How To Tell If a Guppy is Pregnant?

Guppies are one of the unique fish types that give birth to baby fish through fertilization. Unlike other fish species, it does not lay eggs. Rather it gets pregnant like the mammals. So, the fish breeders have to take care of female guppy and provide her the environment so that she can survive and give birth in a comfortable environment. Now the question is how to tell if a guppy is present? What are the signs and symptoms of pregnancy in this fish species? Some of the significant things that you will observe in this water creature are

Belly Growth

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The main symbol of the guppy's pregnancy is that its belly starts growing. Just like other mammals, the tummy bulges out, and it indicates the clear sign that the fish is pregnant.

Moreover, the fish look large as compared to other guppies in the pool. So, if you see that the fish is growing large, especially its belly, then it means it has a baby fish inside the body. Near the delivery time, it has a boxy appearance and looks quite fat as compared to a normal guppy. Keep in mind that you should do special care for pregnant guppy.

Gravid Spot Growth

Gravid Spot
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In the belly area of guppy, there is present the gravid spot. When fish get pregnant, the spot becomes prominent, and as soon as the delivery time comes, it becomes noticeable. At the start, it is orange in color, but with time, it changes to dark in color. Throughout the time you see variation from light to dark. It is commonly said that a dark gravid spot represents the baby's eyes.

Other Signs

Other than two major signs, you will observe that fish does not take an interest in food. It stops eating. Moreover, it frequently rubs itself against the decorations present in the tank as well as against the plants. Furthermore, the experts can get an idea about the guppy's pregnancy as it shakes its body frequently. Plus, it swims in the same place. It does not move here and there instead swim by staying in a single is the sign that the delivery time is near and it will feel contraction to deliver little ones. Another aggressive behavior that one can see is fin nipping as well as hiding from the view.

Other Signs
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When the labor time comes, it starts relaxing and contracting to deliver the little guppies. You will see the tightening of the muscles on the body surface and then it loosens. It is good to provide the breeding box or the special net breeders. It will give some additional care and keep the pregnant guppy free of stress. There is a common observation that one should keep pregnant guppy free of stress to avoid miscarriage. Fish breeders say that pregnant guppy should live in an optimal temperature environment with proper food to get better nourishment during her pregnancy days. It's better to feed the fish, different food so that if it refuses one kind, then another type may create interest in the food.

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