Montana Fishing Regulations | Read Before You Go

Montana fishing regulations not only ensure the store of species but the pleasure of visiting angler. There is a range of fishing spots and species here. It offers lovely Montana fly fishing trips for both residents and non-resident people.

Except for license, you have to be aware of some rules and regulations if you don't want to pay fine. From this article, you will be familiar with all the report that will make your Montana fishing trip most memorable.

You can buy a Montana fishing license online at the Wildlife & Parks office and through an authorized license supplier. It is similar to the New Mexico fishing license. A 12 years age or above will need Montana out of state fishing license.

Besides, you have to issue Fishing licenses every year. It is effective from March 1 to the end of February. And the state is usually offering three types of claims, including 2-day, 10-day, or seasonal fishing licenses. So, you need to get your request in your grab.

Fishing Regulations in Montana

Montana has winding rivers, shallow streams, and ponds, with various species of fish. To keep waterways and fish population healthy and thriving, the fisheries ruler of the sate set some standard regulations.

The fishing regulations Montana protect their natural sources. So, you have to get your fishing with a license. Thus, you are allowing to fish with your family or relative to catch rainbow trout or bass in Great Falls.

Get a Montana Fishing License

You have to purchase at least two Montana fishing licenses to attend in any fishing. These are Conservation License – this Montana fish and game licenses are usually for fishing or hunting. Do note; you will need a valid photo ID and social security number while buying this type of permit.

Fishing License – This license is for the man who wants not only to catch game fish but possess them. The charge is also non-refundable and not transferable.

Montana Fishing Regulations and License Costs

Montana fishing license cost has also variations like Alaska fishing license. The state charge $5.00 for a two-day and $10.50 for the entire season to the residents 12-17 years old people. But 18- 61 years old residents have to pay $5.00 for a two-day and $21.00 for an annual fishing license.

Conversely, non-residents people who are twelve years old and older have to pay $10.00 for a saving License. The state offers a 2-day special permit for $25.00, a 10-day license for $56.00. Besides, a full season permit available for the non-residents of $86.

2020 Montana Fishing Regulations

More than a couple of things change in the current year at Montana fishing. One of them is the grab limit. From this year you can catch five largemouth fish and only one up to 12 inches.

Besides, they strict the daily limits of largemouth up to 15 with no size limit. But remember they don't allow fishing all lake. On the other hand, the Flathead River system has changed. You can't use a treble hook.

Non-member fishing regulation and permits

A member who is enrolled in the Blackfeet Tribe is defined as a non-member. A non-member thirteen years old or older must have Conservation Permit. Conversely, a non-member 13 years old or under can fish without a permit if licensed people accompany him.

But they have to aware of all fishing rules and regulations. Also, they have to ensure that the combined catch must not go above one legal limit.

MT fishing resource 

Montana is the paradise for fishing that attracts anglers from all over the USA. The most popular fish here is rainbow trout. So, when does trout season starts? April 18 is the opening day of Montana trout fishing season.

However, a fair amount of northern pike, walleyes, Bull Trout, perch, and cutthroat trout are also available here. Except these, you will find here bass, whitefish, salmon, catfish, lake trout, and brook trout. Plus, shovelnose sturgeon, crappie, paddlefish, burbot, and suckers.

Montana Trout Unlimited comments on Proposed 2020 Fishing Regulation Changes

A great deal of work and willful concern went into the growth of these proposed changes. Founded in 1964, Montana Trout Unlimited is the only stateside popular club. It dedicates solely to protecting, conserving, and restoring Montana's Coldwater fisheries.

It is comprised of 13 chapters across the state and represents about 4,500 Trout Unlimited members. Several chapters and local members aided inform the comments on the proposed changes.

Blackfeet Nation Fish and Wildlife - Fishing Regulations

According to rules, people can't catch fish using snagging or by bow and arrow. It is also illegal to use projectiles fired from a firearm. Even you can't use explosive compounds or any narcotic poison, electricity, spear, or gig. Otherwise, the authority will fine $100.


What is the best time of year to fly fish in Montana? 

Are you curious to know when does the fishing season starts? To be experienced the best fly fishing in Montana, you have to begin herein spring season. Besides, March 1st to November 1st are the prime months for Montana fly fishing.

What do you know about Montana's fishing regulations? 

Especially Wildlife & Parks ask people for ideas as plays a vital role to change future Montana FWP fishing regulations. So, they welcome anyone to participate in an online survey. You can leave feedback or new ideas to FWP on possible issues or changes to fishing rules.

They review it every four years, and this survey is part of its early "scoping" to solicit public comment. Remember the survey is available until June 21. Then possible regulation suggestions will go before the Fish and Wildlife Commission in August.

Final words

Hope you get all the information about Montana fishing regulations for your next Montana fishing trip to catch world-famous trout with fly fish. Before go out, check all the gear you collect that will make your fishing trip complete. Mostly don't forget to take safety tools, including shoes, sunglasses.

So, let's start your Montana fishing trip with your family or best buddies. Even don't forget to share your memories with your family and relative as it will encourage them.

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