How to Put a Line on a Spinning Reel

A spinning reel is the most used versatile fishing reel because it is easy to access than a baitcasting reel. If you are a newbie or expert angler, spool up fishing line on a spinning reel may seem tricky when it gets twisted.

Also, the fishing line might wear out in other cases, or the spooled line may be in the wrong size. Even you may want to put a new line on a spinning reel.

Here we discuss how to put a line on a spinning reel with few simple steps. You also learn how to put a line on a spinning reel without a twist.

how to put a line on a spinning reel

Before starting the key parts, it would better to know about some basics. Let us help you because we were feeling this problem at times.

Step 1: Choosing the right fishing line

Braided or monofilament, which lines you want to use for fishing? Good to know that the braided line is more efficient than the monofilament. Also, know that the braided line is expensive than the monofilament line. You need to know how to put braided line on a spinning reel. Here are some benefits of a braided line.

  • It makes a direct connection between the bait and fish
  • Braided line is not to change often because of durability
  • A braided line is overall best for longer casting

Step 2: Arrange essential tools

Putting a line on spinning reels is related to other fishing gears. Here are some vital gears you must have to arrange before starting this task.

  • Spinning reel and spinning fishing rod
  • One screwdriver and scissors
  • A thicker cloth
  • Electrical tape
  • Helping hand
  • A proper place to sit
  • A spool of line
  • Fishing line (braid or mono)

Step 3: Setting up the rod and reel

At the very first, you need to assemble the fishing rod. And notice if all the eyes lined up properly. Do it as like you set up the rod for fishing. Then take the spinning reel and set it up into the reel seat. After then tighten the reel with a seat for ensuring security. Few crucial tips for this step.

  • Make sure about the reel turning direction during crank
  • Observe how two spools are winding on each other
  • Do note that spooling line coming from the same direction is good
  • The line would come as counterclockwise

Step 4: Fishing line attaching

Grab the fishing line and untied it slowly from the spool. Generally, a fishing line can get tangled or twisted. You can put off about 10 feet line to prevent the unexpected tangled and twisting.

Now enter the line into all of the eyes of the rod. And start the line from the top and close it to the end. After then open the bail of the spinning reel and tie the knot. Don’t forget to keep the bail open after tying the knot. Otherwise, you have to know how to put fishing line on a closed reel.

Step 5: Winding the line 

In this step, you need others help. You can do it yourself, however. For this, you need to set up two places 20 feet away from one to another. Then grab the spool line and use a screwdriver to enter the line through the middle hole of the spool.

Keep in mind to tie the line with a spool strongly. Otherwise, your line would occur into the overwind problem. In this process, the other side of the line stays tied with a tree or stable something.

Hence, grab the fishing rod with the spool. Then start winding the reel with the fishing line. Don’t be hurry when spooling the line. It would help if you did it at a medium pace.

Step 6: Filling the reel

Fill the reel spool as we mentioned in step 4, and keep in mind not to fill the reel with excess line.

Step 7: Tie on your leader.

When your reel is filled with a line, then cut the line edge at the spool and connect the leader. Good to know that the fluorocarbon line is best for a leader.

Step 8: Finishing

That’s all the process of putting a line on a spinning reel. Hope you understand how to spool a spinning reel without line twist.


Que: Do you need to soak the fishing line before spooling?

Ans: The soaking line before spooling can help for longer casting performance. For this reason, you can soak your fishing line for few hours before spooling.

Que: Can you put fishing line on backwards?

Ans: Yes, you can put fishing line backward on spinning reel also it is possible to winding line on spool without machine.

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