Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

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Top seven best-polarized sunglasses for fishing

What is the best-polarized sunglasses for fishing? What color is polarized lens best for fishing? These are the most common and optimum question for anglers when they are ready to purchase a pair of sunglasses for fishing.

Sunglasses are one of the essential tools in fishing. For people going lake, river, kayak or boat fishing a pair of sunglasses would be their best accompany. And if the sunglasses are polarized, then it would be a blessing for fishing anglers.

Today we will share the six best-polarized sunglasses for sight fishing that are universally accepted by anglers.

What are polarized sunglasses?

“Polarized sunglasses are specially designed to prevent sun glare and make the sight more transparent and closest. It has an improved technological filter that can block horizontal light waves”

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If you have tended to go for all day long outdoor fishing trips, then fishing sunglasses are mandatory fishing gear for you. The recent markets are full of several sunglasses from different brands and styles. We have searched and found the top seven best budget polarized sunglasses.

Key Features

  • UV protection coating works to prevent highly harmful shady rays and reduce eye strain.
  • The patented 580 lenses ensure the more accurate blocking power for a yellow light and harmful blue light.
  • Incredible transparent glass allows you to see the front sight clearer and more realistic.
  • Square shape glasses shape looks smarter and more elegant in the men's eye.

Costa sunglasses for men are the original USA made polarized fishing sunglasses. It is enriched with customer satisfaction because of the excellent features and benefits. Most importantly, it is iconic for long-lasting construction, varieties of features and affordable price.

The frame of costa fishing sunglasses is made of a sturdy plastic frame, and the lens is made of transparent glass with a UV protection coating. Each lens width is 61 mm, and the middle bridge is 17mm. As well as both plastics made arm length is 118 millimeters. Good to know that costa sunglasses sale has increased much due to having an almost all color availability.

What customers are saying

Customers are happy to get convenient functions and features. Besides, the user is highly praised for including components like cleaning cloth and sunglasses case. Most importantly, customers are pleased with these sunglasses due to their fashionable appearance.

Some customer said about their inconvenience about frame size is not fitted with their face. It might happen for the larger face's guys. Another con we have got from the customer why it is made only for men? This is why women can't wear it with comfort.

Key Features

  • The high technological 580 lenses will provide you with superior clarity.
  • It is excellent to prevent the UV rays and block the sun glare.
  • Green color polarized mirrored glasses provide great vision and contrast.
  • The frame material is super tough nylon which ensures comfortable use.

Costa is so popular in the world of sunglasses that we can't help but review another attractive model of the Costa Del brand. This best sunglasses for sight fishing would be great for those who like to wear sunglasses in a rectangular shape.

Its frame and arms are made from Acetate material. And the eyeglasses are made from crystal clear glasses with Ultra violate protection coating. Besides, there are three 59-, 59.2- and 61-mm width lens sizes available in this model. But arms size might vary based on several color, costa del fantail. Also, know that the middle bridge measurement is 14 mm.

What customers are saying

Costa Del Mar Men's Fantail has gained huge customer support because of the versatile color and style of this sunglasses. At the same time, this sunglass is popular for improved technology for eyes protection. Moreover, customers are pleased with the scratch-resistant feature.

Some customer thinks this product is a little bit pricy as per the quality. And some people complain that this product often becomes unavailable due to the extreme customer demand.

Key Features

  • The USA made sunglasses with a plastic frame and plastic UV protection coated design.
  • It comes with an extremely modern and unique design with varieties of color
  • Including a soft lens cleaning cloth and sunglasses case
  • The prescription ready lens is great for the best performance and fashion.
  • The Plutonite Lenses are highly efficient for protecting from UVA, UVB and UVC.

Oakley polarized fishing sunglasses is a name of confidence among the all-other best-polarized sunglasses for the money. It is made with a developed plastic lens and grammid polycarbonate frame, which are highly durable. Even it comes with the best security for your eyes despite being non-polarized designed.

