Surf Fishing Long Island | All You Need to Know

Surf fishing long island is ready to make your fishing a funny adventure with the family. It is surrounded by sandy beaches of the South Shore, Montauk's rocky shoreline, quiet back bays, and parks. So before going out, let's gets the complete information that will ensure you at the right place at the right time. The following guide will help you to customize your trip.

If you don't have your boat, there are plenty of ways to fish saltwater on long island, including surfcasting, party boats, piers, long island fishing charters, calm shorelines and bulkheads. Simultaneously, long island surf fishing offers a massive amount of inshore saltwater game fish species, such as striped Bass, snappers, bluefish, weakfish, summer flounder, sea bass, blackfish, and porgy. Besides, if you are willing to fish the rock jetties, you have to studded soles.

Long Island Surf Fishing Has It All, an Introduction

A long island is a great place that offers fantastic surf fishing opportunities for everyone. It is surrounded by water fertile with all types of fish. Besides, it has a back bay's, open surf and small and large bays to catch fish on both of its shores. So you can not only choose from the north shore's calm waters, but the big breaking is rolling waves of the gorgeous Long Island south shore. Most importantly, you will find many big fish and small game fish around Long Island waters.

Long Island Surf Fishing Report

At Montauk, along Southampton beaches with North Fork late, where eastern reaches of both forks, the authority provides solid action this week. Besides, the long island fishing report shows that fishing in Montauk has been reminiscent of the blitzes in the 90s and early 2000. But recently, it can notice that bluefish almost totally missing the past few seasons. Conversely, the positive sign is more quality bass are seeing in the past several years. If you start to move west, you will notice the action tapers off. At the same time, water temps are still above normal than other times.

Places to Saltwater Fish on L.I.

The long island offers so many perfect places where you can drop a line to catch some. As seasonal fishers and fisherwomen, it's not hard to find some of the best long island surf fishing spots. Whether fishing for dinner or only for getting some fresh air, here are LI's most famous fishing piers; Captree state park, cedar beach fishing pier area, Green Island fishing pier, jones beach state park field 10, magnolia pier, oak beach park, Robert Moses state park, smith point county park, town dock park, and more.

Montauk Surf Fishing Classic 2018

Everyone can join the Annual Bluefish and Striped Bass surf fishing tournament. But it needs registration, and you can do it both by mail and in-person at State Park Headquarters of Paulie's Tackle of Montauk. You will have to pay $15.00 per participant. Then you will get an overnight parking pass for the tournament. Besides, if you enter the beachfront by vehicle, you must follow 4-wheel drive regulations.

2018 South Shore Surf Fishing Classic

2018 South Shore Classic was held on October 14, 2018, and sponsored by the Long Island State Park Region, The Fisherman Magazine, the Natural Heritage Trust, and Captree Bait. They had to fish from the surf, jetty, beach or pier inside the official boundaries of the Jones and Moriches inlets. They limited the minimum qualifying weight sizes was, Striped Bass-36in and Bluefish-5lb. People had to get an entry permit, and it cost $15.00 per participant.

Long Island Striped Bass Fishing: All You Need to Know 

If you plan for a New York State fishing adventure, the long island should be on the top as it offers diverse and abundant fisheries. Striped Bass is also known as long island strippers and Rockfish. Thanks to their ability to inhabit fresh, salt, and brackish waters. You can find this fish almost everywhere on Long Island. But saltwater is the most popular option for Long Island Striped Bass fishing. It includes rocky, shallow fishing grounds that Stripe bass love.

Getting Into Surfcasting

Surfcasting needs a lot of gear and patience and a proper tactic if you want to be the winner. It may seem easy to catch a fish from the shore, but the way an angler goes can rapidly become complicated. So you have to consider a large number of factors, including geographic location, time of year, desired species, weather patterns, available bait, recent seismic activity, etc.


When can I catch them?

Spring and fall months are the best times to fish surf. Even if you can visit during the fall, you should go to Montauk to fish the "Striper Fall Run!” Though you will find many species, you should not overfish as it will put the species at risk.

How can I catch them?

Surfcasting will be the right tactic to apply if you prefer to stay on land and with a more "hands-on." experience. Even this technique is trendy on Long Island. Most importantly, it allows you to venture out to less-fished spots that may not be accessible by boat!

Who can fish for them?

It's a great target among the Northeast's most hardcore anglers. But it still allows seasonal fishers to get the experience. Thanks to the variety of ways of catching fish, that makes the long island people's fish.

What do I need to bring?

Surf fishing Long Island doesn't need N.Y. fishing license, but you have to enroll with the Recreational Marine Fishing Registry. Besides, you will need reels, surf fishing rods, a range of bait, and tackle.

Final Words

If you are in surf fishing long island, make sure to visit Long Island boardwalks or stunning Long Island lighthouses as these are ideal for a family stroll. Most importantly, don't forget to follow local regulations. It will ensure that future generation anglers can enjoy the thrill of reeling. Finally, if you have further information, then let us know as it will improve the article.

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