Truck Fishing Rod Holder on an Affordable Budget in 2024

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You are probably searching for a fishing rod holder for a truck. The truck fishing rod holder is the most convenient accessory to prevent drilling into the truck bed. It is as important as a Fishing rod holder for bike.

A truck fishing rod holder is essential for those who often go fishing at beaches, rocky shorelines, piers, jetties and flats. Similarly, for those who use the truck for fishing within a few miles of the popular island and Inshore, this rod holder is very helpful. However, a fishing backpack with rod holder is enough if you will go for sea or river fishing.

Today we have introduced you to the top five best-selling fishing rod holders for inshore fishing. Do you want to check it out? Then let’s start.

Our Top Picks

Budget Friendly

  • rod rack of rugged nylon material
  • quite good for four rods
  • easy mounting and removing

Our Best Pick

  • suitable for wall hangs and truck bed
  • durable enough with good stiffness
  • Compatible to put 10 rods 


  • Specialized rod holder for car and SUV 
  • Unique rod holder tube
  • with a lockable feature

Top five best truck rod holder reviews

Recently we have made an offshore fishing trip with the truck. So, we have required a fishing rod holder for truck. Today, we are reviewing the top five best rod holders for truck fishing that our group members used. We believe our real experience review would be helpful for you.

Key Features

  • The original USA made rod rack of rugged nylon material
  • It is designed with two carrying assemble that is quite good for four rods
  • It is adjustable with a truck, private car and off-road vehicles SUV
  • The magnet and vacuum cup design for easy mounting and removing

This fishing pole rack is a great innovation of a tight line enterprise. And it is made for the fly and offshore fisherman who often go fishing at beaches, shoreline and near the piers and jetties. Tight line is also known as a car fishing rod holder.

The happiest news is that a tight line fishing rod holder eliminates all of your inconvenience of fishing rod transportation. It is a worthy rack to protect your fishing rod from an unexpected breakdown.

We found this rod holder with Magnetic material that has four pounds weight. Also, know that the color is black and it has a powder-coated finish.

What customers are saying

The existing customers have praised the easy attaching mechanism without making any hole in a vehicle. Similarly, this rod rack becomes popular for adjustability with several vehicles, including the truck.

Due to using it for the long term, the rubber pad of the magnetic part can reduce the attraction to stick tightly.

Key Features

  • It is a unique rod holder that is suitable for wall hangs and truck bed
  • The construction material is durable enough with good stiffness
  • Compatible to put 10 rods and there have adjustable angles
  • It comes with cinch strips to locks the holder with truck or wall

Viking solution is designed for transporting your fishing rod holder on the truck bed. It is such an amazing rod rack that works to hold a fishing rod on a truck bed and hangs on the wall.

This rack rod is incredibly convenient for transportation. Viking solution brand produced this rod rack for up to ten rods. Good to know that it comes with cam-buckle straps for easy tightened and removing the rack.

Viking solution truck rod dimension is 7.3 x 42 x 4.8 inches, and weight is 12 Pounds. It is constructed from the combined material of aluminum and stainless steel.

What customers are saying

The customers are pleased due to having a two in one wall hanging and bed mounting system. At the same time, durable construction gets popular with all.

The complaint comes from the customers that this product is often unavailable.

Key Features

  • It is credible for durable construction with fibreglass and nylon material
  • It has come with four specific beds for four rods that also allow putting the reels
  • The 2.5 inches wider C clamp opening system comes with marine engineered technology

Are you looking for the best rod holder for versatile use? Then let’s introduce the Brocraft rod holder. It is designed for holding your fishing rod at boa and truck bed.

It is made of aluminum. It is why you can use it for a long time. It offers to put four fishing rods with reel into the four dedicated spaces. And they have bungee cords that ensure the rod highest security.

The dimension of this rod rack is 15.04 x 5.94 x 2.83 inches, and it is lightweight of 3.17 pounds. God knows the construction material is fiber injected nylon.

What customers are saying

The existing customers, including us, are very happy because this rod holder is portable. It is even good for both boat, pontoon and truck bed.

The only downside is that it needs good enough space to set up horizontally on the truck bed and boat bed.