This sunglasses lens width is 57 mm, but you will also get the 55- and a 56-mm wider lens. The bridge distance between the two lenses is 18 mm. And each arm is longer, up to 137 mm, which will be a perfect fit with the face.

What customers are saying

It is well known to the customer for the timeless design from 1940 to 1950. Likewise, it wins the customers heart with modern technology, functions and performance.

Current users say that they have not received more than 56mm lens in this model but hey often needs a wider lens.

Key Features

  • It is the best-polarized sunglass for driving, surfboarding, fishing and skateboarding.
  • Costa's 580 polycarbonate lens is lightweight so that you can wear for all day long.
  • The plastic polarized lens provides the best clarity and scratch-resistant benefit.
  • It has a copper-silver polarized mirror, which allows you to see the transparent view of a sight and offshore.
  • It comes with a full package with a pair of glasses, cleaning cloths and a storage case.

It is the best gift from the Costa Del mar brand for fishing and outdoor-loving women. Likewise, this Costa del is the best cheap polarized sunglasses for fishing. The full-face coverage feature, best performance and 100% UV protection technology make this sunglass for the women.

Costa del women are originated from the USA with a 55 mm wider lens and 16 mm bridge. Hence the arm length is 129 millimeters which is a perfect fit for any women. If you ask about the available color, we would say to go with it and wonder to see the color varieties.

What customers are saying

Most of the happy customer said about its unique design and color combination within the frame and glasses. Each frame is designed with two different eye-catching color, which makes it more unique. Besides, this sunglass is highly appreciated for the best eye protection and product durability.

Customers with large faces have complained about the less fitted lens. Some are facing inconvenient from the rectangular shaped glasses.

Key Features

  • The oval-shaped lens of 580 polycarbonate material provides the highest clarity.
  • This sunglass is lightweight so that you can wear them all day long.
  • Gray polarized would be best for both land and water sports activity.
  • This sunglass is injected with a bio-based nylon frame, and T90 provide user comfort.

These are the most affordable and overrated sunglasses of the Costa del brand. It is designed with an oval shape lens and suitable for men. Also, know that it will be best for saltwater fishing. The best combination of cheaper price and great qualities has gained numerous positive customer ratings.

Costa Del is an original USA production with a resin frame and plastic polarized lens. Also, there have a UV protective coating on the lens surface. The lens width is 59 mm, and the bridge is 18 mm. On the other hand, arms are 130 mm longer.

What customers are saying

Customers are saying about the nice scratch protective lens and limited warranty product replacement and are pleased to get the sunglasses storage case and cleaning cloth. Besides, this sunglass gives several discounts offered at different time.

The customers who need a lens wider than 59 mm have faced a problem with this model because it has only one lens size.

Key Features

  • High tech polarized glass lens is superior for clarity, scratch preventing and UV protection.
  • The green color polarized mirror increases the vision and contrast.
  • TR-90 bio-based nylon frame provides durability and comfortability
  • A durable case can secure the sunglasses from all hurts.
  • T has come with a short time warranty for replacement and repairing.

If you need a sunglass with a wider lens, Costa del Rincon would be ideal for you. You will get all advantages for your eye protection from this sunglass. First of all, it is made in the USA with a 100% nylon frame. And the lenses are of polarized glass material with ultra-violate coating.

It has a 63 mm lens width and 11 mm bridge. Hence the arms are enough longer than 140 mm each. You can pick up your favorite color from the varieties of options.

What customers are saying

The user of Costa del Rincon is highly satisfied with the best performances. At the same time, existing customers are saying about the product durability. Especially, the construction is superior tough with nylon frame and polarized glasses.

However, fewer customer complains about the price range. They seem the price is a little bit more.

Key Features

  • The best unisex polarized sunglass originated from Italy.
  • The round-shaped lens is 100% UV and sun glare protecting.
  • Frame and arms are made from polycarbonate nylon.
  • The polarized plastic lens allows us to see crystal-clear vision.

Ray-Ban brings the happiest news for fashionable women. It is designed with modern, stylish shape, color and quality material. Most importantly, this is already gained the top position among all other best polarized sunglasses for fishing. Moreover, we all know about the reputation of the ray ban brand. And this Erika round sunglasses is one of the great revolutions of this brand.

