Free Guideline On Micro Fishing Rod And Pocket Fishing Pole

The gear for micro fishing includes accessories specifically designed to catch small fish. The rods are short and the hooks are almost minuscule. Over the past few years, micro fishing has gained a lot of traction, and with that, the need for top-notch gear and accessories for micro fishers. Moreover, the vast majority of the 1154 fish species in the US are primary small fishes. Micro fishing is fun and the proper gear to go with the activity is an absolute necessity. Here are some of the tips and tricks to micro fishing and a highlight of the best gears, notably the micro fishing rod.

Using a small hook for micro fishing is a good idea as it allows you to release the fish back into the water with the least amount of damage. Although barbless hooks tend to harm fish to a lesser extent, they also make the job of landing the hooked fish in the first place a much more difficult task. So, always try to choose the smallest hooks available to you. Usually, anything below a size 14 is a good idea to use. However, anything in the range between 20 and 30 also works perfectly. In order to make your life easier, you should purchase pre-tied or snelled hooks, as working with these small hooks can lead to frustration. Finally, you should look for hooks with longer shanks as they make it very easy to remove the hook from the mouth of the fish.

The Best Rods

The rod you use for micro fishing is basically just a small fishing rod. However, most micro fishing is done by sight, so using a longer rod will allow you to sneak up on the fish more easily without the risk of scaring them away. Some good options include crappie rods and the heavier flyweight rods. Crappie rods, also known as panfish rods, are:

  • Dependable
  • Available
  • Affordable

In most instances of micro fishing, you will be needing a rod that ranges between 9-12 feet. The longer rods are good for fishers who can hold the bait steady. Other recommended rods that are available for sale include:

  • 2’ bitterling rod
  • 10’ panfish pole

Micro Fishing Pen Rod

There is a type of small fishing rod called fishing pen rods. These rods can be extended and pulled back, and as the name suggests, can fit right in your pocket.

Knowing the perfect line

Because the fish are very aware of what is ahead of them and generally have good eyesight, if your line is not thin, they will spot it immediately and as a result, they will get scared, and avoid your line. So, when purchasing a fishing line, find yourself a high-quality small diameter one that is thin enough to not scare the fish and strong enough so that it does not break during fishing.

How do you choose the best gear?

How strong are micro fishing rods? Although they are small in size and are very light, they can withstand the weights of fish ranging from small to some larger ones. How would you go about making your own micro fishing rods? Here are some important steps:

  1. First, find a collapsible pole that is sturdy enough to handle varying loads and light enough to carry around. This should function well enough as a small fishing road to serve your micro fishing needs.
  2. Find yourself some good quality fishing line. The lighter you use, the better. You can use the 4lb test red fluorocarbon which costs about $2 for 100m.
  3. As mentioned previously the hook is critical in determining how much you harm the fish itself while fishing. Therefore, find a hook that is small enough and comes pre-tied.
  4. The gear as a whole should not weigh much. That is, a combination of the micro fishing rod and reel should not weight more than a few ounces. So, try to keep the weight down by using lightweight rods, lines, and

Final Words

Micro fishing, although a fun activity, has some of its own drawbacks that need addressing. For example, you need to be careful with the fish you catch. And, you have several options when it comes to a micro fishing rod for sale. And most of the time getting the perfect rod is not enough. Therefore, proper knowledge and understanding of the fishing lines, hooks, micro fishing rods, and reels are important before making any purchases. Although the prices of the rods cover a huge range, the more expensive ones do have a difference from the cheaper ones. How noticeable this difference is and how it affects your fishing experience is completely up to the preference of the fisher.

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