How to Hold a Fishing Pole | Details Guideline for Beginners

How to hold a fishing pole? It's a common question of beginner angler. Today we are here with talk about how to hold a fishing pole with details guide. However, it isn't too difficult to learn but make it practical is different. Hope you are familiar with the Best fishing pole as we will go over the step and focus on how it uses. At the same time, we will clear some misconceptions related to the fishing equipment. As most, if the angler doesn't know the right way, this guide will change their fishing experience.

Holding a fishing rod is depending on you are right-handed or left-handed. It's an important issue as it has to be the correct side to work ideally. But before going out, you have to focus on how to set up a fishing pole as it will properly lead you to enjoy fishing.

While we are talking about kids how to fish, it doesn't matter which hand they are holding as they are still trying to find out which hand they are.

But as an angler, there have been few slight changes considering you are reeling or casting in. most of the fishermen use their right hand while they use a spinning reel. On the other hand, they use their right hand for baitcaster but left for a fishing reel. In this case, how to cast a fishing rod will help you get better fishing experience.

How to hold a fishing rod- best way for beginners

Getting of fishing is start with Golden Rod and reel. Learning to hold a fishing rod will not only feel comfortable in your hand but make you a successful angler. At the same time, it will boost your experience and confidence in casting a fishing rod and reel.

Step 1: put your pinky under the reel stem.

As you have to hold the fishing rod for a long time, it should feel comfortable with a perfect grip. It's all about ensuring your casting hand in the right place. So put your pinky of casting rod right under the reel stem so that you can handle it comfortably.

Step 2: grab the fishing rod with your fingers.

After securing your pinky in place, let's grab the fishing rod strongly with your remaining three-finger facing the best telescopic fishing pole and thumb behind. It will reduce the chance of dropping the pole and offer you leverage advantage while fighting against powerful fish.

Step 3: Angle the rod against the elbow

Finally, place the rod against your arm as it will offer you more control over a fish while the fish bite.

Method to Hold a Fishing Rod in Right Hand

If you are using a spinning rod and don't know how to hold a fishing rod right-handed let me clear you first, holding it in the right hand will feel you more comfortable. You can follow the spot method to hold the conventional reel between fingers as it's the easiest way. On the other hand, if you have a baitcasting reel, the switching process will be better as casting rod vs spinning rod are two different rod types, so you have to follow a different method. If you are concerned about which one is better, our spinning vs casting rod debate will satisfy you.

Put the webbing of the right hand under the baitcaster. After that, use your thumb to lie on top of the reel and drive the button to free it. If you don't know how to line a baitcaster, then learn it first.

If the work is done and drops the lure on the water, then make the switch. Then set the rod in your left hand following the same method.

To real the lower end again uses your right hand. Also, use the hand to hook and land the fish. If you keep practising, you will slowly find it easier. Hope now you are clear about how to hold a fishing rod

Using a Fishing Rod Upside Down

Angler often uses a fishing rod upside down while they fish on Lakeside. Maybe they are spinning the rod upside down as they want to fish for a long time or hang out. However, they don't realize it's wrong as they are having a hard time doing this. Fishing will be comfortable and enjoyable if you listen to your bodies. You can enjoy fishing as per your choice, but it is recommended to follow the proper way.

Key Parts of Fishing Rods

Every part of fishing rods is essential as they play a vital role to catch fish ideally.

Butt Cap

You will find this part around the handle or over the rod.


While you are holding the rod where your hand is resting in the fishing rod's handle area, it is usually made with foam.

Seat of Reel

It designs to control the fishing rod's reel near its handle. However


It usually attaches to join two sides of a fishing rod. If it gets breaks, then the rod breaks as well.


What is the appropriate method to hold a fishing pole?

First, wrap your finder on the fishing pole's handle and then put the bottom palm by ensuring the forefinger's proper position. You will notice v like shape create by your thumb. This mark signifies that you are holding the fishing pole properly and ready for a strong catch.

How do you hold an open face fishing rod?

Find the rod handle's centre point and hold it by your middle finger and close to the middle finger. If you got the Spock position, then you are on the right track to cast. It is also recommended to grasp the fishing line with my pointer finger. Even if you don't know how to line a fishing rod, you will find enough information online.

How do you hold a casting rod?

If you are right-handed and don't know how to cast a baitcaster, follow these fishing tips. Slide the webbing between your thumb and your pointer finger under the baitcaster rod. After that, grasp it with your right hand and put your left hand below it. Then you have to use a thumb that is put right over the top of the spool. Finally, keep your thumb on the line so that it can't release.

Final words

Hope you get this how to hold a fishing pole blog helpful. We have covered this guide with detailed information about holding both hands. Even we talk about the funniest way of holding a reel upside down. Please make your way how you feel it comfortable as you had to hold a pole for a long time and don't forget about Fishing License. If you have any suggestion, let us send through the comment box to improve the blog.

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