The Secrets to Life Jacket Vs PFD | Need to Know Before Buying

Life jacket vs PFD. What are the similarities and differences between the two? Are you skeptical about it? Let me tell you some crucial information so that you can have a clear idea about these two. According to the Canada international Red Cross Drowning Report, In Canada, hundreds of Canadians die every year while travelling or fishing. Similar incidents are happening in other regions of the United States.

Most importantly. The 12.5% person died for not wearing a perfect fitted life jacket or PFD. So, learn about life jackets and PFDs properly and choose the right one for you.

Life jacket:

The life jacket is usually designed in such a way that it will automatically turn a sinking person from down face to up face. As a result, the unconscious person can able to breathe in the water. Life jacket arrives with a keyhole style and two sizes. One size is for the weight over 40kg(90lbs.) Another dimension is for the weight under 40kg(90lbs.). Typically, a standard life jacket of orange, red and yellow colour and must have a whistle attach with it. So that the endangered person can play the whistle and express his or her whereabouts. There are huge best life jackets for sale in the market. You have to select the coast guard approved life jackets for you and your family.

PFDs (Personal Flotation Device)

PFDs design is best for recreational purposes, but over the times now it is using for various fishing trip s well. Its primary duty is to keep you on the surface of the water. PDFs come with relatively lightweight, low flotation, limited capacity. But it is a lot more comfortable than a life jacket. Moreover, Personal flotation device is available in various style and colour.

Inflation personal PFDs can automatically swell when a person submerged in water. Most of Inflatable PFDs have carbon dioxide cartridge for the instant increase. You have to be over 16 years and up to 36 weight to wear a PFDs.

Life jacket and PFDs Testing

Before going on a final fishing trip, you must check the life jacket and PFD. I think you can choose the best life jackets for kids. Here the proper steps to test your flotation devices.

•  Go to the supervised area, wear your life jacket or PFDs and go down to the water to the chest.

•  Now, bend your hips and lean backwards.

•  Notice if your chin is floating and you are breathing correctly.

•  If all is well, practice swimming for a while.

•  In the case of life jackets for infants, you have to let them practice under your supervision.

Differences between a life jacket and PFDs

Although inflatable life jackets and PFDs both are using for preventing drowning without any swimming experience. You may seem both are same. But these have some differences. Here are the most notable differences.

Life Jacket


A life jacket should wear during the fishing trip on the deep water or stay long time. 

You should wear a PFD when you have to prepare for any recreational trip or intent to stay few times into the water.

Comes with some limited design, style and color

Comes with a lot of style, design and colour

Heavier than a PFDs

It is lightweight then life jackets

More capacitive

Less capacitive

Able to turn you up face on the water

Not able to turn you up face on the water

Most secure for them who are comparatively week in swimming or don’t know swim at all.

Best for them who can swim but love to float on the water.

Final Analysis

I hope you have now a transparent idea on life jacket vs PFD after reading this post. You should wear a life jacket or PFDs according to your trip types. As these two devices are quite best for a different specific purpose, you should think before choosing one. Otherwise, you may regret the wrong choice. If you have anything to know, let me know. You can share this post with your friends if you feel it necessary.

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