Free Pen Fishing Rod Resources and Guideline I Updated in 2023

We like small size tools for our works. Don't we? In the field of fishing, if you get the chance to fish using a small fishing rod, it can bring some advantages for fishing. But it varies from person to person. Pen fishing rod is a small tool but great in function for fishing.

If you are interested enough, you can find a complete guideline in this content. Let’s check how much you know about this.

Here we will discuss the rod, how to find the best pen fishing rod and other related things. So, let’s start.

It's notable important in different types of fishing rods. The rod is a small, portable and compact fishing rod. It fits in a small box, coat or pant pocket. The rod can be extended about 4ft from the pen size. This rod is almost a pen size fishing rod. For this reason, it is called a pen fishing rod. You can easily carry it everywhere with you.

The rods can provide same services as a general fishing rod. It has a telescopic pole and special reel to use. Fishing rod is the most lightweight rods in the fishing rod industry.

It is a common type of fishing rod and it is widely available in the market. Rods has the huge verity of color, quality, and size.

If you want to catch big game fishes with your fishing rod, you have to use some additional tools with it. The pen fishing rod is mainly suitable for small and medium game fishes fishing.

How to Find the Best Pen Fishing Rod?

There are different types of fishing rod. If you want to find the best pen fishing rod for fishing, you have to consider these things. Otherwise, buying a random rod will not provide good services. Usually, you have to cast 30 to 40 feet with a fishing rod. Check your pen fishing can cover this distance or not. Most of the people keep the rod for its small size and lightweight. So, choose the suitable sized and weighted rod. Otherwise, it may not be beneficial to you.

What Materials are Used to Make the Pen Fishing Rod

The good pen rods are mainly made of Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy, Fiberglass and Carbon fiber. Other fishing rods may cheap but they will not last long. The materials make difference in the price of the rod. You can choose the pen fishing rod according to your budget.

Rod’s action

Rod's action means the bending capability of the rod. The upper part of the rod has to bend quickly than the lower part. This is necessary for the proper fishing function. So, before buying a pen fishing, get clear about the rod’s action.


Power of a fishing rod means lifting power. By using this, you have to handle the rod and pull the fishes. If your rod doesn't have sufficient power, the whole fishing process will be failed.

You can read the fishing rod’s user manual and description to watch the power of it. You can also make a trial to understand it clearly.


The gripper is an important part of a fishing rod. When you are buying a pen fishing rod, catch the gripper and feel it. Most of the fishing rod have hard gripper. You can use addition gripper for proper comfort.

Other features & price

Color and shape are also important for some person. Price is another key thing for the process. Your selected pen fishing rod has to be in the range of your budget.

If you will consider these points before busing a fishing rod, you can find the best pen rod for fishing. Hope you will find a suitable pen rod and go fishing with it.

How to Care and Clean a Rod

General care

  • Hold the grip of the rod carefully
  • Don’t lift the rod past 90 degree
  • Use the suitable reel, bait, and line for your pen rod
  • Don’t use it roughly


  • Keep the rod in a safe place like your pocket or a box
  • Fold in the pen rod into the pen size and then transport it

In the field

  • Select the fishing spot where there is proper space for fishing and fewer obstacles
  • Keep the rod horizontal when you are fishing
  • Never keep the rod flat on the ground


  • Wash the rod with detergent and clean water
  • Dry it thoroughly
  • Use cotton or clean clothing to rub and finish the cleaning part


  • As rod is a small tool, you have to store it carefully
  • Use a hook keeper
  • Fold in the pen rod completely and use a box or cover to hold it and then store it

Final Thought

A pen fishing rod is an excellent tool for fishing. You can easily carry it with you. But you have to understand that it cannot provide all the services like the big fishing rods. If you want to fish small and medium-sized game fishes, a rod can serve you well. But if you want to catch the big fishes with it, you have to use some additional things and every time it may not work properly.

Hope you have gotten a complete guideline about the pen fishing tool here. Now, you will able to use a pen fishing rod properly if you have one or going to have one. Happy fishing.

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