The lens is 54 mm in width, and the bridge is 18mm. Each of the arm's length is 145 mm. There has a variety of color available in this model even all are fascinating to women.

What customers are saying

Although it is said that Erika round is designed for women, but both men's and women's customer has praised for this sunglass. Some customers don't like it because the originated from outside country of the USA.

What to consider to choose the best-polarized sunglass for fishing

Everybody wants to protect their eyes from severe sunlight and UV rays. And a pair of the best sunglasses can ensure maximum eyes safety. But what factors you should observe when choosing a polarized sunglass? Well, let me explain.


A polarized lens is best for fishing or outdoor sports. There is one special coating on polarized sunglasses, which can reduce 98% reflected light. Also, it can reduce eye strain and fatigue. A general lens can't prevent the sun glare like a polarized sunglass.

Lens Material:

The most common materials for sunglasses are polycarbonate and NXT. Both are highly durable to bear any rugged condition in adverse weather. You can pick up a lens of polycarbonate or NXT material. Also, know that polycarbonate material is less pricy than the NXT but tend to damage the extreme condition. On the other hand, NXT is a little bit pricy than polycarbonate, but it is stronger. Most importantly, you will get some best fishing sunglasses under 100, that made from plastic lens.

Lens color:

Lens color is important for fishing in different light condition. There have several lens colors, and each color has its features and benefits. Which color lens you should take is dependent on your fishing time and location. For example, Amber and brown color is best for fishing in dawn and dusk. On the contrary, a grey and smoke color lens are good for fishing in a bright light condition.

Lens Coatings:

A good sunglass means coming with a coating on the lens. Hydrophobic coating is superior among all of the coatings because it can repeal water splashes. As a result, you will always get a clear vision. Some high-quality glasses are fog-resistant because there has a chemical coating on the lens.

Frame Shape and Style:

The importance of a frame is not less than the lens. So, it is important to be aware of when choosing the frame shape and style. Remember that any small or large frame shape is therefore not acceptable. Too large or too small, both frames would be problematic for you.

There have many sunglasses with a wrapping style around the frame, which is best for boat fishing. This frame style sunglasses will help to keep an eye on it when strong winds come. You will also set some sunglasses with straps or band to prevent the valuable sunglasses from falling in the water.

Getting prescription sunglasses:

Prescription sunglasses come with more accuracy to discover yourself out of the sunglasses. You can customize a pair of prescription sunglasses according to your requirements.

Must take these accessories:

Since every fishing trip is closely related to water, you need some accessories to protect your sunglasses.

Neck Strap and Flotation Device:

A neck lanyard is good for sunglasses protection from falling into the water. However, you can invest behind the floating sunglasses so that it can't sink even though fall down.

Cloth and cleaner:

Your sunglasses might be cloudy with water splashes or because of long-time use. If you want to get maximum benefitted from your sunglasses, you need to put a glass cleaner bottle and soft clean cloth. These will help you to clean your sunglasses instantly.

Caring for polarized sunglasses

It is pretty dispiriting when you pull out your sunglasses from the case and get a lot of scratch on the lenses. But a regular caring of expensive optics can release you from this unexpected pain. Here are the most crucial tips to make your polarized sunglasses long-lasting.

Keeping Lenses Clean:

Whatever you will go fishing, boating or kayaking, your eyeglasses might naturally get in touch with water. So, accumulating water stubborn on the lenses is inevitable. That is why you have cleaned your sunglasses lenses after each outdoor water sports. You can store a small lens cleaner bottle and microfiber cloth in your fishing tackle box. It will be helpful in your water trips to clean the lens correctly.

Preventing Scratches:

Soft microfiber cloths with appropriate cleaner can prevent most of the scratches from your sunglass's lens. Ammonia cleaners are quite good to dissolve the anti-reflective coating. So, try to use a cleaner with ammonia and use a soft cloth to clean your sunglasses. Don't forget to keep your sunglasses in the storage case when you are not using them.

