits
  • Learn some basic knots like arbour knots, surgeon’s knots and clinch knot
  • Learn how to cast a fishing rod correctly and how to fish in the right ways


How to organize your fishing backpack?

Here are some small tips for you. It will help you to get your things immediately in an emergency.

  • Use individual labels for specific lures and tackle
  • Use adjustable dividers to divide your essential things
  • Keep separate trays for small hooks and essentials
  • Use the front pocket to carry bigger tools and pliers
  • Bring the fishing line in the side pocket

Final Words:

I hope you have known a lot of unknown facts from my experience. Everything I have shared from my first fishing trip experience. I was starting my first trip with an expert fishing angler friend who suggested bringing these essentials. I was got benefitted. So, you will also be benefitted.

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