Types of fishing rods I Most Helpful For beginners and Expert’s

Fishing is an interesting way of time passing, hobby or an earning way for a person. Do you know almost 46 million Americans take at least a trip for fishing every year?

If you want to go on a fishing trip, you need some tools such as a fishing rod, reel etc. The fishing rod is one of the main equipment for the fishing. Do you know how to pick the best fishing rod? If your answer is no or you know something, let’s check this completely.

There is a common saying, “You get what you pay for”. So, without using suitable fishing equipment and labor, you may not get the result what you want. Knowing about different types of fishing rods will help to find the suitable fishing rod for you. You will also know how to use it properly if you complete this content.

How to Choose a Fishing Rod?

There are various types of fishing rods in the market. So, it is easy to get confused when going for a fishing rod for any fishing trip. For choosing the best fishing rod, you have to consider some factors.

Fishing spot

You have to choose the fishing rod according to the fishing spot that you will choose. Otherwise, you will face many difficulties. For example, if you want to go fishing in an icy area, you have to choose the ice fishing rods. It will help you a lot.

Rod’s action

This action means how much the rod bends if you put pressure on it. The top part’s bending needs to fast than the back part. The action of a rod can be fast, medium, and slow. Think what kind of action may suit you best and then choose.

Taper bending capability

This point is the same as the rod’s action. The taper part needs to thick than the blank.


Power of the fishing rod means the lifting power. If any brand says its fishing rod has a lot of power, it means the rod has a lot of heavy lifting capacity. If you will choose a high power fishing rod, you can easily handle heavy fishes and vice versa. Where you will go fishing that will help to determine what kind or type of power you need from the fishing rod.


Responsiveness of the fishing rod means how the rod reacts in the entire time when it is under load and release the potential energy. It is very important that the rod has to show good responsiveness otherwise you may face some problems at the fishing time.

Graphite and other main structural elements

When the rod bends temperature may rise 3000 degrees! So, it is very important to check the graphite quality and other elements of the rod before buying it.

You can use the fiberglass made fishing rod to get more soft action and toughness. But they are expensive.


The stiffness of graphite of the fishing rod is meant by the modulus. The rod has to design welly to serve proper modulus.


The quality grip can give you great comfort. So, it is ideal to choose a good, soft, fresh, and clear grip for fishing.

Reel seats

The reel is an important part of the fishing rod. Reel seat combines the reel and rod together. So, checking the reel seat of the rod is necessary.

Considering these points hope you may find the best fishing rod for fishing.

Most Used Fishing Rods 

If you are going for a fishing rod, you may find various types of rods in the market. Their variation can provide a different kind of features and performances. I have told you how to choose it but if you know these types and their uses, it will work as a complete guideline for you.

Describing the types is the main focus of this writing. I have researched in the market and have tried to make a list of all the types. Here you go.

Casting Rods

This type of rods is popular because of their accuracy. The fishermen can easily place a lure by using the casting rods. The casting rods are of two types. They are spin casting rods and bait casting rods.

A spin casting type of rod has small eyes, trigger grip, and a large eye near to the reel. This type of rods is very useful for the spin casting reels.

The bait casting rods are all most same as the spin casting rods. The main difference is the eye nearest to the reel is smaller than the spin casting rods. You can get better performance if you use the bait casting reel with it.

Spinning Rods

The spinning rods are almost the same as the casting rods. But the spinning rods are smaller and more light weighted than the casting rods. Normally they are 5 to 8 feet and have 5 to 8 eyes.

The main difference from the other rods is the spinning reel hang beneath. Most of the amateur fishermen use this type of rods as they ensure a more comfortable and easy way of fishing. The spinning rods are comfortable to all age people.

For Fly Fishing

Fly Rods

The fly rods are special types of rods for fly fishing. A fly rod is usually lightweight, small and more flexible than other rods. You can catch the small fishes like tiniest trout to large fishes like marlin by using the fly rods.

The main attractive feature of the fly rods is the absence of the butt part under the reel. For this reason, they are easy to cast freely and they have speedy action.

The modern fly rods are mainly designed by carbon fiber. So, they can ensure great flexibility and strength.

Ultra-light Rods

They have lighter constructions which make them ultra-light rods. The ultra-light rods have a short length, light lines, and lures. They are usually used to catch small fishes. By making some changes like extend the anglers, it is possible to catch big fishes also.

As you can use the small baits or lures, these rods attract the small fish most. So, you may face some difficulties if you will go for big fishes by using an ultra-light rod.

Ice Fishing Rods

The ice fishing rods are smaller than the spinning rods. They are well accommodated for the ice fishing. Usually, they are between 24 and 36 inches. They have few eyes and use no reel. The ice fishing rods have two optional hooks.

Sea Fishing Rods

This is specially designed for ocean fishing. They are extremely long, thick, and heavy duty. The sea fishing rods have large eyes, long butt.

They are designed to fight large and strong fishes like the shark. This is possible for using huge reels and strong lines.

Surf Rods

Surf rods are also used for sea fishing usually. But they have made their own place in the fishing industry. They are exceptionally long to support weighted sinker and bait.

The surf rods can be cast a long distance and have long butts. Thus they can be operated by the two-handed casting technique.

Trolling Rods

This type of rods is specially designed to use in the moving boats. They normally drag the lures behind the boats and attract the large gaming fishes like marlin.

A suitable trolling rod is comparatively long, heavy and speedy. If you target the extremely big fishes, spinning rods can be a better choice for you.

Telescopic Rods

Telescopic rods are compact rods. They are extendable so they are easy to carry and use. When they are closed, the length of a common telescopic rod is 1 to 2 feet. And when it is extended, the length is around 20 feet.

The telescopic rods are like the spinning rods when they are extended. As they are easy to casting, the surf fishermen like this type of rods much. You may get the resources of the best telescopic fishing rod.

Pen Rods

Pen rods are the most compact rods. These can be folded up into a large pen size. For this reason, they have called the world’s smallest rods. This types of fishing rods can easily carry anywhere and they need small space like your pocket.

These are super light and can be extended a few feet. you cannot catch big game fish with this.

These are the main types of fishing rods. If you want to buy or use any of them, hope this writing will be effective for your fishing work.

3 Important Tips to Use and Maintain a Fishing Rod Properly

  • When you are going to store the fishing rod, always use a good cover to protect it.
  • If you feel the trapped fish is too heavy or strong to pull and there is no alternative, it is ideal to cut the line to protect the whole rod.
  • Lubricate the reel regularly. It helps to get good performance.

Final Words

If you are thinking about fishing, the first thing you have to consider what you need for this. And if you want a good solution, take the suitable fishing rods with you. There are various types of fishing rods have various facilities. You have to choose the right and best one for you if you want to enjoy your fishing trip.

I have tried to give information about different types of fishing rods. Hope this will help you as a complete guideline.

Happy fishing.

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