Use a Lanyard/Retainer:

A lanyard is an excellent system help to hang your sunglasses near to the neck. You will get several best lanyards in the Costa De brand. If you don't want to lose your sunglasses into the lake or river, use a retainer or lanyard.

Which Lens Colors are best for fishing?

Lens color may vary according to user preference. Not all user feels comfortable to use the same color lens. However, there has some universal color considered as the best lens color for fishing. Here is a comparison chart for several types of lens.

Lens color


Green Mirror


Blue Mirror


Perfect for

Overcast weather and low light condition

Average light condition

Sunny day

Day fishing

Bright light

Best fishing time

Early morning and late evening

Morning and afternoon

Day time

In any time

Good for all time


More illumination power in lower light

It can adjust in the medium light

High contrast

It can block the sun harsh

It can reduce light transmission

Fishing location

These are best for fishing anywhere

Bes for all fishing

Shallow water fishing

Offshore fishing

Good for all outdoor trips

Glass vs Plastic Lenses

Glass lens

Plastic lens

Glass lens provides high level of clarity

Plastic lens provides less clarity than glass lens

It is heavier than plastic lens and difficult to bear all day long

It is lightweight than glass lens and easy to wear all day long

Glass lens is expensive

Plastic lens is affordable

Sunglass Sizing Guide

It is also necessary to take the right size for whatever you wear as sunglasses are the most important gear in fishing, like a best fishing rod and reel, so you have to find your sunglasses in the right size. Sunglasses should not be too tightened or to loosen. Wearing extra-tight sunglasses will make you look awkward and give you a headache.

On the other hand, extra larger sunglasses will have open space around the face, and you can burn from sunlight.

Moreover, loose sunglasses can go out of your eyes and later into the water.

Benefits of polarized sunglasses

  • Polarized sunglasses can reduce the sun glare in maximum ways
  • Ensures maximum eye protection from harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Reduces eye strain and provides a comfortable vision
  • It will help an angler to see out of the water surface
  • It helps to find out the further fishing spot
  • Sunglasses for Fly Fishing

    The speciality of fly fishing is that a lightweight lure is used for this fishing. Due to the lightweight lure, the casting of this fishing seems somewhat artificial flying. Besides, fly fishing need specific types of a fishing rod, reel and line. That is why fly fishing is quite different from another casting.

    Polarized sunglasses can be best for fly fishing because polarized sunglasses can provide technological advantages in fly fishing that no other sunglasses can give. Also know about the best polarized lens color for fly fishing. The good news is for you that some brand has released floating fishing sunglasses for added safety.

    Expert's suggestion to protect eyes on the water

    A sunglass is must need a device to protect your eyes on the water. But there have some more important accessories to support you. If you can maintain these small tips, you must enjoy your fishing with a pleasant experience.

    Never look directly at the sun:

    For any outdoor trip looking at the sun is a very common matter. So, you can't make your outdoor trip without any sunlight. But there is a great way to maintain your eye health a lot. If you can avoid looking at the sun directly, then it will be most beneficial for the eyes. You might think that wearing sunglass is the only solution to get rid of sunlight and glare. But it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight despite wearing sunglass.

    Wearing a hat:

    Skin cancer may occur due to long-term sunburn. As you love fish and has to stay on the water for a long time, so you can pick up a 3 inches wider hat. A hat can save you from cancer and protect your eyes too. Mainly it works to save you from direct sunlight. The best practice is to use a sunglasses and hat combo.

    Avoid cheaper sunglasses:

    Is your main purpose being to protect the eyes? Then you would better to go with sunglass that can prevent 99% of sun glare.

    Generally, cheaper sunglasses have a low-quality lens and coating that can't prevent the sun glare well. Good to know that cheaper sunglasses have low sun glare preventing power. You can go with a good quality polarized sunglass, which is made for maximum eye protection.

