Do Fish Contain Protein: Health Facts in Fish

Protein is highly important for body function, structure and regulation. As a fish lover, you may ask if fish contain Protein since you are also nutrient-conscious. Yes, fish contain decent Protein. Even sometimes, sea fish can contain more Protein than chicken and beef.

Fish protein can help to build your body’s muscle, tissue and bone. Similarly, fish protein prevents heart diseases as it has less saturated fat than red meat.

In this guide, we will talk about Protein in fish, Protein in other seafood, and Protein in fish vs chicken. So, let’s get started to enrich your diet with fish protein.

How much Protein can you have in fish?

The amount of Protein varies depending on the fish species. However, most fish protein contains very less, about 2-3 grams of saturated fat. Let’s know about the amount of Protein in fish rich in Protein.


A four ounces yellowtail contains about 34 grams of Protein and 112 calories. On the contrary, a 4 oz chicken breast piece contains about 26 grams of Protein for 110 calories. Although the amount of Protein in chicken and yellowtail is slightly similar, yellowtail is tastier than chicken.


Tuna is a well-known and popular sea fish. Note that 4 ounces of tuna contain 33 grams of Protein with about 225 calories. Luckily, the amount of mercury is very less in canned tuna.


It is wondering but true that four ounces of anchovy fish contains 52 grams of Protein with 378 calories. Additionally, anchovy contains a lot of omega-3 and is a very tasty fish. You can eat this fish with pizza toppings, pasta, or a regular dish.

Coho Salmon:

It contains 31 grams of Protein for 209 calories. It tastes sweet and fresh. However, using many species can ruin their taste.


Four ounces of trout fillet carry 30 grams of Protein for 215 calories. Many fish counter doesn’t carry trout for eating, but it is a good source of Protein.


Red snapper is available in a departmental store. There have 30 grams of Protein and 145 calories in every four-ounce red snapper. It would be great to eat as a grill with oil-and-herb-based sauces.


Tilapia is a bit less tasty and flavorful compared to other fish. But it contains 23 grams of Protein for only 111 calories. So, you are getting more calories with fewer calories. It is recommended to make tilapia marinate before making grill or other dishes.


Every four-ounce bluefish contains 29 grams of protein for 180 calories. Many fish lovers get wrong between tuna and bluefish as these are a bit similar. You can fry or grill your bluefish for the best flavor and taste.


Pollock is a flaky fish that’s taste is neutral. It is mostly used in fish sticks and burritos. Pollock contains 28 grams of Protein and 134 calories for every four-ounce fillet.


Grouper fish contains similar Protein to pollock. It has 28 grams of Protein and 134 calories.


Sardines is full of omega-3 fish. Every four-ounce sardine contains 28-gram protein for 236 calories.


One fillet catfish has 24 grams of Protein and 189 calories. It is good to eat fried fish or grilled fish.


The founder is a good source of Protein. It is a white fish that contains 20 grams of Protein for 114 calories.

The amount of Protein in Other Seafood

There has some other seafood that contains a lot of Protein. For example, shellfish contains decent Protein. Besides, 3 ounces of shrimp, lobster and blue carbs contain about 17 and 21 grams of Protein. On the other hand, the medium-sized oyster provides 10 grams of Protein, and twelve small clams contain 17-gram protein. However, shellfish contains cholesterol too. But can you eat saltwater catfish? Yes, you can do it.

Fish to avoid despite containing Protein

There have some fish species that contain good amounts of Protein and mercury. Those fish can contain different types of toxins except mercury. Here is a list of fish containing the highest mercury and toxins. This list is made as per the FDA regulation.

  • King mackerel
  • Marlin
  • Orange roughly
  • Shark
  • Swordfish
  • Tuna (bigeye)

Note that canned tuna and tilapia are a good choice for getting decent Protein. Besides, seafood shellfish is another good option you can take twice to thrice a week.

Protein in Fish vs Chicken

Here is a comparison chart of nutrient facts of chicken and fish. You can know the protein in fish vs chicken.

NutrientsIn fishIn chicken
ProteinChicken contains a complete set of amino acid profileChicken contains 31 grams of protein per 100 grams
Amino Acid ProfileFish provides omega-3 fatty acidsFish contains much omega-3 fat than chicken
Fat ContentFish contains more omega-3 fat than chickenSkinless and boneless chicken provides less fat
MicronutrientsSalmon-like fatty fish contains vitamin D, vitamin B12,Chicken contains vitamin B and vitamin B6


Is fish protein or carbohydrate?

Fish isn’t a source of carbohydrates; Rather, it is a good source of Protein. However, fish contains a moderate carbohydrate. But fish contains Protein and other nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Most fish have a minimum protein and very little saturated fat.

2) How much Protein is in fish per 100g?

It depends on the species of fish. For example, 100 grams of salmon contains about 22 grams of Protein. On the other hand, 100-gram tuna fish contains about 30.7 grams of Protein. Many people want to know the amount of rohu fish protein per 100g. For their concern, each 100-gram rohu fish contains 10.3-gram protein.

3) What does call fish protein name?

Fish protein is also known as Myofibrillar Protein. Myofibrillar Protein contains Myosin, Actin, Tropomyosin, Troponin and Actinin. About 66-77% of fish protein is full of myofibrillar.

Final Words:

We hope you have answered your query, “Do fish contain protein” Yes, fish contains Protein. Even sometimes, fish may contain more Protein than chicken. Tuna, trout, sardines, bluefish, salmon and tilapia contain a good amount of Protein.

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