Tips to Catch a Trophy Bass This Fall

The months between winter and spring are the best for catching bass fish. Bass are the heavyweight champions of fishes. The average bass fish weighs 8 pounds. But you want to have the prize, don’t you? You want that 10 pounds plus on the weighing scale: The Trophy Bass.

We know that it’s not easy to get one. But you probably see fish finders catching trophy basses each year. How do they do that? Well, it’s effortless. It would help if you did the right things, the right way. However, feel free to read our recommended fish finders buying guide, it helps you to catch the big fish.

Here are some tips for catching a trophy bass for you, this fall.

1. Target the right waters

Bass fish exist in vast waters but small numbers. It will need a lot of effort and patience to get one. And you must be confident that you’re fishing in the right waters.

Go for the shallow waters:

These fish live and feed very deep underwater. This is because their food exists down there. An excellent place to find trophy basses is by the contours of lakes. Otherwise, you can try islands surrounded by water.

Go for the open waters:

The water also needs to be open by all sides. These fish are big and need large areas to swim in. You can try ocean rocks where the water currents are high.

2. Dedicate to the prize

To find a trophy bass, you need to be solely dedicated to it. You’re looking at days without catching a single fish. But the reward is a trophy. If you’re that dedicated, then here’re a few techniques to save time:

It’s quality, not quantity

You may get other fish before getting the trophy bass. Please don’t get distracted and lose interest in the trophy because of them. One award is better than all of them.

Move areas

If you’re catching a lot of fish from a spot, here’s some bad news. You need to relocate. Most trophy basses swim in areas where you may not catch any 2-pounders.

3. Treat the fish, don’t bait it.

Basses have a little bit of an attitude. You can’t bait out a trophy bass with regular bait. Here’s how you need to “treat” the bass:

Jig Hunting:

As significant as the bass are, they are equally dumb. Bass fish can’t tell the difference in actual bait and props. In many cases, accessories work better. You can go for a pitching jig in shallow waters. Consequently, football jig has also been proven effective.

Their favourite Baits:

Spinnerbaits are a bass’ favourite alongside buzz baits and shad imitators. But the most effective bait is by far the Texas-rigged creature bait.


Despite all the tips you can get, the biggest would be to have patience. Fishing requires discipline and dedication. The trophy bass is a testimony to that.

So, flick a fishing rope into the water and leave the rest to the good luck we wish you!

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