    Wear Sunglasses Even When It's Cloudy:

    Most of the anglers left their sunglasses when they go fishing in a cloudy environment. But the intelligent anglers knew that there has special sunglasses lens for overcast weather. Also, know that low sunlight can spread harmful UVA and UVB rays. So, never leave your sunglasses. You can adjust the lens color as per the weather condition.

    Don't Rub Your Eyes with dirty hands:

    If you get sand and mud in your eyes, don't try to rub it with your fingers. Instant rubbing may give you a little bit pleasant, but it may be the cause of significant danger for your eyes.

    Whenever you face this problem, you would better go out of the boat or clean the eyes with fresh water. Also, it is good to close the eyes sometimes. It works great when sand or dirt gets inside the eyes.

    Apply Sunscreen Around the Eye Area:

    If possible, apply sunscreen to all those body parts which are directly getting the sunlight. Hands, cheek and face are some of these. Good to know sunburn and UV rays can because serious skin disease like cancer. That is why using sunscreen is essential. Especially, you should use good quality sunscreen around the eyes.

    Drink plenty of water:

    Drinking plenty of water is essential to keep safe the eyes and body from dehydration. For long-lasting dehydration, your eyes may lose the power of making treasure caused by eyes power loss.

    Overcoming Foggy Lenses 

    Overcoming Foggy Lenses
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    Fog buildup on lenses is a common sunglasses nuisance, especially early in the morning or when moving between temperature extremes. Fog obscures vision and compromises the usefulness of your shades. Look for fishing sunglasses with specialized anti-fog lens coatings to prevent moisture condensation and maintain clarity. Quality hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings cause water to bead up and wipe away easily. You can also apply aftermarket anti-fog sprays and lens wipes for added insurance against fog, though these need reapplication. Selecting sunglasses with effective anti-fog technology is the best solution for crystal clear vision in all conditions.


    Question : polarized sunglasses work for fishing?

    Ans: Yes, all polarized sunglasses are the best choice for fishing. Polarized sunglasses offer the power to prevent maximum glare and UV rays, so it is best for eye protection.

    Question : What type of sunglasses is best for fishing?

    Ans: Polarized sunglasses that can prevent up to 99.99% sun glare are best for fishing. At the same, floating sunglasses, strap or band included sunglasses are best for fishing.

    Question : Is Oakley Prizm better than polarized?

    Ans: Oakley fishing sunglasses lens comes with Prizm filter technology. It can prevent sun glare best with a Prizm filter. On the other hand, Prizm is a different lens technology without a polarized coating. Only Prizm technology has a special power to change the vision that you will see.

    So, Prizm and polarization both are good for the user. And it depends on user comfort. Not all people are like polarized Prizm, and not all like the Only Prizm.

    Question : What is the best-polarized sunglasses for the money?


    • Costa Del Mar Men's Broadbill Sunglasses
    • Costa Del Mar Men's Fantail 580g Rectangular Sunglasses
    • Oakley Men's Oo9102 Holbrook Square Sunglasses
    • Costa Del Mar Women's Rectangular Sunglasses 

    Question : Are blue polarized lenses good for fishing?

    Ans: Yes, it is good for fishing in the full bright sunny weather. And it would be best for open water and offshore fishing.

    Question : Are blue or green lenses better for fishing?

    Ans: Yes, blue and green, both lenses are good for fishing in bright sunlight.

    Question : What color sunglasses are best for driving?

    Ans: The amber, grey and blue lenses are superior for driving. These colors can reduce sun brightness and provide a clear vision.

    Question : Are Ray Bans good for fishing?

    Ans: Yes, it will be best if you use ray bans polarized sunglasses.

    Final Word

    A best-polarized sunglass can reach you a new destination of fishing. It is a great choice to ensure your eyes protection and allow you to fish for a long time. We have covered the top seven best-polarized sunglasses for sight fishing. And all are best rated from a credible brand. You can see the customer ratings and choose one for yourself. We especially recommend the Costa Del Mar Men's Fantail 580g Rectangular Sunglasses and Oakley Men's Oo9102 Holbrook Square Sunglasses. These two are superior for fishing.

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