Fiberglass vs Graphite Fishing Rod | Beginner Guide

Picking a fishing rod is tricky for beginners. Various fishing rods are available in the market, but not one is perfect for everyone because the requirements are different for different anglers. 

If you are a beginner in fishing, maybe you are clueless about which one to choose. It doesn’t depend on only one thing. Many individual aspects are there to think about. Everything you need to know, compare and then choose one that seems best to you, from construction to price. 

Today we will talk about the comparison of a fiberglass vs graphite fishing rod. Both the fishing rods are made with the same component, carbon fiber. The difference is in its construction. Both provide different benefits. But which is best among the two? Let’s discuss and make a comparison.


If you plan to catch topwater cues like Buzz Baits, Spinnerbaits, or Crankbaits, graphite will be best. Why? Because it comes with a light to medium action tip. Its lightweight facility gives the fishing rod sensitivity and a lighter feeling. 

But if you want to fish in a heavier cover or deeper water fiberglass fishing rod will be best. For catching fish in deeper water, you will need less sensitivity and heavyweight than a graphite rod has. Fiberglass has a stiffer backbone and a heavy weight body that helps to fish in heavy cover.


Graphite fishing rods are more sensitive and highly delicate. A graphite rod is a flexible design fishing rod. Like when you want to fish, small game fishes like Bluegill or Crapple graphite are perfect in many cases. Because you will need more sensitivity to catch this softer bite fish.

But graphite rod reacts too fast, which is a problem also. Due to this fast-reacting, you may lose fishes Asp, Zander, Pike, Chub, or Bass. in this case, Fiberglass fishing rod is magic. Fiberglass has less chance to lose the big fishes. It provides the necessary sensitivity and lets you feel the soft bites without any vibration. 

So, if you plan to fish small game fishes, select a graphite fishing rod. But if it’s fishing big fishes, fiberglass is the best match. If you want some more sensitivity without vibration, use a combination fishing rod.


If we talk about durability, the graphite fishing rod is very lightweight and sensitive. That’s why its durability is less. It’s a little brittle and stiffer. If it accidentally dropped on the ground or hit with an object, you end up losing your graphite fishing rod. Its sensitivity is its weakness.

But when it’s a fiberglass fishing rod, it’s more resistant and stronger than a graphite fishing rod. Fiberglass fishing rod retrieves against large fighting fish like Bass or Walleye. It’s less sensitive, so its durability is better than a graphite fishing rod. You can go far way with a fiberglass rod.

But it’s not the same all time. It usually depends on the type of fishing rod you buy and the brand. Some graphite rods are constructed with high-quality material to face any situation and not break so soon.


If we compare the price fiberglass fishing rod is less expensive than a graphite fishing rod. Graphite is a high modulus, and its price is also much more than a fiberglass fishing rod. 

Fiberglass fishing rod is perfect for novice anglers. It’s usually used as a slow to medium action fishing rod. You can find any fiberglass blank fishing rod between 40-70$. It’s enjoyable, durable, and affordable. If you search a little more, you will get many options under 30$ also. And that 30$ fishing rod will run longer than a regular graphite fishing rod. 

Graphite fishing rod is expensive. Due to its sensitivity and flex, it cost more than fiberglass. Graphite fishing rod is made with maple, which can easily swing in the air without cracking. A graphite fishing rod is more comfortable to use than a fiberglass fishing rod if you can control it. It comes with hook setting power and can detect extremely sensitive bites. You will get a good graphite fishing rod for 50-80$. But if you want high constructed graphite rod, you have to spend more than 100$.


As we told you before, graphite rod is lightweight, and that’s why it’s more sensitive. Due to its lightweight, it feels comfortable to control, and anglers love to use it. But it is brittle, and if it’s bait by a striking fish, it will cause a fracture. It is strong only under steady loads.

Fiberglass is heavier than graphite fishing rods. It’s not so sensitive as graphite fishing rods. This fishing rod can handle big fighting fishes easily. But it’s a little hard to control fiberglass fishing rods.

If you want easy to control and fight big fish, it will be best to prefer a composite fishing rod. A combined fishing rod will be made with a fiberglass core to handle big fishes and graphite shells to easy control.

Which is the best Fiberglass or Graphite Fishing Rod?
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Which is the best Fiberglass vs Graphite Fishing Rod?

If you are a beginner, a graphite fishing rod will be ideal for you. Find a well-constructed graphite fishing rod, and have a great fishing experience.

But if you want my opinion, I will pick the fiberglass fishing rod. Yes, it’s a little hard to fishing with a fiberglass fishing rod, but when you master it, it’s great. Some anglers made a mistake by thinking as a fiberglass fishing rod is a soft one. Its performance will be average or below. But it’s not true. Fiberglass is available in all options; you will find slow, moderate, faster, moderate, and faster fiberglass. Those days are gone when anglers neglected fiberglass. These days fiberglass has made a remarkable comeback. They are not less than graphite fishing rods. They are more preferable than that.

With a fiberglass fishing rod, you won’t lose any fish when you pull it out. It will help you to tire a big fish faster. 

So, I will choose fiberglass over graphite fishing rod due to its affordability and outstanding performance. 

But if I look at the performance, I will prefer a graphite fishing rod. It’s constructed with high-quality materials, good strength, and more sensitive.

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