How to Set up a Spinning Reel? Beginners to Experts

How to set up a spinning reel? It is the most important and common question to a large number of beginner fishing lover. Maybe you are feeling painful, but don't worry! It is not so much difficult task.

I was afraid to set up the spinning reel during my first fishing trip. But by following some simple tips, now I can say that I am an expert on this topic. I firmly believe that proper practice can make it easier and give you a great reward. Similarly, whenever you will able to set up the spinning reel, it makes successful each of your fishing trips.

Can't believe it? Ok, let me help you as a well-wisher of similar fishing passion. I don't want nobody will do struggle like me at them vary first step. Today I am goanna share with you a step by step complete guide on how to use a spinning reel. In addition, I will cover how to spool a spinning reel and how to set up a fishing rod for beginners. So, let's start with me without delay. 

For your best convenience, I am sharing details on each of the equipment. This guide is a little bit long but very in-depth discussion on each topic. Also, you can learn from the figure for each content. I am sure it will be transparent like water to set up and to use a spinning reel. So, let's start-


Necessary Equipment Gathering

Maybe you are ready to set up the spinning reel accurately. Ok, great! The spinning reel set up is the combination with some other equipment. From set up to casting a spinning reel needs the vital fishing gears which you have to gather first.

•    Spinning reel

•    Spinning rod

•    Fishing line

•    Fishing hook

•    Bait or lures

•    A pair of scissors

Spinning reel:

The spinning coil may vary depending on your fishing location. I think you can see in the Shimano brand. Almost all types of spinning reels can be found here, and they work great.

Spinning Reel
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Spinning rod:

Keep in mind to choose the specifically recommended rod in the particular reel. It will make easier the fishing pole setup beginners.

Generally, manufacturing company release spinning rod for a spinning reel. So, I suggest using this rod for a spinning reel, because it works great.

Spinning Rod
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Fishing line:

Fishing line selection is mostly depending on the targeted fish and the fishing location. The monofilament, braid and Fluorocarbon are the most common types of fishing line. It is better to do a bit of research on the fishing line to select the perfect one based on your fishing place. Most importantly, how to set up a fishing line is another mandatory factor.

Fishing hook
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Fishing hook:

Good to know that fishing hook will work according to the fish types. The same hook does not work for all fish.  My advice for you is to keep all the hooks in place while going on a fishing trip.

fishing hook
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Bait or lures:

It is an artificial, colorful and attractive bait in which one or multiple hooks are attached. So, you can keep different kinds of bait collection with your fishing tackle box.

Fishing Lure
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Take a pair of regular scissors

Fishing Scissors
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Introduction to the full gears:

Each gear has several parts with it. A t first glance you may find a bit complicated, and may not even recognize every single piece. But it is essential to know correctly about each part of the gear. Otherwise, you won't set up your reel. That's why I am trying to introduce you with the different of each equipment.

Spinning reel:

•    Handle

•    Reel Foot

•    Bail Arm

•    Line Roller

•    Spool

•    Drag Knob

Spinning Reel Details
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The handle works for controlling the fishing line. For instances, you can get back the string with force by turning the handle. Similarly, it is using for quick stopping and releasing the fishing line.

Reel Foot:

It is a puzzle-like foot attached to a spinning reel. It can hold the fishing rod with the spinning reel very firmly.

Bail Arm:

Bail arm is made with metal. It is using for keeping closed the line comes out from the spool. When you tightened the screw of both side of the bail arm, the line never comes out. When you need to open the line just open the screw of the gun.

Line Roller:

Line roller is the little hole roller connect to the bail arm, and it works for the guiding the line from the spool to the rod.


The basement or skull around which the fishing line has.

Drag Knob:

The drag knob is a part of the spinning reel. It can control how much a fishing line will come out or not. If you turn the drag knob and make it tight, then the path can't come out. If you lose the drag knob, the line will come out very quickly.

Spinning Rod:

•    Handle

•    Reel seat

•    Guides

•    Rod tips

Spinning Rod Details
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Spinning rod handle is made of wood or any other metallic materials but wrapped up with a soft and comfortable material on it. So that you won't feel hurt for an extended period of using.

Reel seat:

The bottom of the fishing rod has a knob on which to attach the spinning reel. It is like a puzzle and needs to set up correctly with the spinning reel. So, check out these knobs for both spindle and rod.


It refers to the small circle which inside the line go through the rod. A spinning rod has some guides to line passes.

Rod tips:

Four inches of the top of the spinning rod is known as rod tips. It is the thinnest part of the rod which helps to feel you the fish bite on the lures. But be aware of this part. Because most of the rod is broken on this part.

Fishing hook:

There are various types of fishing hook for several fishes. You can have a look at the below picture for a basic idea on different types of hook. In the meantime, it is essential to learn how to put a hook on a fishing rod properly.

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Integrating rod with the spinning reel:

Take your reel and loosen the seat or puzzle part to connect with the rod. Keep in mind to loosen enough the reel that it can perfectly fit on the rod knob. Finally, tighten the reel seat properly. If you feel the place is not tight enough, then do this process again. Because the rod can apart for loosening the connection.

Integrating rod with the spinning reel 1
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Integrating rod with the spinning reel 2
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Integrating rod with the spinning reel 3
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Spinning Reel Spooling:

how to spool a spinning reel? Is a common question to large number of anglers like you. But you also have to know how to cast a spinning reel in right ways? Spooling means the twisting the fishing line on around the reel spool. It is the most crucial part and just needs to do it accurately. Otherwise, you may feel difficulties or Hassel if it will apart or loosen during fishing. You need to follow few simple steps:

First of all, it is necessary to open the spinning reel bail. Now take the one edge of the line and tie a knot with the spool. It is time to twisting the string around the spool by turning the reel handle. Good to know the process of how to tie the fishing knot properly. On the finishing edge, tie another knot with the rod. If necessary, cut the additional line ¼" size. Lastly, close the bail. 