Key Features

  • Great adjustability with versatile, designed truck bed
  • Easy installation without drilling or using any bolts or screws
  • Durable with aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized material
  • An expandable support bar is suitable to adjust with any model

Do you not like to lay down your fishing rod horizontally on the truck bed? Then the port rod is the right choice for you because it is designed to hold your fishing rod vertically on the truck bed.

Its body construction is of aluminum. Also, they have stainless-steel screws and some galvanized components. That is why Portarod is extremely durable and can last longer. Moreover, it is adjustable with all types of truck bed even if you don't need any bolts or drilling into the truck bed.

The measurement of this rod holder is 55 x 6 x 4 inches, and the weight is 220.46 Pounds.

What customers are saying

The happy customers have said about enough space between two-rod holders. Besides, they are pleased because of the durability and accessibility.

We didn’t get any bad feedback about this rod fishing rod holder.

Key Features

  • Specialized rod holder for car and SUV vehicle roof
  • Unique rod holder tube is compatible and adjustable to rotate any angle
  • The upright rod holding system with a lockable feature

What customers are saying

A large number of customers have praised the advanced locking security. Also, they liked the rust-free UV protection system.

Some customers said that the mounting screws have become too small.

What are the benefits of a truck fishing rod holder?

All fishing anglers of shoreline areas, beaches, rocky lands and piers have known about the importance of truck fishing. And a truck fishing rod holder is specialized equipment that can secure your truck bed and fishing rod.

  • It protects the truck bed from drilling
  • The fishing rod will keep secure inside a rod holder
  • The truck fishing rod holder is roof space saving
  • It is easy to enter and remove the rod inside

What to consider before buying a truck fishing rod

There have versatile rod holders in the market. Again, you will get available some fishing cooler with rod holders.

But a fishing rod holder for the truck is made specially to protect your truck, SV vehicle and car roof. In this case, it is crucial to consider some factors. Otherwise, your investment may go to ruin.

Rod holder weight:

Rod holder weight must be adjustable with your car or truck. Remember that being overweight can damage your truck bed and car roof. Generally, rod holders come with an optimal weight ideal for an average car, truck and vehicle. Yet, we recommend making sure about the rod holder weight.

Mounting process:

The mounting process refers to the ways of keeping your fishing rod in the holder. The mounting process should be easier. Easy mounting will help you set up your rod with the holder well, as it helps to remove the rod from the holder.

Rod holding capacity:

There are several rods holding capacity into a truck fishing rod holder. In this case, you need to figure out how many rods do you want to transport together? Because you will get available one, two, three and four rod holding capacity in different holders.

So, you need to know how free space is in your truck bed or which rod you want to transport?


The metal construction is best for the rod holder rack. And there would be an aluminum or fibreglass hood. Do note the hood would be magnetic or non-magnetic. Moreover, keep in mind that the USA made product is good in quality.


Easy installation can save you from different hassle. And a difficult installation process can fall you into several difficulties. Besides, you can check out the manual guide. A manual guide can make your task easier.


  • How do I protect my rods in my truck bed?

You can protect your rods in the truck bed with an adjustable rod holder. Nowadays, there are several rod holders for truck beds, car roofs and SUV vehicles. So, you can pick up one as per your truck bed size.

  • How do you mount a fishing rod holder?

Select a place to mount the rod holder, then check out the mounting hole if it is perfect for rod holder size. Figure out the required angle with a side cutting bit and mount the rod holder. Then install the spacer and nuts to connect the rod holder into your desired place perfectly.

  • How do you transport a fishing rod in a small car?

If your fishing rod is a two-piece or three-piece foldable, it is easier to transport in a small car. But it would not be easy when you have a one-piece fishing rod. In that case, you can use a fishing rod holder in the car roof that can perfectly hold the rod with great security.

Final Word

A truck fishing rod holder is a great option for remote fishing. It respectively protects a truck bed and fishing rod. Most importantly, this type of rod holder is also useful for a small car and SV vehicle. Although you can make a DIY fishing rod holder but it will need huge time and effort. So, you can check out some best reviews on it.

We have mentioned top notch fishing rod holders ever. So, you can check out the list and figure out one for your fishing trip with the truck.

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