How Many Fishing Rods Can You Use in Tennessee

In Tennessee, there is no statewide limit on the number of fishing rods an angler can use at one time. However, some areas like reservoirs and state parks may have special regulations restricting the number of rods. Always check local rules before fishing in a new spot.

Generally, though, using multiple rods and trying different techniques is a great way for beginners to learn what works best. Just be sure not to leave rods unattended in rod holders, as this is illegal in Tennessee.

Tennessee Fishing Size Limits

To legally keep fish in Tennessee, anglers must follow size restrictions that vary by species. Largemouth bass have a minimum length of 14 inches from mouth to tail. For trout, the minimum size is 7 inches. Crappie and catfish currently have no size restrictions, but it’s best practice to release juveniles to maintain healthy populations. Daily bag limits also apply, like 5 largemouth bass per person and 7 trout per person on most waters. Checking the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s fishing guidelines will ensure you stay compliant.

How Many Fishing Rods Can You Use in Tennessee
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How Many Fishing Poles Can I Use in Tn?

While Tennessee allows 3 rods per angler statewide, exceptions apply in certain bodies of watermarked as “special regulation areas” by TWRA.

Anglers fishing in these designated locations should first verify specific pole number restrictions to stay legal.

Popular game fish like trout and bass may also have further limitations depending on factors like water source and season. When in doubt, call your local TWRA office for clarification before wetting a line.

What are the Fishing Regulations in Tennessee?

All Tennessee anglers over 13 years old must carry an appropriate fishing license, available from TWRA online or from authorized agents. Legal fishing methods vary by species, season, and location.

To avoid fines, consult the annually-updated Tennessee fishing guidelines covering everything from creel limits to restricted access areas. Special permits exist for vets, youth, seniors, and the disabled. Following TWRA statutes ensures sustainable fisheries today and for future generations.

How Many Fishing Rods Should I Have?

The ideal fishing rod quiver size depends on an angler’s budget, fishing style, and frequency. Casual pond hoppers need just 2-3 rods for variety. Seasoned bass tournament anglers keep 5-6 specialized rods ready for diverse situations.

Ultimately the number of rods comes down to personal preference. Start small and add to your arsenal as your experience grows. Building a balanced collection of rods covering different techniques prevents getting skunked when fish become finicky.

Can You Fish at Night in Tennessee?

Night fishing is allowed in most Tennessee waters, giving anglers flexibility. Be sure to check local ordinances first, since night fishing may be prohibited in some urban areas and public parks.

Bring lighting to see your line, securely set unattended rods to avoid losing them, and try lures mimicking forage fish that feed at night.

Fish like bass and walleye often get more active after dark when prey becomes available under cover of night. Just be prepared for fewer overall bites compared to daytime fishing.

Let’s Talk About Fishing Rod Lengths


In Tennessee, you can use up to three poles at a time when fishing in most waters. This includes using a baitcasting reel, spincast reel, or fly rod on each pole. You can also use multiple poles if you have a special permit from the TWRA.

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