Secondly, hold the line up to one foot away from the reel. It will help to prevent excessive twisting or tangling. But how many lines you should put into the spool. It depends on your reel type.  Most of the reel comes with the line cap. Line cap refers to the limitations of line spooling.

Step 1
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Step 2
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Step 3
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Step 4
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Step 5
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Step 6
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String the Rod:

For string the rod, you have to hold the rod tips in one hand and open the reel bail with another hand. Now insert the fishing line through each guide in the rod. This process should start from the lowest guide and end it with the tip. Here, keep in mind to gain knowledge on how to set up a fishing pole with a bobber for the next step. Bobber will indicate when fish bite on the lures.


Tie the fishing knot:

It is another mandatory part of the spinning reel set up. In the case of general, lightweight fish, you can tie a basic knot. But it is not so much reliable. As a result, it can loosen for overpressure. But if you want to target a heavier weight up to 15 pounds the three have some critical knot. Which has no possibilities to apart from the lures?

•    Palomar knot

•    Arbor knot

•    Clinch knot

•    Albright knot

From here, you can see how to tie different knots.

First of all, enter the line into the hook eye. Put some extend part on both sides of the hook. In the meantime, press the line and hook touching point with your thumb. Now hold the two edge of the line and pull from both sides to cross one after another. Make it tight correctly. For being over sure or make a secure knot continue this process up to three times. Keep in mind to snip the additional line ¼" away from the hook eye.

Never cut the line connected to the rod.

Step: 7

Set the Drag Knob:

The drag knob is at the top of the spool. You need to rotate it clockwise for tightening and rotate it anti-clockwise to loosen it. When you put the fishing line from the reel, it defines the drag knob is ok or not. If you notice it won't perfect tight or loose, then do the same process until getting the accurate result. But I think drag knob should have a little bit flexible.

Most importantly, you have to gain experience with this step correctly. Don't worry practice continuously. Good to know that if the drag is over tight the rod can break on the top part. As well as you may lose your targeted fish because of over loosen drag knob. That's why I would say set your drag knob according to the type of fish.

Drag Knob 1
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Drag knob 2
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Step: 8

Baitcasting is a proper way:

Are you ready to cast your bait? Then I would say a few steps on how to line a fishing rod easily and quickly.

In the first step, hang the line from rod tip to the down about 2 feet. Keep the rod few inches above the reel, and the line should stay parallel to the rod. Hole the rod with one hand and open the fishing reel bail with the other side.

In the second step, this time the rod has to bend backwards from the target point. Rotate the rod and get ready to swing by placing it at an end between the two hands. Now release the grip and cast the line correctly. Hold the rod lower edge and observe the presence of the fish. Notice that the bait is dived up to 2 feet. You can also see the video is given below. I hope you can more clearly understand the casting process.

Step: 9

Reel in the Line:

You have to follow three simple rules how to tie a line on a spinning reel. In different case you may feel spinning reel not reeling in problem during fishing. You can see this post for in details on How to Fix a Fishing Reel that Won’t Lock

Spinning reel bail closing

Line placing in the line roller

Turning the reel handle

Even though there are many methods of the reel in the line. But today I am saying about a standard way of the coil in the front. You can do this task slowly, quickly or at a constant processor with a jerk. But it has not any specific rules. Mostly it depends on the fish type and fishing location and the type of bait you will use.

Wow! you have done all of the steps correctly. Take my warm welcome. Now you are ready to go fishing with your spinning reel and rod.

Spinning reel and maintenance tips

Anything with the right care is chronic. Since fishing gear has to deal with a lot of casualties, it is essential to take special care of it. Let's take a look at the simple tips.

After the work completed, the fishing reel and rod should remove free of dust.

If there is excess dirt, rinse thoroughly and dry properly.

Store your fishing gear in a dry and clean place.

Remember to apart the spinning reel from the rod and make it oily by the lubricant—the Lubricant help to prevent unnecessary jam inside the spindle.

Keep in mind to organize your fishing tackle box so that you will find the essential things whenever needs.

If you are a bit aware and follow the above tips, your equipment will not be rusty and will remain as new.


How many lines should be on a spinning reel?

Ans: The fishing line should stay about an eighth of an inch from the top to the top above. But if the line will go more than it may create odd sounds during casting. The spinning reel will be on the top right side of the rod.

How far should the weight be from the hook?

Ans: 2-3 inches is the perfect distance of binding the split shot sinkers above the hook. The fishing line will stay between the laughs. Make sure that the snickers weight is enough to bring the lures closer to the bottom.

Should I use backing with the braided line?

Ans: Braided line is a great revolution in fishing gear. But using a braided line is expensive. I think better to use a monofilament backing with spooling in this type of situation.

Is 150 yards enough fishing line?

Ans: Yes! One hundred fifty yards is enough fishing line. But if you have a problem after having 150 yards line, then you have to understand that this problem may create from dragging system.

Final words

I believe it is transparent like water to you now that how to set up a spinning reel, how to use it and how spinning reel works. Yet, if you think I skip anything or if you feel problem to know any of the steps, let me know. So that I can update this guide soon. You can share this post with your friends and family.

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